This is the most terrifying thing the UCP has done so far.

I was upset when I read this article, angry when I read this thread.

Then I read the actual documents.


This isn't just a step backwards. This is indoctrination.

Here are some of the choice bits. 👇 1/21
Here, they are saying that the "Holy Ghost" is as important to your life as WATER.

This is indoctrination and demonstrates a clear Christian religious bias.
More religious indoctrination.

Here they would like your children to MEMORIZE and be able RETELL Christian creation story.
And while we're looking at examples of religious indoctrination in a public school:
And why not "head off" the idea that the last few thousand years AT LEAST has been controlled by male dominated power structures that worked very hard to exclude and punish women.
Here, they are saying that equality is only possible by FORCE.

These people honestly believe that some people (i.e. them) are just better than everyone else. That asking them to be respectful and kind is an imposition.

They want your children to believe this also.
And here are bits about equality and fairness removed from the curriculum.

Again, modern conservatives believe that poverty is natural and unavoidable, that some people just plain don't deserve to be comfortable, be treated with respect, or be alive at all.
This time they've removed lessons about how what is fair or equitable can change over time.

They want your children to believe that the conservative brand of fairness (i.e. none) is the ONLY opinion. That attempting to eliminate struggle is futile.
Here, it seems that our 9 year-olds shall be turned into business moguls??

My 10 year-old understands money insofar as what video game or comic book she can afford with her saved allowance. There is no reason for her to understand supply chain or global markets at this age.
Here, they want the children to memorize historical dates.

But NOT learn what those dates MEAN!

This isn't about learning or thinking. It's about turning our children into homogeneous automatons who are practiced at shutting up and doing as their told.
I'm no expert on FN but this passage about seeing the "newcomers" and their "highly desirable manufactures" feels....

well, I'll just leave this here. 🤢
And page after page of lists of ancient history, including:

- Students understand Stone Age defences, Iron Age defences, Bronze Age defences, circle back to Troy
- The Ancient Greeks
- Greek city states
- Greek vs. “Barbarian”
- Ancient Rome
- Peloponnesian War in brief
more 👇
History lessons continued:
- Expectations of Greek and Roman citizenship
- China’s concept of the Middle Kingdom And Dynasties
- Chinese Exploration: Zheng He, a Chinese Muslim
- Feudalism and Fealty in the Middle Ages
- New France
- Service in the Fur Trade

more 👇
More history:
- Expectations of Greek and Roman citizenship
- World Trade Patterns in
> Roman Times (Mediterranean World)
> China and Asia
> Marco Polo, the Spice and Silk Routes
> Portuguese exploration
More history:
- Students will know extensive maps of Hudson Bay Company posts, the river and lake routes travelled, and the supply and demand of furs
- Review Economy of the Metis in the 1800s
And they need to learn about architecture too! For some reason.
These are just a few of the most alarming parts of the Grade 3-4 social curriculum recommendations that I noticed.

I do not care if this is just a "recommendation". The fact that somebody took the time to create this vile propaganda plan at all is bad enough.
Modern conservatives are successfully creating a new Trump-style society in Canada that is dominated by wealth, church, struggle, and violence. They have launched this attack from Alberta and this curriculum is their way of ensuring that our children grow to espouse their ideas.
These are people who attack teachers when they cry for help. Who vilify doctors and nurses during a pandemic. Who watch as PWDs are evicted due to assistance cuts. Who believe that it's better for people to die than for anyone to receive assistance during unprecedented times.
These are people who cry over statues, but say and do nothing when living people are the subject of violence. They pay millions for a staff of social media harassers, publicly demean women, and use OUR money to sell and destroy OUR public resources.
They spend billions propping up already-profitable oil companies and hide behind privately operated "war rooms" so that you can't see how they're wasting and stealing your money.

They are thieves, and con artists.

And they want to control what your children learn.


• • •

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