if you know Malappuram in Kerala & the dynamics of its Islamist politics, 'Halal Love Story' on Amazon Prime is very interesting & good -- about two guys (from Jama'at e Islami) who set out to make a film. Image
it speaks to a deep truth: even the orthodox enjoy cinema.

how then can they go about participating in a modern art that has its own grammar of presentation & aesthetic which doesn't efface the moral ambitions of their self-consciously fashioned antimodern views?
understandably, the filmmakers argue -- religion is not the opium of the masses. cinema is.

all this is done in a light, spoofy sort of way.

plus, good to see Malabari Malayalam spoken on the screen without caricature.
Serendipitously, I watched it when I was reading the autobiographical narratives by Olivier Roy about his remarkable life where he went from an Althusser inspired Maoist in 1960s Paris to his adventures with Afghan Mujahideen including Massoud to a scholar of religious politics. ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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8 Oct
Louise Gluck: on the myths of originality versus, that ‘lesser thing’, uniqueness....
Earthworm — Louise Gluck
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wonderful use of, what sounds like, Brindabani Sarang. such joyous sketches...
In a different valence, another kind of Brindabani Sarang by Aarti Anklikar | द२स् बिना...
another version of Brindavana Saranga

excerpts from a verse composed during the Sangam era, 100 CE to 300CE, reimagined by the genius of Anil Srinivasan (piano) and Sikkil Gurucharan (vocals)

Red Earth and Pouring Rain
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88. How is it to be living in a world where the old Gods are yet to recede and the new God is yet to fully emerge and take form? Chaos, violence, fundamentalism, tradition -- a great Gore Vidal novel about an age when Christianity froths from the margin & becomes state religion. Image
89. To see man for who he truly is--a monster, a moron, & a miracle-- requires courage. But life is also love, betrayal, & unsteady virtues. Machiavelli's life was filled w/ all even if his diagnosis of man was called evil. He was a good husband, a doting father, & a kind friend. Image
90. Where does science happen? For many, scientific knowledge is an unsullied quest for empirical truths. But courtesy Steven Shapin, I learnt that what gets acknowledged as "scientific knowledge" is also subject to all that influences how humans ascribe authority & credibility. Image
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27 Aug
I was thinking about this play yesterday, and thought I'll make small thread for those interested.

1. This play ('Urubhangam', 'The Shattered Thighs') -- for which I've made a cover -- is a one-act [vyayoga] play by Bhasa, inspired from the Mahabharata, that ocean-sized epic.
2. First things first, this was the original Penguin cover -- of the plays in case any of you want to buy a recent translation of 6 plays.
3a. Set on the18th day of the Kurukshetra war, the Kaurava warlord Duryodhana who hides in a lake, wounded, then dies at the hands of Bhima thanks to Krishna's cunning, the blind king Dhritharashtra heads into the forest, & Ashwathamma sets out for the night-massacre of Pandavas.
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18 Jul
Vedic Names of Powers of Ten

VS = Vajasaneyi Samhita (SMH)
TS = Taittiriya SMH
KS1 = Kaathaka SMH 17.10
KS2 = Kaathaka SMH 39.6
MaitS = Maitraayanii SMH
PB = Panchavimsa Brahmana
JUB = Jaiminiya Upanishad Brahmana
SSS = Saankhyaana Srauta Sutra
Names of Decimal Places by Hindu mathematicians

AB = Aaryabhatiya
LP = Later Paulisiddhanta
PG = Patiganita
Tr = Trisatika
GT = Ganitatilaka
L = Lilavati
GK = Ganitakaumudi
Names of Decimal Places by the Buddhists

LV = Lalitavistara, chapter 12
AKB = bhashya (commentary) on Abhidhammakosha
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1 Jul
over the past few days I have been reading the great Colin Thubron's travels in China of 1985-86, just as it was opening up. It is a largely forgotten book about a lost in-between time -- a melancholic period after Mao's insanities but before McDonalds arrived.

Some excerpts.
1. A city of cycles
2. 'Flying Fairy Brand Fireworks'
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