Mrs. Eunice Newton Foote (1819-1888) was a women's rights advocate & pioneering scientist. In 2020, @EarthSci_Info + @Roland_Jackson reanalyzed the data from her groundbreaking 1856 study to show you could estimate a climate sensitivity of 2-3C from it!…
Climate sensitivity is the equilibrium change in global mean temperature resulting from a doubling of CO2 relative to pre-industrial levels. It's usually represented as a probability distribution with a mean value around 2.4-4.7. Here is a recent review:…
Why don't we know the value for sure? Because we've never seen this much carbon going into the atmosphere this fast with these precise initial conditions. We are conducting a truly unprecedented experiment with our planet.…
But Eunice Foote's values - given the fact that they were obtained from pumping gas into glass tubes in her home laboratory in 1855 - are right in that ballpark and, as such, truly amazing.
Her paper was read by Joseph Henry, first Secretary of the Smithsonian, at the annual @aaas meeting in 1856. Why didn't she read it herself? We don't know; women were allowed to, and she did read her very next paper at AAAS the following year.…
Some fun Eunice trivia: her maiden name is no accident; she is indeed a distant cousin of Sir Isaac Newton. And the Foote family has also produced modern-day scientists @footesea and @howarth_cornell. In 2020 @jswatz
wrote this wonderful obituary for her:…
And last but not least, @allwecansave, the inspirational collection of essays + poems by women in climate, kicks off with Eunice's story. If you don't have your copy yet - or are looking for good Christmas presents - I recommend it HIGHLY.
As @howarth_cornell said, "Eunice Foote was a remarkable person. Imagine what she might've accomplished if she lived in a time that could recognize & support great women?" But sadly, sexism in science is still real. From former @nsf director @DrRitaColwell…

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27 Oct
US DOE has blocked reports for more than 40 clean energy studies. “There are dozens of reports that can’t be published,” said Stephen Capanna, former director of strategic analysis who quit in frustration in April 2019. h/t @dan_kammen cc @SolomonG_R…
.. while claiming that energy efficiency - a powerhouse win-win solution which could reduce US carbon emissions a whopping 50% and save $700B - is all about making people's windows tiny (?!)…
... and that wind energy, which supplies 20% of Texas' electricity, is a bird killer. Well sure...but compared to fossil fuels, windows, and cats? It's quite literally microscopic; plus there's lots of cool new tech to reduce wind bird deaths further.…
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16 Oct
What does a scientist's life look like? Follow #dayofscience and check out @science_a_thon for dozens of fun examples! Here's my day, below.
My #dayofscience began in France...virtually, that is! I'm on the scientific advisory board for @ENGIEgroup who's aiming to be the first carbon-neutral energy company. We met in person last year (below) but this year was a virtual MS Team mtg with colleagues from around the world
Next, I headed over to Ohio to talk to the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission about mitigation and climate resilience. It was a hybrid event with the host being live and me online. Lots of questions + great discussion!
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14 Oct
The inspiration for my TED talk? THIS 👇
However, overwhelming people with scary facts - while it may jolt the complacent out of their complacency - will only have a long-term positive result if the person receiving the information already knows what they can do to fix it and is empowered to act. And most people don't.
Instead, when we talk about climate change, two most important things to focus on are: (1) how climate change is affecting things, people and places we care about, and (2) what we can do - individually, collectively, and globally - to FIX it.
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8 Oct
For the gazillionth time:

Climate change is not a religion. It is a science.

Do I believe in it? No.

I look at the data, and the data is clear: it's real, it's us, it's bad, and the time to fix it is NOW.
By continuing to present it as a "belief", the media is feeding the explicitly-promoted narrative that climate change is a false, earth-worshipping religion that must be rejected by all true believers. Promoted by whom, you ask? Anyone who wants us to reject climate solutions. ImageImage
So what question should moderators - or ANYONE - be asking politicians? It's simple: ask them how they are going to FIX it. What they are going to do to keep people SAFE. How they are going to ensure the US's clean energy FUTURE. In a nutshell, how are they going to do their JOB.
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1 Oct
Trump: "we have now the lowest carbon"

Science: we have now the highest carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in 15 million years and the highest carbon emissions from humans ever. In the U.S., carbon emissions WERE ticking down, but headed back up in 2017. Source: EPA
It is furthermore, as one who has worked and published on methane emissions in the past, plausible that the CH4 emissions in the figure above could be under-estimating natural gas leaks. See: @howarth_cornell and… and…
And in terms of global carbon emissions, as far back as scientists can go in the paleo record, the closest analog to today was over 50 million years ago and at that time best (tho v rough) estimate of avg annual emissions = only about ONE TENTH of today's.
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25 Sep
I joined @katydaigle and @iron_emu on @Reuters yesterday to talk all things climate. We received so many questions we weren't able to get through them all so I wanted to answer a few more here. Here we go!
First, if you'd prefer to watch our chat on YouTube, here is the link: and while you're there, don't forget to subscribe to Global Weirding too!
Q. What's the most serious thing standing in the way of genuinely effective action on climate?
A. Our “threat-meter” is upside-down. We see sol'ns as posing an imminent risk but impacts as distant/far off. There are many ways to help flip this. Here's one:…
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