Trump’s “leave it all on the field, happy warrior” campaign strategy for the closing week is brilliant. We are wired to appreciate conspicuous effort, and we overweight whatever is happening recently.
He sponges up the news cycles, creates massive contrast to barely sentient Biden, and...
Trump’s extreme workload to entertain his supporters triggers the base to give back. Humans are wired for reciprocity. Trump works hard, so the least you can do is return the favor and vote.
Shifting to happy warrior mode, especially coming off his most “presidential” debate performance, makes the few undecideds wonder if they misjudged him.
Every time you see Trump intentionally shift his performance mode to fit the situation, he seems smarter and less scary. You start to understand why he treats dictators well — because it works — while aggressively putting America first.
Trump also takes advantage of the pattern-spotting part of your brain that believes he outworked Clinton in 2016 and something like that is happening again. And when we imagine a future, we tend to unconsciously bias our actions toward it. Meaning legendary GOP turnout.
And by legendary, I mean all signs point to millions of Trump supporters engaged in the world’s greatest dad joke. Wink wink.

• • •

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24 Oct
Question for Democrats: If you are 100% certain Trump is OBVIOUSLY a racist, how do you explain all the Black people who DON'T see it? Can there be that many Black people who don't recognize OBVIOUS racism?
The alternative hypothesis is that the media is capable of convincing most (but not all) of the public of any-damned-thing, and the left-leaning brainwashers decided to tell the public Trump is a racist. But what about all of the examples that prove their case, you ask?
Democrats don't have access to this information because the news is so siloed. But Republicans generally know the racism examples are fake news. The Fine People Hoax is the prime example. Half the country actually believes Trump called neo-Nazis "fine people." He did not.
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8 Sep
I’m working on some persuasion ideas for avoiding a civil war. Suggestions welcome.
We don’t have any good common enemies to divert our attention. Coronavirus didn’t bring us together. Our national adversaries might pester us with fake ads, but we won’t notice them in the sea of domestic bullshit.
Maybe on Election Day Trump can announce he is releasing the UFO secrets the government has been hiding. But that would be too obvious.
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29 Aug
If you think you can tell which leaders did the best job with coronavirus, you are not trained to compare things rationally. I’ll give you a few reasons why, but there are dozens...
Trump used the “excuse” of the coronavirus to claw back manufacturing from China. Not every leader would have made that play. How many lives does an improved economy save in the long term? No one knows.
And how many decisions did Trump make that DISAGREED with the experts? I’m not aware of any.
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19 Aug
I wonder if I could deprogram a Democrat from TDS on livestream. I’d start by asking them to make a list of national priorities.
Then I’d talk them through the list with the goal of showing them how many relevant facts their news sources leave out. The goal would be to weaken their confidence in their own opinion.
If the Green New Deal is a high priority, I’d point to California and Germany being failed experiments in green energy. And I’d update their knowledge about nuclear energy that is always lacking on the left.
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16 Aug
We need a public test for Low Information Voters, so they know who they are. Seriously. The test would look for gaps in their news knowledge, for example. . .
1. Do you believe the President colluded with Russia?

2. Do you believe members of the FBI and the media worked together to overthrow the legally elected government of the United States?

3. Do you believe the Fine People Hoax?

continued. . .
4. Do you believe science has proven HCQ is ineffective for treating coronavirus and is in fact dangerous?

5. Do you believe we already know which world leaders did a good job versus a bad job on coronavirus management?

6. Do you believe China is more of a threat or a partner?
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1 Aug
We need an EO allowing some places to be designated "experimental single home" properties where entrepreneurs can rapidly build and test low-cost homes that are entirely different from what local building codes allow.
Still need an engineer to sign off, but risk is low, payback huge.
Once you have some single-family home designs that are insanely affordable and liveable, you start experimenting with small community designs that are optimized for healthy interactions and low crime opportunity. Make fifty different small communities. Learn.
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