Day 12 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry:

Statement from Tony Blair – to explain why he made Greville Janner a Lord – due to be read. In closed session.

NOT being questioned.

Helen Ewen, head of honours secretariat at Cabinet Office, due to be called.

As I revealed, all of the many people who accused Greville, later Lord, Janner of child sexual abuse have been frozen out of #CSAinquiry.

But a cyphered person, “JA-B24” due to be called today. Not sure whether this person is a survivor or a relative.

Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry also due to hear today from Gregor McGill, CPS director of legal services.

He will be asked why the late Greville Janner, Labour MP and peer, was not prosecuted despite three criminal investigations into him. Partly in open session, partly closed.
But Tony Blair, and everyone else at Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry will have to wait for Michael Creedon, retired chief constable, to finish his evidence.

Behind closed doors again, but hardly surprising when you consider what he has to say:
Michael Creedon has completed his testimony behind closed doors.

Helen Ewen of the Cabinet Office is giving evidence in open session before she too will go in camera.
Helen Ewen is confirming basic points about nomination of peerages as set out in a statement by Sir Richard Heaton, retired permanent secretary for Ministry of Justice.
Brian Altman, counsel to #CSAinquiry, says that Helen Ewen is testifying in place of Sir Richard Heaton who cannot attend because he has retired.
Helen Ewen confirms to #CSAinquiry that years before he was ennobled, Greville Janner was nominated for a knighthood.

The Home Office backed this nomination.

But, for unknown reasons, it was not pursued and he never became Sir Greville, she confirms.
The nomination for knighthood for Greville Janner cited his services to the Jewish community, Helen Ewen confirms.
Tony Blair nominated Greville Janner for a life peerage in 1997, saying that he had been a “highly respected MP”, and had performed a good deal of services for charity and the Jewish community, Helen Ewen confirms to #CSAinquiry.
That is it for Helen Ewen in open. She is due to give further evidence at #CSAinquiry after lunch, but behind closed doors.
Helen Ewen, honours official at Cabinet Office, is continuing her evidence in closed session this afternoon before a witness statement from Tony Blair is read out at Janner hearing of #CSAinquiry about why he ennobled Greville Janner – also behind closed doors.
In 1992, Greville Janner was recommended to be knighted, 5yrs before being nominated for a peerage, #CSAinquiry heard this am.

And that was only ONE YEAR after he escaped arrest over allegations of child sexual abuse in Frank Beck case, as we heard yday:
And NO ONE in Whitehall could produce any document, or any explanation, as to why proposed knighthood for Greville Janner ONE YEAR after he was investigated for child sexual abuse – and despite having been supported by the Home Office – did not proceed, #CSAinquiry heard this am.
“Public” hearings in Janner investigation of #CSAinquiry are mostly behind closed doors.

Inquiry produces short “summaries” of these closed sessions, and absurdly gives job descriptions but no names for witnesses, even though their own timetables identify them.
So I am looking forward to #CSAinquiry summary of today’s hearing in closed session on what an unnamed “former UK prime minister” had to say in his statement on ennobling Greville Janner in 1997.
Tony Blair is known to have nominated Greville Janner to join the House of Lords in 1997 shortly after becoming prime minister.

Blair had written the forward to Janner’s memoirs published only the year before...
In his memoirs, Greville Janner wrote that he after deciding to stand down as an MP he thought that it would be “splendid” to become a Lord.

So he consulted his “valued friend”, Peter, later Lord, Mandelson, who told him: “You’ll have to talk to Tony. I’ll ask him.”
On Greville Janner’s wish to join House of Lords, Tony Blair reportedly told him: “I shall do my best to get you there. It’s not just that I’m fond of you, which I am. It’s not just that you’ve helped me a lot, which you have. It’s because you deserve it…”
Tony Blair is said to have added to Greville Janner: “ I can’t give you any guarantees. If we win the election, there should not be a problem.”

Labour won a landslide election in 1997, and Janner was on Blair’s first list of new peers.
Meanwhile, Gregor McGill, director of legal services at CPS, was due to give evidence partly in open session today at #CSAinquiry as to why not one of three police probes into Greville, later Lord, Janner resulted in charges.

But he is being kept behind closed doors this pm.
“Summary” by #CSAinquiry of evidence in closed session for Day 12 says that an ex-resident of Beeches children’s home recalled Greville Janner, then a Labour MP, visiting the place several times...

Note that inquiry has decided that hearings will hear from no abuse survivors.
Former resident of Beeches children’s home, according to “summary” by #CSAinquiry of testimony in closed session, said that Greville Janner used to take him and other boys in a mini-bus to go swimming at a Holiday Inn.
Former resident of Beeches children’s home said that Greville Janner “seemed to have a thing with boys in pants and swimming trunks. The way he was around boys was inappropriate,” as recorded by #CSAinquiry “summary” of closed session.
“Summary” by #CSAinquiry of closed session for Day 12 records that Tony Blair said in his statement that he could “unfortunately recall nothing of the specific events” of his nomination of Greville Janner for the House of Lords.

He said, though, that officials vetted Janner.
Why could Tony Blair recall NOTHING of why he nominated Greville Janner to become a life peer within around two months of his election in 1997?

It was “a period of considerable activity,” and it was 23 years ago, he said, according to #CSAinquiry “summary” of closed session.
Why did officials note that the time for scrutiny of Tony Blair’s first list of proposed Lords was “limited”, Tony Blair said: “I recall nothing of the specific events… I am unable to say whether that would definitely have followed here,” #CSAinquiry “summary” of closed session.
Tony Blair said that the “usual processes” of vetting were carried out for his nomination of Greville Janner and others on his list of prospective peers, according to #CSAinquiry “summary” of closed session.

Officials had “very full and frank information”.
Tony Blair’s statement was read out in closed session to protect, allegedly, identity of one of Lord Janner’s accusers.

#CSAinquiry has not published the statement, only a summary. It is plain as day that the reason for that is nothing to do with protecting any abuse surivivor.
“Summary” by #CSAinquiry of evidence in closed session for Day 12 says that unnamed director of legal services at CPS – but known to be Gregor McGill – suggests that he tried to row back a bit on the agency’s admissions in 2015 over failing to prosecute Lord Janner in the past.
Gregor McGill: “The statement made in 2015 was perhaps looked at through the lens of 2015 decision making,” says #CSAinquiry “summary”.

The lawyers who reviewed previous decisions “didn’t turn their mind” to different law and prosecutors’ code at time of previous investigations.
I would note that in the Rochdale hearings of #CSAinquiry Gregor McGill sought to row back in a similar way to an official admission that CPS had missed an opportunity to prosecute Cyril Smith.

But the inquiry was not persuaded by him on that occasion.
Gregor McGill did not finish today, and he will be back to give further testimony – again behind closed doors. Even though he was originally slated to give some evidence in the open. #SecretCSAinquiry

Summary by #CSAinquiry of today’s closed session:…

• • •

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28 Oct
Day 13 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors again:

Kevin Yates, of Leicestershire Police’s ‘Operation Magnolia’, who was too ill to testify last Weds.

Matt Hewson, of ‘Operation Enamel’, due back.

And four witnesses from Labour party.

Gregor McGill, director of legal services at CPS, who began his testimony yesterday (linked below), has been slotted into finish before Kevin Yates is called.

All happening behind closed doors.

Kevin Yates, who is testifying today at Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors, joined Operation Magnolia as a detective inspector in 2001.

We heard from two of his colleagues on Day 8, when he was due to testify before he reported in ill:

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26 Oct
Day 11 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY again:

Michael Creedon.

Former chief constable of Derbyshire Police.

Effectively led probe into Frank Beck in 1991.

Says that he was ORDERED not to arrest Janner.

Testifying in SECRET.

Christopher Thomas, SIO of Operation Dauntless (2006-7) is being slotted in to complete his evidence in closed session before Michael Creedon is called.

Thomas testified on Day 9, but did not finish then. But I tweeted what he has to say on Day 9:
Michael Creedon is testifying behind closed doors at #CSAinquiry.

However, I AM able to tell you what he has to say because it is already in PUBLIC domain, again demonstrating the farce of hearing all of his evidence – and indeed, much of all witnesses’ evidence – in secret.
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23 Oct
Day 10 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY yet again:

Another retired officer from Leicestershire Police, Alistair Helm. On ‘Operation Dauntless’.

And Roger Rock, senior prosecutor at CPS. On why it did not prosecute.
Alistair Helm, as a detective chief superintendent, was in the ‘gold group’ that launched Operation Dauntless in 2006.

He is testifying behind closed doors at #CSAinquiry, but the publicly available evidence suggests that the gold group had minimal insight over the operation.
Freemasonry is known to have been rife at Leicestershire Police (and the county council).

However, Alistair Helm is unlikely to have been a mason because he was ordained mid-career. He retired from Leicestershire Police in 2008 and went on to be a priest in the Yorkshire Dales.
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22 Oct
Day 9 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY again:

Three witnesses, all officers who worked on ‘Operation Dauntless’ in 2006, Leicestershire Police’s third investigation into Lord Janner…

David Swift-Rollinson, Kevin Barrs, Christopher Thomas.
I will start my coverage of this behind-closed door hearing that started at 10.15am shortly.

Meanwhile, I can reveal that a statement from Tony Blair is due to be read to Janner hearing BEHIND CLOSED DOORS next Tuesday.

See you next Tuesday.
Tony Blair, as prime minister, ennobled Greville Janner in 1997.

But #CSAinquiry is not calling him to answer questions at the Janner hearing.

It has, however, ordered Blair to prepare a statement, which will be read in closed session next Tuesday.
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21 Oct
Day 8 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry: three officers who worked on ‘Operation Magnolia’, Leicestershire Police’s investigation into Lord Janner between 2000 and 2002...

James Wynne, Kevin Yates, Richard Keenan.

Each witness partly in open – and partly in closed – session.
Junior counsel to #CSAinquiry says that Kevin Yates has been taken ill is unfit to give evidence today. He will be rescheduled for next Wednesday.

We are hearing from James Wynne, initially in open session.
James Wynne was a detective sergeant during ‘Operation Magnolia’, which ran from 2000 to 2002, investigating allegations of physical and sexual abuse of children at two Leicestershire children’s homes, including allegations against Lord Janner.
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20 Oct
Day 7 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry: three witnesses from Leicestershire county council...

John Sinnott, chief executive, due to begin at 10.30am in open session before going behind closed doors.

Then Robert Parker and Brian Waller – each behind closed doors.
John Sinnott, chief executive of Leicestershire county council since 1994, is first witness to testify in open (at least, partly) in FIVE days of Janner hearings at #CSAinquiry.
John Sinnott accepts that in the past there was no oversight by senior managers at Leicestershire county council’s social services department of complaints of sexual or physical abuse of children in the council’s “care” homes.
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