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31 Oct, 12 tweets, 5 min read
On April 18th of this year, 1,520 Americans died of COVID. 40 states were under stay-at-home orders. It had been a month since a global pandemic had been declared. April 18th—one week after Easter—was the date by which Trump had said America would be open. #velshi
On April 18th, Jared Kushner told veteran journalist Bob Woodward on tape that Trump’s push to reopen was a way of quote “getting the country back from the doctors.” Once again, science was losing to Trump’s impulsive and irrational decision-making. #velshi
Kushner said to Woodward, “We’ve now put out rules to get back to work. Trump’s now back in charge. It’s not the doctors.” Because why would we want doctors to get us through a pandemic when we can have a real-estate developer with no medical training? #velshi
Overruling experts and making decisions for personal gain is commonplace for Trump. It’s how he runs his administration, and it’s how he ran his businesses. #velshi
Trump values loyalty over expertise, opting for what Kushner described as “people who know their place,” rather than those whose experience may challenge or even contradict Trump’s instincts. #velshi
Trump’s obsession with loyalty explains the slow erosion of Dr. Fauci as the face of the administration’s fight against coronavirus, in favor of a doctor who DOESN’T specialize in infectious disease or public health and pushes junk science. But he defers to Trump. #velshi
Even AFTER getting COVID, Trump won’t get behind wearing a mask. He says America has as many cases as we do because we test a lot. Too much, he says. #velshi
Trump says herd immunity could be the solution, and that we are rounding a corner on the virus, which is only true if you think what’s around the corner is HELL. #velshi
In three days, Trump’s claim that we would have a vaccine by election day will join the 22,250 LIES the Washington Post has tracked so far. In one presidential term. #velshi
Trump probably doesn’t think he’s told all that many lies, because he and his family have a problem with numbers. For instance, two days ago, when America hit a record number of infections, 90,000 in one day, Trump’s son said the numbers are “almost nothing.” #velshi
COVID is down to “almost nothing”: tell that to the families of the 971 people who died in America the day of Trump Jr.’s comment. This is the type of leadership and decision-making that have made the Trump administration an abject failure. #velshi
Trump and his administration risked our lives. Not just with COVID, but with healthcare, foreign policy and the climate. THEIR failures are now OUR problem. When you fail this big, people die. When you fail this big, you’re not entitled to a second chance. #velshi

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31 Oct
The USPS recommends mailing-in your ballots at least 7 days before Election Day. We are now 3 days out. If you haven’t mailed it in yet, it’s probably too late. It's now time for Plan B. #velshi
In more than 2 dozen states—including some crucial battlegrounds—your absentee ballot *must* be received on Election Day to be counted. The rules in each state vary, so check your local election website or go to #velshi
You can hand-deliver your completed absentee ballot to your local election clerk or a local drop box if available. #velshi
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24 Oct
Voting is personal for me. I grew up in Canada, a country to which my family and I immigrated. I’ve joked that unlike Barack Obama, I actually AM a Kenyan-born Muslim. But that’s not the whole story—and the whole story shows why voting matters so much to me. #velshi
In 1981, 10 years after my family arrived in Canada, and having just recently become citizens, my father ran for office. I was 11 at the time, and maybe the hardest working campaign volunteer he had. #velshi
Late on election day, when all was done but the counting, my dad and I drove home to get ready for the big night. He was going to make history, becoming the first person of South Asian descent to be elected to any major office in Canada. #velshi
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18 Oct
COVID has killed more than 220,000 Americans & infected more than 8 million in the past 10 months. Since day 1, Trump has downplayed both the seriousness & science of it. That's neither new or refutable since he said as much to Bob Woodward on tape. Multiple times. #velshi
While there are moments in which Trump grudgingly acknowledges the severity of it all, saying things like “even ONE death is too many,” his consistent message to Americans has been socially-distant from reality, from science & from good public health. #velshi
Trump said the virus would disappear when warmer weather arrives & that portions of the population are “virtually immune.” If words don’t capture his recklessness, then remember his actions after leaving Walter Reed: shedding his mask & resuming in-person events. #velshi
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10 Oct
Mike Pence is the 48th Vice President, the 2nd highest office in the U.S. executive branch. He’s also the Senate president, with the authority to cast the tie-breaking vote. That’s what made his response to a vital question during this week’s debate so feckless. #velshi
Just before the debate ended, the moderator reminded Pence that Trump has, several times, refused to commit himself to a peaceful transfer of power after the election. She asked, if Joe Biden won the election and Trump refused to leave office, what would he do as VP? #velshi
In his roughly 2-min. answer, Pence talked about Hillary Clinton, spying, the Mueller report, Trump’s impeachment, mail-in voting & the FBI. One of the only thing Pence didn’t mention was what he would do if Trump refused to accept a peaceful transfer of power. #velshi
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3 Oct
Thomas Jefferson called his election the “Revolution of 1800.” Jefferson’s victory marked the first time that power in America passed from one party to another. Despite the use of the word “revolution,” that transfer, while steeped in bitter conflict, was peaceful. #velshi
John Adams seamlessly handed the presidency to his number one political rival, Thomas Jefferson, without incident. In his inaugural address, Jefferson, with an interest in national unity, declared, “Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle.” #velshi
Thomas Jefferson had a way with words and knew the country needed healing: a stark contrast from what we heard and saw this week, when Trump, once again, refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. #velshi
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26 Sep
“It is high time that we all stopped being tools and victims of totalitarian techniques that, if continued here unchecked, will surely end what we have come to cherish as the American way of life.” –Margaret Chase Smith

Those were the stinging words of Margaret Chase Smith, Republican Senator from Maine on June 1, 1950, rebuking her colleague, WI Sen. Joseph McCarthy, while confirming her commitment to the rights of all Americans to criticize, hold unpopular beliefs and protest. #velshi
Smith’s words remind us that we have, indeed, seen this all before. Trumpism is McCarthyism with a Twitter account. And like all leaders who put their self-interests above democracy and the rule of law, Trump exploits fear to maintain and expand his power. #velshi
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