Christ, Johnson is on for seconds and already sounds like a complete dipshit.
Covid is increasing across most of the country.
Cases in over 60s going up.
ONS data - COVID going up extremely fast in last few weeks. 50K new cases a day and rising.
Some evidence of flattening in the north east.
Age heatmaps: at all ages heatmaps are getting hotter across time and moves across the age groups.
NHS data - rise in age groups going into hospital above 45.
North west is bad. Increasing in every area.
Covid positive cases in inpatient beds on an exponential curve upwards. 10K +.
Some hospitals exceed number of patients in first wave.

Mortality - north west bad. Other areas following.
Perhaps a half million with disease now.
R is above 1. Growth of cases. 1.2ish.
Modelling: different models Gove different answers but all show huge deaths. Twice as bad as first wave potentially.
6 week projections. Reasonable certainty.

Exceeding first wave peak for hospitalisations.
Hospitalisation to deaths:

Gets close to first wave peak but not quite within next 6 weeks if nothing is done.

(Remember some deaths are baked in now)
NHS impact on beds:

Peak usage exceeded Nov 20 approx.

Extra beds exceeded 3 days later.

Extra capacity exceeded in December (cancelling ops, etc)

Similar pattern for ventilator beds.
Liar Johnson bullshit asshole is back.
Bullshit. Excuses. Say something useful you twat.
Thanks people. Believe him if you like. More waffle. Get to the point.
Nature now. Virus is spreading faster than the reasonable worst case scenario.

Why Johnson, why?
Overrunning of the NHS:

More even than loss of life. Doctors and nurses would be forced to make decisions on treatment if NHS is overrun.

Risk of NHS not being available for non-Covid.

Bullshit about Nightingale hospitals.
He takes forever to get to the point.
Education. Healthcare. To provide care. Shopping. Etc. Ok.

Essential shops remain open.

Pubs, restaurants close take aways ok.

Work from home if possible.

Single adult home bubbles ok.
At least he is talking like a human being now (ish).
To Dec 2.
Keep going to school.
Use NHS as normal. Access services.
Twitter what the hell is ‘rate limit exceeded’?
Shut up Johnson. You couldn’t inspire anyone.
Furlough continues (missed it out earlier).

A lesser lockdown than the first time.

Stay at home.
Protect the NHS.
Protect lives.
And it’s Strictly!
Fast jive.

(Not Johnson)
Don’t tell me what to do!
Don’t tell me what to say!

Well, well. Bill Bailey!

Dr Do-a-lot!

• • •

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29 Oct
Assume a virtue, if you have it not.
William Shakespeare, Hamlet.
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31 May
Why did the government allow sporting events to continue in early March? Cheltenham. Liverpool-Madrid. Why did they stop contact tracing on March 11th? Why did they only announce lockdown on March 23rd?
A quarter of a million people attended Cheltenham and then went on to spread COVID-19 around the country.

Cheltenham and Liverpool became hotspots of COVID-19.

Why did government let these events continue?
Remember, the govt at this time were talking about herd immunity. It is hard to credit the idea that govt wanted people to become ill & die but people became ill & died.

Between the 11th & 23rd there more than 3 doublings of COVID-19 cases.

Why did we not lockdown?
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6 May
‘Policies designed to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed pushed a greater burden onto care homes.’

To protect hospitals they killed in care homes.…
‘many care homes say they believe the British government made a crucial early mistake: It focused too much attention on protecting the’ NHS ‘at the expense of the most vulnerable in society, among them the estimated 400,000 mostly elderly or infirm people who live in care homes’
‘A UK government spokesman defended the strategy. “This is an unprecedented global pandemic and we have taken the right steps at the right time to combat it, guided by the best scientific advice.”’

We know that is not true.
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4 May
‘The charges focus on four areas: that healthcare workers struggled to access personal protective equipment, that Britain was too slow to implement a lockdown, that it bungled testing, and that vulnerable care home residents were not properly protected.’…
‘Says Martin McKee, professor of European public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine & an adviser to the World Health Organisation: "The countries that moved fast have curtailed the epidemic. The countries that delayed have not. It's as simple as that."’
‘Dr Richard Horton, editor in chief of The Lancet medical journal, is even more damning: "The handling of the COVID-19 crisis in the UK is the most serious science policy failure in a generation."’
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3 May
Let’s look back to March 14th when Europe had become the centre of the COVID-19 pandemic, France had locked down and the UK had not. The number of cases in the UK had reached 1,140. Number of deaths had doubled in one day from 11 to 21.

More than 200 people had died in Italy between 13th and 14th March. At the time, this was shocking. 1268 people had died in total of COVID-19 in Italy. The first reported case in Italy had been on February 23rd and March 7th for the UK, about 2 weeks later.

By now the WHO had declared Pandemic on March 11th, already several weeks after they had declared a public health emergency of international concern on January 30th when the outbreak had gone international. The spread of disease was rapid and deadly between these two dates.

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