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I wouldn’t normally do a thread focusing on one individual but Mridul Wadhwa has single-handedly stamped all over women’s boundaries, our rights, our laws and our very name, causing much distress to women along the way. I, like so many others, am absolutely bloody furious.
Let’s be quite clear that Mridul does not have a GRC. The only way for an overseas national to gain one is to complete the equivalent process in their country of birth, and for that country to be on the list of those whose gender recognition system is recognised by the UK.
Mridul could apply for the GRC equivalent in India, which is a 2-step process: self-id for a transgender certificate but surgery must be certified for a full legal change to the opposite gender.

That this has not been done leads to the obv ? regarding surgical status. Image
However, it seems India is not on the approved country list anyway:…

So there can be no GRC for Mridul...unless of course Scotland were to bring in the self-id reform.
No GRC is also confirmed by Mridul in this video. It’s at 13:16 so you don’t have to watch the whole damn tedious thing:
Mridul is therefore both biologically male and legally male - as confirmed by the EHRC: “a trans woman who does not hold a GRC and is therefore legally male would be treated as male”.…
And contrary to Gail Ross’s assertions, compelled pronoun use is not law, “bitches” (a truly fine moment in MSP standards), so I will be referring to Mridul with the accurate pronoun, he.

Remember, pronouns are like rohypnol: Image
And using female pronouns for a man is used to establish whether he “lives as a woman” and can therefore take a woman’s place on a public board.

Oh, you were on the Committee behind that decision Gail Ross? What a surprise. Let’s just be thankful that you are leaving politics. Image
It’s not clear which woman’s job Mridul is admitting to lying and deceiving his way into in this video, but it’s probably the Shakti WA one in 2005.

At 2:29 mins: “I wasn’t even sure whether I would have been hired if they had known that I was trans”.
This one’s weird. Again Mridul admits to deception when asked about his job at Rape Crisis, but also says he then worked for that org for 14 years - which does not match the dates given on Linkedin (not that of his time at Shakti). ImageImage
I tracked down the job advert for his current position as Manager at Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre, which clearly invoked the single-sex exceptions in the Equality Act for a genuine occupational requirement - so Mridul had absolutely no business submitting an application. Image
There was a further opportunity to disclose his status on the job application form, which specifically asked “Do you consider yourself to be a trans person?”
NB. Gay not included in sex orientation question, so form obv designed for females only. Image
So, the big question is: were @rapecrisisscot deceived, or did they knowingly and willingly employ a male in a woman-only position?

And I think the Chief Executive has answered that conclusively in this thread:
They know, they don’t care, and female service users will just have to suck it up buttercup.

Which is quite the departure from the long history of valuing and fiercely defending the women-only service, both by service users and front-line staff:

In fact Rape Crisis had the Stronger Together policy on their website - which says if women were uncomfortable they just needed to be re-educated out of their hate - until so many complaints compelled them to remove it.…
At any other time Mridul would have been sacked on the spot for such deception, but such is the successful policy capture and forced teaming, that Rape Crisis would rather turn away teenagers in need rather than guarantee a female counsellor. ImageImage
And lack of case law prevents provision of a woman only service? Quite frankly that sounds like the kind of tin-pot ‘legal’ advice only a girlfriend of the management would provide.
And Rape Crisis know how women feel. We’ve told them in droves. Explained the trauma, the inappropriateness of male counsellors. How women are self-excluding rather than take the risk. Why don’t you care @rapecrisisscot, how did you come to forget who your core service users are?
And what of your reputation? It’s all out there now, a great big public mess with @theSNP breaching the Equality Act by allowing the very male Mridul to stand on an all-women shortlist and the conniving plan by Mridul and the wokesters to take a woman’s position in a SNP branch.
Women are angry, and rightly so. Could this be why membership of the SNP has dropped by a third? I have one suggestion for them: ANSWER YOUR EMAILS and start dealing with the problems.

I've been asked a few times for the url of the original job advert of Mridul's "women-only" job.

It's here (goodmoves kindly reinstated the information even though the vacancy is obv closed):…

And archived here:
Just tacking this on - Twitter deleted the third post in this thread without informing me. It's still showing on my feed so I was unaware no-one else could see it.

And here's the 'official' response to this thread. The CEO of Rape Crisis tries to gaslight women that it's not true and get the whole thing deleted, and Mridul, manager of a Rape Crisis Centre, is angry and wants to destroy evil rape victims who recognise the male form. ImageImage
Didn't Steve Bannon just get banned from Twitter for suggesting people be beheaded?

Well done @theSNP! Image
The video where Mridul confirms no GRC has been taken down from Youtube, but I saved a copy and here's the relevant clip:

• • •

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Sep 21, 2021
Here it is in black and white.

Scotland's NHS Gender Identity Clinic @SandyfordNHSGGC official advice for pre-pubertal children is "watchful waiting".

No affirmation of 'gender identity', no using wrong-sex pronouns, no 'social transitioning'.
It is time to speak up, Sandyford. Time to stop the trans lobby groups going into our primary schools and giving incorrect medical advice. Time to stop them training the next generation of young children to believe they can change sex.

It's time to talk to our Govt, to stop @scotgov joining in with their paid-for lobby groups in promoting incorrect medical advice to every school in the country. Guidance that wrongly supports 4 year olds socially transitioning without parental knowledge.

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Feb 7, 2021
In 2004 the Gov funded women's orgs wanted sex included in hate crimes. It was due to be added to the Offences (Agg by Prejudice) Act 2009, alongside transgender identity. But Engender, SWA and RCS told the Scotgov Committee examining the Bill they had changed their mind!
They said: "at some point we said that we were in favour of including gender as an aggravation...we no longer think that it is appropriate to include gender as an aggravation in the bill"

Worth reading in full, it's quite jaw dropping:…
All the orgs bemoaned the lack of data on crimes against women in 2008, and are still bemoaning the "real dearth of data" to this day. Just think, if sex had been added to hate crime laws in 2009 we would have had 12 years of valuable data by now.
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