@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson This isn’t a both sides thing.
But we can debate it—IF you can find evidence of:
~Slogans similar to &as prevalent as “fuck your feelings” among any other president’s supporters
~Hypocrisy equal to that of the party of “family values” embracing a thrice-married pussy-grabber
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A president who calls the media ‘enemy of the people’, even after members of the media are harassed/attacked/murdered
~A POTUS who lies about “caravans” of “terrorists”, even after they inspire a deadly mass shooting
~A president who won’t take responsibility for his actions
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A president who consistently claims personal credit for all perceived accomplishments, &continues bragging long after
~A president who lies so much his own supporters say they don’t take him literally &news outlets have to fact-check him literally every time he speaks
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~An admin w/a turnover rate equal to or higher than Trump’s
~An administration in which multiple former officials spoke out against the POTUS within months of leaving
~A president who regularly, publicly (&often vulgarly) belittles, insults &criticizes those who disagree w/him
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A POTUS who can’t name a single Bible verse, built his reputation on greed, pride, envy, gluttony &wrath, consistently cheated on all 3 of his wives, works shorter days/takes longer vacations than any predecessor, yet who claims to be Christian.../5 (cont)
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson Bonus points if at least one affair was w/a porn star. Extra bonus points if it was just after his wife gave birth. Even more bonus points if he used campaign money to pay her off. A gold star if his supporters believe he is a devout Christian and often say he was sent by god.
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A POTUS who says people can’t believe what they see or hear, &can trust only him
~Or who regularly claims he’s the most successful president in history on every single issue
~POTUS who’s repeatedly condemned for different reasons by 100s of well known figures in his own party
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A president who cannot get multiple Cabinet appointees confirmed even though his party controls the Senate
~An administration in which a substantial number of cabinet positions have been held by “acting” (unconfirmed) officials for 99 days or more
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A president who spends 2/3 of his presidency golfing, and does so on his own properties so that his personal business profits from it at taxpayer expense. Bonus point if before his presidency, he publicly and repeatedly criticized his predecessor for playing (less) golf.
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A president who claims he will release his tax returns if elected, then refuses to do so. Bonus point if he also brags that he was “smart” for not paying taxes. Three bonus points if it’s later proven he cheated on his taxes.
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A president who consistently refers to Black women specifically as “low IQ”
~A president who calls his political opponents “enemies” &“traitors” & threatens to “lock them up”
~A president who expresses respect &deep affection for dictators like Putin & Kim Jong Un
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A president whose boasting is so over the top the UN openly & loudly laughs at him
~A president who states that he would accept opposition research from a foreign country during an election
~A president who regularly & verifiably throws temper tantrums and screams at people
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A president who calls TV or radio shows on a regular basis, often talking for an hour or more. Bonus points if he talks so long the hosts begin hinting that he surely has work to do
~A president whose family members use taxpayer funds for business travel to other countries
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A POTUS who pushed repeatedly for a big military parade and who wanted a military parade & tanks at his inauguration. Bonus if said POTUS lied about his inauguration crowd; extra bonus points if he used images of his predecessor’s inauguration to “prove” it
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A POTUS who lied about & refused to divest from his business interests. Bonus points if thE interests were in foreign countries. Add extra points if the countries weren’t allies
~A president supported & embraced by most white nationalist groups, who claim he is one of them
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A president who has been sued repeatedly for fraud. Bonus points if the charity he set up was found guilty of fraud. Extra bonus points if it the fraud involved stealing donations for children with cancer
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A physically unattractive POTUS who regularly mocks others’ looks
~A POTUS who spends $70k a year on hair care & is so vain he spends over an hour to comb, spray, pin & adjust his hairdo.
Bonus points if he also wears heavy makeup.
Addit’l points if supporters say he’s manly
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A president who refuses to read daily briefings.
Bonus points if his officials condense them into 1-page summaries w/lots of images &little text.
Extra points if he still refuses to read them.
A shiny gold star if he won’t even sit still & listen to someone read them to him.
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson ~A POTUS who claims he won before either candidate reaches 270
Bonus point if opponent is ahead at the time
Extra points if he demands counting stop when he’s ahead &continue when he’s behind
All the gold stars if he announced months earlier he’d reject results unless he won
@emnode @JeiceSpade @DrJasonJohnson TLDR: This isn’t a both sides thing.
And most Trump supporters are not good people.


• • •

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