I supported the first lockdown.

My aunt died of COVID. My FIL is fresh out of hospital with pneumonia after catching it.

Lockdown was brilliant for me in terms of spending more time with family, my health and focusing on work I love.

Why do I vehemently oppose Lockdown 2.0?
According to the Government's own figures, the *first* lockdown will cause the deaths of up to 200,000 people.

We already have 28,000 excess non-COVID deaths. Over the next few years all the missed cancer, heart disease, diabetes diagnoses and delayed treatments will lead to...
...x00,000s of deaths.

The second lockdown will not end on Dec 2. It will continue until March. That's more people dead. Homeless. Suicidal.

Up to half a million people dying BECAUSE of lockdowns.

We didn't have the data in March. We do now.

I don't believe...
...conspiracy theories. There is a perfectly logical political explanation. Deaths from COVID are blamed on the Government. Deaths from other causes are not.

Human beings respond to incentives. And the political incentives now are to do everything to minimise COVID deaths no...
...matter the cost.

On Thur, the UK Statistics Authority reprimanded the Gvt for using outdated, exaggerated figures as justification for lockdown again. They're not telling the truth.

I won't even bother to cover the economic, quality life year or civil liberties costs...
...of lockdowns.

They may be good for middle class people like me but hundreds of thousands of people will die, be condemned to poverty and suffer. I don't think caring about them makes me a COVIDIOT or "heartless".


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6 Nov
News Update #6 from the People's Republic of Lockdown for Nov 6, 2027

Following an emergency meeting of ROSEMARY, the decision has been made to save lives and protect the NHS.

Cancer screenings, heart surgeries and other non-essential procedures have been cancelled...
...and replaced with regular clapping to celebrate brave frontline staff.

The Government is pleased to report that significant progress has been made in the battle against misinformation with over 30 prominent immunologists, virologists and other COVID deniers arrested...
...and referred for treatment at a re-education facility.

New polling shows that over 146% of the public now support lockdown, while 70% want it "harder, deeper, faster".

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News Update #4 from the People's Republic of Lockdown for October 31, 2027

Today marks the 7th anniversary of the Great Lockdown implemented by former PM Boris Johnson who lost the 2024 General Election after running on a platform of "Conservative with no C". To celebrate...
...the occasion of 7 years of continuous lockdown, the Government has allowed citizens to engage in sexual intercourse. However, sex must be conducted with social distancing, the use of a Government-approved full body condom and may not involve other humans. Approved animals...
...include squirrels, bats and sheep (Wales only). Individuals found to be engaging in sexual intercourse with other humans will be prosecuted for conspiracy to murder and banned from Twitter.

In Royal news, Princess Harriet has been praised by social justice campaigners...
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28 Oct
8 men who served our country in combat are being denied British citizenship because of minor administrative issues and clerical errors.

I have just donated. Please do if you can.
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31 Aug

There is an extensive gaslighting operation on the subject of the culture war.

By way of context, broadly speaking, the "culture war" refers to a series of political and philosophical disputes about a number of interrelated cultural issues. /1
At their core, these disputes can be summed up as a struggle to determine the relationship between subjective feelings and reality.

For example, we all know that men can't get pregnant or have periods but since this is uncomfortable for.../2
...some transmen to hear (because it suggests they aren't real men) we fight over how to best accommodate their feelings while retaining an understanding of basic biology.

We all know that discrimination is bad, which is how we know that applying it in reverse is also bad.../3
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4 Aug
While we argue about what a woman is and whether 2+2 still = 4, the reality is there are far more powerful tectonic processes afoot.

Western civilization is old and it is tired. It hasn't seemed that way because the main torchbearer of WC is the US, a young country, but...
...as a civilization we are exhausted. (That's one of the reasons that in the rest of the West we begrudgingly admire the American spirit - it represents the best of what we used to be: daring, confident, industrious).

Have you ever known a man who was super talented at 30...
...built something important by 50 and then retired at 65? He used to be disciplined, driven, powerful. Now he just wants to play with his grandchildren and indulge their every whim.

That's us.

Our great empires have been and gone. Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland...
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15 Jun
Lots of new followers so it might be helpful to tell you a bit about me + debunk myths:

I'm a comedian and social commentator. I co-host a show (@triggerpod) where we interview people about various issues, esp culture war.

I write for the Telegraph, Spectator and Quillette.1/5
I was born in the Soviet Union. Most of my family were persecuted there for having the wrong views or speaking out. I care about free speech because I know what it's like not to have it. 2/5
I have always been interested in economics, politics and history. I studied these subjects at university. Our interviews on @triggerpod is how I continue to educate myself on these issues. 3/5
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