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The FBI refused to investigate previous electronic voter fraud for starts. And so much more!

Thread: watch for updates ImageImage
Lets start with Dallas County Texas 2018. Pretty much what is happening right now, happened to them. And there are receipts. Coming up!

The FBI and Texas AG refused to do anything and Mitch McConnel didn't do anything either. Otherwise we would not be here today. ImageImage
Expert examination of the computer logs revealed that
thousands of error codes for “Time stamp mismatch” and Votes exceed ballots” were overridden by the ES&S technician. ETC.. Read the rest here ⬇️ Image
They destroyed the evidence before the 22 month retention date.

Notably, litigation contesting the bond election has revealed covert destruction of the ES&S equipment, software, and data storage devices used in the
2018 Primary and 2018 General Election in mid-July 2019. Image
By 2014, ES&S (Involved in Dallas County) was the largest manufacturer of voting machines in the US, claiming customers in 4,500 localities in 42 states and two U.S. territories. As of 2014, the company had more than 450 employees, more than 200 of whom are located in Omaha. ImageImage
Critical voter and vote results data pertaining to elections, including the ➡️2020 General election ⬅️ is maintained in unsecured data files on the clarityelections.com domain and processed through Scytl’s Barcelona server. Image
General Election voting records automatically forwarded from the Clarity website to multiple domestic and foreign DNS addresses, including ES&S, Scytl in Barcelona, Smartmatic12 in London, and Russian server at South Ural State University in Chelyabinsk, a known GRU installation Image
Excel spreadsheet file containing algorithms for projecting voting results found on NGP Van website. NGP Van does voter database and analytics for DNC. NGP Van works closely with Act Bleu and Shared Blue. File was created by, and made available to, Democratic political operatives Image
Documented Election Computer Logs Detail Extensive Anomalies and Skewed Results Raising Serious Questions of Vote Manipulation in Dallas County 2018 General Election.

Also, they obstructed Poll Watchers, and Engaged in Suspicious Conduct. Sound familiar?

Read here: ImageImageImage
Ok this was the 12 page document, the 150 page one is up next. I need to make covfefe. Absorb this while I brew!
Nov 2019, we were asked to send a small team to Kentucky to look at the hugely anomalous gubernatorial race (SNIP- read below)

We had previously advised them that, based on our research, their race had all the earmarks of a potentially targeted race for vote tampering. ImageImage
After the election, our cyber team uncovered a split second in the Kentucky election night video feed from Clarity Elections to CNN that actually displayed the findings of our investigation. (tbc) ⬇️ Image
This live feed from CNN accidentally showed reported votes to Gov Bevin (KY) decrease by 560 at the exact same instant his opponent, Andy Beshear, had an identical increase of 560 votes. This vote change is a 1,120 vote swing in a race decided >5,000 votes
Not covered publicly -Is what we found out when we mapped the entire (Clarity Elections) network and its ownership and discovered a majority of the entire system rolls up to SCYTL, a Barcelona, Spain company. Image
It is SCYTL (Clarity Elections) that has the final control on vote counting and reporting (and which the CNN video shows changing votes). Both the Chicago Sun Times and Forbes say it raises troubling concerns about election cyber security. Image
Between SCYTL and another vote counting company, SGO
Smartmatic, an amazing amount of the US Elections apparatus is held by, stored, and reported by
foreign owned entities and often this data is held offshore. Image
"The foreign hosting of US voting information is therefore declared a national security concern and inconsistent with the letter and spirit of multiple U.S. laws including broad areas of Foreign Intelligence, the RICO Act, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States" Image
Action 3: All 50 States and Territories must attest in writing to the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Federal Election Commission by Sep 30, 2020 that all electronic and manual aspects of their voting is hosted in the United States of America,

So I'm certain they watched Image
The entire U.S. election system is vulnerable and likely compromised by illegal access and the actual perpetrators may be veiled in secrecy. It is open to system-wide manipulation. We have observed and gathered compelling evidence of dangerous, substantial interference. Image
Election Fraud** has been perpetrated on a massive scale in this country going back to at least 2008 and continues to be perpetrated. Entire outcomes have been shifted. This completely eclipses mere Voter Fraud. Image
2016 Presidential race was saved only by unprecedented turnout from Trump supporters (wholly unexpected by the perpetrators) and reported denial of service attacks against illegal servers that prevented uploads of wholesale changes in vote databases of key electoral states Image
Now let’s review some links discussed inside this report. Read further up in my thread and you will see Scytl aka Clarity Elections and how they have grown in the US.

Well they have a vulnerability that provides the ability to alter votes undetected.
Read all about the investors in Scytl aka Clarity Elections in this article. And find that interwoven into its very core is the CIAs IN-Q-TEL.

This article was discussed in the document. Imagine the CIA with a voting vulnerability in their hands.😱

Three firms that dominate sales of election technology and make up 92%.

-Dominion Voting Systems
-Hart InterCivic

However, not much is known about their finances and operations because they are not public and they are not subject to the same oversight as private sectors ImageImage
2015, Maryland’s main election system vendor was bought by a parent company with ties to a Russian oligarch. The state’s election officials did not know about the purchase until July 2018, when the FBI notified them of the potential conflict. The FBI investigated and found nada. Image
Voting machine co avoid scrutiny, sent threats of litigation to academics researching their machines, blocked litigation seeking records from the machines when there were errors in votes, and lied to journalists and elected officials that some machines could be accessed remotely. Image
Georgia! Recount and audit time, eh?

When it was discovered three days before the 2018 midterms that poor cybersecurity left Georgia’s voter registration system vulnerable to being altered, it was unclear whether the state or the company were responsible for the failures. Image
SGO Smartmatic

Originally founded in 2000 from a predecessor company, Smartmatic has been highly controversial since
inception and charges of vote tampering have been widespread in many countries. Examples include: ImageImage
2014 Smartmatic was put under a new UK Parent company, SGO, and British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown became Chairman of the Board. Formerly he served at the UN and is connected to Soros and his quest to create a borderless, nationless global state through the Open Society Foundation. Image
Malloch-Brown serves on Open Society Global Board, former VP of Soros’s Quantum Investment fund, vice-chair of Soros Fund Mgmt, served on Soros Bosnia Advisory committee, other Soros initiatives, ties with the Clintons thru 2 consulting firms. Ie. Sawyer-Miller and FTI Consulting Image
Scytl has ability to intercept + change votes without detection but 1st must know how many votes to steal and which to change. Thru it’s investors web of ownership in other tech co it it possesses smart phone spyware, social media access, + consumer reporting info to change votes Image
Who shall we make famous at SCYTL? Anons, here ya go! I have contact info too, withheld for privacy.

Canada ImageImage
I wish to interject here. Some people are asking who wrote these docs. This depends on the doc. This was a 3 doc package.

-National Security Taskforce 2 page recommendations
-Allied special operations group (ASOG) was the 12 page Dallas report and the 150 page post briefing. ImageImage
Jake Stauffer, former cyber analyst for the AF:

Testing ES&S’s DS200 machine, they found multiple vulnerabilities that would enable an attacker full access to the system, change configurations, and install a modified operating system without election officials knowing.
TBC. ⬇️ Image
Stauffer says this would give a hacker the highest level of privilege and remote access into the system to do whatever they liked.

He found similar vulnerabilities in Dominions voting equipment that would enable remote code execution, DOS attacks, and off-line ballot tampering. Image
Diabold 2005, famous Hursti Hack successfully altered votes in a one-step hack that changed both the central tabulator results and the voting machine results tape

2009, Diebold Election Systems was sold to its competitor, Omaha-based ES&S, and in 2010 ES&S flipped it to Dominion Image
None of the vulnerabilities found by the Hursti hack were ever fixed, and the machines were used in 20 states in the 2020 election

A later model of these same voting machines with the same vulnerabilities was used in the 2016 Georgia election between Brian Kemp and Stacy Abrams Image

• • •

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1 Dec
Time for radio silence from Bad Kitty for the rest of the night. 💻 👋
Man down mid discussion in a DM. Not good....

Press F for unnamed.
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29 Nov
Who bought Staple Street now the owner of Dominion⬇️

Carlyle Group-managed by a team of former US Gov personnel including its president Frank Carlucci, former deputy dir of the ➡️CIA⬅️before becoming Defense Sec. His deputy is James Baker 3, who was US Sec of State under Bush sr
Carlyle Group managed financial assets of Saudi Bin laden Corp. Headed up by members of Osama bin Laden’s family, who played a principal role in helping George W Bush win petroleum concessions from Bahrain while head of Texan oil co, Harken Energy Corp
Worked for or invested in Carlyle group:
Alice Albright
John Major, fmr UK Prime Minister
Fidel Ramos, fmr Philippines Pres
Park Tae Joon, former SK Prime Minister
Prince Al-Walid
Colin Powell
James Baker 3, former Secretary of State
Caspar Weinberger, former Defense Sec.
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29 Nov
🚨🚨Breaking! We had UK assets in our 2016 and 2017 elections! Do we still? 😱

Institute For Statecraft, Integrity Initiative, ran by MI6 and the UK Ministry of Defense had a covert asset in the Bernie Sanders campaign 2016 and John Wisniewski for Governor 2017. Docs up to 2018.
Simon Bracey-Lane: Runs the IfS “Integrity Initiative” network communications and network
development process in the US.

In 2016, Bracey-Lane appeared out of nowhere to work in Iowa as a field organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign for president.
The Institute For Statecraft, Integrity Initiative details infiltration into the US.

Notice it's alliance with the FBI InfraGard in MINNESSOTA? That creepy city that has an air of being coup central.

Notice the Atlantic Council DFRLAB that's part of Facebook Election Integrity?
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27 Nov
- Dominion Belgrade Serbia Server

- S0R0S financed Serbia Otpor coup from Serbian Belgrade Foundation to overthrow leader.

-Trump resistance and riots built to mirror Serbian Otpor coup and overthrow Trump.
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27 Nov
Serbian Media is in the hands of former CIA David Petraeus thru KKR associated with Kissinger. Kissinger was just fired from the Defense Policy Board.

And where does the Dominion server communicate with? Well, Serbia for one. Interesting.... 🤔

For those around me a while, you know that old CIA folks were involved in the coup. And that Durham is investing them.

A great read by Glenn Greenwald for a coup primer. This is what I would call the IC aspect of coup. There are many parts to this.
LA Times - S0R0S Belgrade foundation quietly played a key role in the dramatic overthrow last year of President Slobodan Milosevic with the Otpor coup.

Now where was that Dominion server communicating with? Oh Belgrade Serbia.

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25 Nov
Georgia Aug 2020 lawsuit against Brad Raffensperger

Dominion admitted that the BMD device relies on software released in Feb 2015, which has not received security updates since March 2018.

As of Aug 2020, it contains 254 documented vulnerabilities.
2/6 Georgia Lawsuit

Georgia’s decision to use BMDs and ballot scanners using QR codes to
tabulate votes is unsecure and unreliable. The election system prevents auditability because an auditor cannot determine whether the machines truly captured the voters’ intent:
3/6 Georgia Lawsuit

A human auditor cannot read the QR code, and most voters as an empirical matter do not or cannot verify the written summary accompanying the QR code under election conditions.
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