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29 Nov
Who bought Staple Street now the owner of Dominion⬇️

Carlyle Group-managed by a team of former US Gov personnel including its president Frank Carlucci, former deputy dir of the ➡️CIA⬅️before becoming Defense Sec. His deputy is James Baker 3, who was US Sec of State under Bush sr
Carlyle Group managed financial assets of Saudi Bin laden Corp. Headed up by members of Osama bin Laden’s family, who played a principal role in helping George W Bush win petroleum concessions from Bahrain while head of Texan oil co, Harken Energy Corp
Worked for or invested in Carlyle group:
Alice Albright
John Major, fmr UK Prime Minister
Fidel Ramos, fmr Philippines Pres
Park Tae Joon, former SK Prime Minister
Prince Al-Walid
Colin Powell
James Baker 3, former Secretary of State
Caspar Weinberger, former Defense Sec.
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29 Nov
🚨🚨Breaking! We had UK assets in our 2016 and 2017 elections! Do we still? 😱

Institute For Statecraft, Integrity Initiative, ran by MI6 and the UK Ministry of Defense had a covert asset in the Bernie Sanders campaign 2016 and John Wisniewski for Governor 2017. Docs up to 2018. Image
Simon Bracey-Lane: Runs the IfS “Integrity Initiative” network communications and network
development process in the US.

In 2016, Bracey-Lane appeared out of nowhere to work in Iowa as a field organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign for president.
The Institute For Statecraft, Integrity Initiative details infiltration into the US.

Notice it's alliance with the FBI InfraGard in MINNESSOTA? That creepy city that has an air of being coup central.

Notice the Atlantic Council DFRLAB that's part of Facebook Election Integrity? ImageImage
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27 Nov
- Dominion Belgrade Serbia Server

- S0R0S financed Serbia Otpor coup from Serbian Belgrade Foundation to overthrow leader.

-Trump resistance and riots built to mirror Serbian Otpor coup and overthrow Trump.
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27 Nov
Serbian Media is in the hands of former CIA David Petraeus thru KKR associated with Kissinger. Kissinger was just fired from the Defense Policy Board.

And where does the Dominion server communicate with? Well, Serbia for one. Interesting.... 🤔

For those around me a while, you know that old CIA folks were involved in the coup. And that Durham is investing them.

A great read by Glenn Greenwald for a coup primer. This is what I would call the IC aspect of coup. There are many parts to this.
LA Times - S0R0S Belgrade foundation quietly played a key role in the dramatic overthrow last year of President Slobodan Milosevic with the Otpor coup.

Now where was that Dominion server communicating with? Oh Belgrade Serbia.

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25 Nov
Georgia Aug 2020 lawsuit against Brad Raffensperger

Dominion admitted that the BMD device relies on software released in Feb 2015, which has not received security updates since March 2018.

As of Aug 2020, it contains 254 documented vulnerabilities.
2/6 Georgia Lawsuit

Georgia’s decision to use BMDs and ballot scanners using QR codes to
tabulate votes is unsecure and unreliable. The election system prevents auditability because an auditor cannot determine whether the machines truly captured the voters’ intent:
3/6 Georgia Lawsuit

A human auditor cannot read the QR code, and most voters as an empirical matter do not or cannot verify the written summary accompanying the QR code under election conditions.
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24 Nov
Thread: Smartmatic is growing in use inside the US unchecked.

“Loudoun County, Virginia, used the e-Poll book in a 2019 local election prior to its planned countywide deployment for the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries.”
Los Angelous CA - 2020

“Smartmatic completed development on the Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP) BMD, and is now manufacturing 31,100 units and performing systems integration for America’s largest voting jurisdiction. To formally debut in the March presidential primaries.”
Smartmatic-Cybernetica used in the US

Estonian Smartmatic software was used in the 2016 Republican caucus in the US state of Utah. The voting solution was created by the Smartmatic-Cybernetica Internet Voting Centere

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21 Nov
Who's countering election fraud claims?

Atlantic Council Election Integrity DFRLab, under the Integrity Initiative. US cluster includes Evelyn Farkas and involves Bellingcat, EuVsDisinfo, Buzzfeed, Irex, Detector Media, Stopfake, and LT MOD Stratcom.
Yes, we have the global Integrity Initiative under the Institute for Statecraft directing the coup against our president and country.

How do we know this? In 2019, the integrity initiative was hacked unbeknownst to US citizens.

They direct our news and social media. TBC
Here's the complete list of the US Canada cluster in the Integrity Initiative. This is the top of the coup.

And all I have to say is I hope to heck our DOJ is following up on this. Look at that! The Atlantic Council and the state Department etc...
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20 Nov
Recall my prev thread -Cofounder of momentum (riot trainers) + writer of resistance manual conferred with Serbian Otpor. The definition of Optor is “resistance “.

CIA Steven Cash 4 days prior to the election tweeted #HESFINISHED while invoking Optor Color Revolution sentiments.
Read the underlying thread that I retweeted. And here is my contribution.

Ok for some strange reason the Serbian lady put their account into private mode, but I do have this saved.
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20 Nov

In 2008, NIST.gov knew that 2 years after Smartmatic Venezuela divested from Sequoia, that Smartmatic owned and maintained the software in our election machines.

Why should we have to be discussing this 12 years later?
Scary story that contributed to removing Smartmatic

2006, Chicago, Illinois, suffered from malfunctions during midterms that delayed by a week the tabulation of the vote.

15 or more Smartmatic agents came from Venezuela to Chicago to help the city complete vote tabulation. TBC
After that shady event with the Venezuelans flying in to tabulate votes, Chicago held a hearing.

For the hearing, Smartmatic shareholder, Roger Pinate, flew in from Venezuela to staff a behind-the-scenes war room at the City of Chicago’s election headquarters.
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19 Nov
What is going on down there in Gwinnett Georgia? 🧐A later video shows the lights coming back on but election staff disappearing behind locked doors for hours.
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19 Nov
SVS HOLDINGS Bankruptcy hearing vs Sequoia. Dominion statement:

-The Bankruptcy Plan is no ordinary liquidation plan. It purports to facilitate the liquidation of Sequoia and its parent, SVS, for the purpose of distributions to creditors. In reality, it does no such thing.
Interjecting for just a moment. Ran out of space in the top tweet. Here is the document available on Pacer etc...

Please see the doc for more I only provided a few snippets. Dominion was not pleased.

See Large overview of History and Corp.pdf

The Bankruptcy Plan reflects a calculated strategy by the Trustee, at the behest of Smartmatic (Dominion’s competitor and Sequoia’s former owner), to enhance the Trustee’s rights in ongoing litigation against Dominion, for Smartmatic’s competitive and financial benefit.
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19 Nov
1/3 Sequoia Bankruptcy - Court Doc Smoking gun!

The sale of Sequoia to its Sequoia management. While in the agreement Smartmatic Venezuala retains all Proprietary Intelligence (software) for our voting machines.

gofile.io/d/q4JCRH See Ceo Declaration

8.1A~ Proprietary Intellectual Property:
The Parties agree and acknowledge that the Company (Sequoia) does not have any right, title or interest in or to the Propriety Intellectual Property, without limiting the terms of the Distribution Agreement

This here outlines all the details behind Sequoia and its dealings with Smartmatic.

See Ceo Declaration.

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19 Nov
Affidavit- Jack Blaine of Sequoia, concerning their dealings with Smartmatic of Venezuela. This outlines how Smartmatic "divested" due to US law and their continued dealings with US businesses. SVS was created as a holding co just for this.

Killer docs!

Jack Blaine Affidavit
-Managing Dir for International Sales at Dominion
-Formerly Sequoia Chief Executive Officer and dir
-Chief Executive Officer and a dir of SVS Holdings
-Former employee Smartmatic USA (External title was "President", tho not a formal corporate officer)
-In 2005, assisted Smartmatic in purchasing Sequoia
-After Smartmatic's purchase of Sequoia, Jack Blaine was appointed President of Sequoia (for external purposes, although was not a corporate officer)
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18 Nov
The reason the republicans caved in Wayne County Michigan is because they got death threats from this Wayne County board dude. ⬇️

“When you meet your maker, your soul will be very warm.”
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14 Nov
1/2 I still say this is unconfirmed tho interesting. And I would like actual confirmation. Read my next tweet for a few thoughts.

“Did the US Raid European Software Company Scytl and Seize their Servers in Germany? Our Intel Source Says YES, IT HAPPENED! “thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/us-rai…
2/2 The US and Spain Scytl sites communicated, so wouldn’t they have taken both? Spain site did go down recently, but it is rumored to be sold to Paragon in Oct.

Also, I checked and the Barcelona site does show up in Google and is in Google cache. So yeah it used to be there.
I do believe this is the first tweet on this tho I could be wrong. Let’s ask Andreas how he heard about this. @andreasschub

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13 Nov
So who’s this CHICAGO based org funding over 2100 countrywide election offices? With Milwaukee staff getting an extra $100 each stuffed in their pockets?

CTCL Grant Program Receives Over 2,100 Applications and Counting. Center for Tech and Civic Life
Milwaukee Wisconsin

Are we seeing a trend yet?

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13 Nov
What the government knew in 2010

Dominion, Now the Largest or Second Largest Voting System Company, Is Foreign Controlled and Depends Upon Secret Source Code Created and Owned by Smartmatic, a Foreign Controlled Company With Ties to The Venezuelan Government Led by Hugo Chavez
Dominion has acquired Sequoia, Smartmatic apparently retained ownership of the software used in Sequoia voting systems to cast and count votes, licensing to Sequoia that software, which Smartmatic develops in Venezuela.

The owners of Smartmatic is sketchy as is the extent they and the Chavez gov of Venezuela have influence over US elections thru their control of the software that counts votes for Dominion. Concern is that Smartmatics sale of Sequoia was a sham designed to fool regulators
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7 Nov
🚨🚨🚨 Breaking news folks! I have had some documents that were gifted to me from a journalist, and just got permission to burn everything down. Stay tuned!

The FBI refused to investigate previous electronic voter fraud for starts. And so much more!

Thread: watch for updates ImageImage
Lets start with Dallas County Texas 2018. Pretty much what is happening right now, happened to them. And there are receipts. Coming up!

The FBI and Texas AG refused to do anything and Mitch McConnel didn't do anything either. Otherwise we would not be here today. ImageImage
Expert examination of the computer logs revealed that
thousands of error codes for “Time stamp mismatch” and Votes exceed ballots” were overridden by the ES&S technician. ETC.. Read the rest here ⬇️ Image
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7 Nov
How Investors Re-appropriate Intelligence Tools to Change Your Vote.

Welcome to the world of Scytl, a Spanish-based co that counts some US, US overseas, and European military votes. It has the technology to manufacture, manipulate and rig vote counts.
Dangers to free and fair elections posed by electronic voting are well documented. Partisan goals can be achieved through subversion of central tabulation via an attack on the voting network. Wealthy politicians or their frens can invest in + own the voting machine manufacturers.
Prior to Paul Allen's investment, Scytl was owned by three firms, Spinnaker SCR, Balderton Capital, and Nauta Capital.

Balderton co-invested in companies with In-Q-Tel, which is a non-profit venture capital firm controlled directly by CIA and founded in 1999 by dir George Tenet.
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7 Nov
The Hammer Scorecard stuff is disinformation. Lets delve into what's really happening.

This CNN clip was fed live from "Clarity elections". clarityelections.com This matches with investigative findings. You may wanna look there. 😉
This was the Dallas Texas 2018 election. This and tons of malfeasance was found. The FBI and Texas AG ignored rampant DOCUMENTED voter fraud.

Each of the voting machines have logs of all activity on them. The activities in Dallas were shocking and off the chart kinda stuff.
2019 - Switzerland Researchers have found a severe issue in the Barcelona headquartered Scytl aka Clarity Elections voting system that they say would let someone alter votes undetected. They halted use of this in Switzerland. This operates in the US.

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