Using anti-Semitism and Israel to distract from the fact that you learned about the dangers of the coronavirus and instead of warning vulnerable Americans turned around and made millions of dollars off of it is truly a low and shameful tactic.
Anyone who has walked the streets of Hebron knows that they ARE reminiscent of other previous oppressive regimes and there ARE laws of segregation that allow one thing for the Jewish people and another for the Palestinians. The outrage around this letter is totally manufactured.
"We are dismayed at the conditions in which Palestinian communities live & our hearts cry out to God over the prospect that this political standoff of which both Palestinians and Israelis have become prisoners may last into the future." Beautiful. Me too.…
Many misread the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as a racial one, which it's not; it's a national one. But the letter @ReverendWarnock signed is so carefully, delicately couched in the atrocities of Jewish history. No one who truly cares about the conflict could take offense at it.
@ReverendWarnock But to my lights, @KLoeffler has lost the right to take offense at anything. To take offense is to have a moral high ground. And Loeffler's betrayal of the American people at their most vulnerable to profit off of suffering is one of the darkest things I've seen, in a dark time.
@ReverendWarnock @KLoeffler You can read more about @ReverendWarnock's views on Israel here. He thinks BDS has "anti-Semitic underpinnings," supports a two state solution, and worries about settlement expansion. In short, a liberal Zionist, like most American Jews.…
@ReverendWarnock @KLoeffler It's amazing that this opposition research turned up a letter & video that, despite how they are being cast, are completely consistent with his views today. @ReverendWarnock seems like a man of God who knows how to criticize Israel in a non-anti-Semitic way. More of this please.
@ReverendWarnock @KLoeffler In this video, @ReverendWarnock distinguishes violent from nonviolent protest; describes the Great Return March which had 30K attendees, a small percent of whom were violent; and mentions how some unarmed people were shot by the IDF. All of this is true.

This is exactly the kind of criticism of Israel that people who care about anti-Semitism should be defending. So I'm out here defending it.

• • •

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2 Nov
In the lead up to what we're told every day is the most important election of our lives, the New York Times hasn't run a single OpEd by someone voting for Trump, as far as I can tell (correct me if I'm wrong). What an absolute failure on the part of the former paper of record.
The reason that's always given for this is that Trump's supporters lie about facts, or that they're all racists. This is not the reason. It's actually about class and a digital media business model that relies on excluding the wrong kind of readers (ones without a college degree)
That's also why Trump's name appears every 250 words or so in the New York Times (…), and never God forbid by anyone who admires him. Ever hear of "Project Feels" (…)? "Who you gonna believe, me or your lying feelings?" Image
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18 Aug
"And we moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. That's for the Evangelicals. You know, it's amazing: The Evangelicals are more excited about that than Jewish people. That's really - right? It's incredible."
Aside from brazenly admitting to pursuing a major foreign policy upset to woo voters, what's interesting about this is who Trump is cutting out of the story: Sheldon Adelson, who reportedly gave him $20M in exchange for a promise to move the embassy.…
Not so this time around: the Adelsons are withholding support from Trump's campaign, which has angered the President. The Adelsons are "concerned about the optics of funding political campaigns at a time when their employees are facing financial hardship."…
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1 May
Wow: Letter defending @NYCMayor from Satmar: "We strongly denounce the vicious attacks against the Mayor, particularly those accusing him of anti-Semitism. The close relationship btwn Mr. De Blasio and our community go back close to two decades... We consider him a dear friend."
"At the directive of our Grand Rabbi, our schools, synagogues & orgs have diligently followed the government's guidance.. Regrettably there seem to have been a handful of instances where guidelines have not been adhered to. We don't condone any behavior that puts people at risk."
This from the other Satmar sect (the dynasty is split in two) goes so far as to call failing to socially distance and clashing with police a "chillul Hashem" - a desecration of God's name, which is a grave sin.
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28 Feb
I don't agree with everything here but these words are very close to my personal beliefs: "Liberalism celebrates certain values: reasonableness, conversation, compassion, tolerance, intellectual humility and optimism. Liberalism is horrified by cruelty."…
Our current political/chattering classes have all but capitulated to cruelty as a virtue, the age of The Clapback! I refuse to accept it. Dehumanizing our opponents stems from the part of ourselves we must wage war with, every single day. But today it's considered the noble part.
"But the other side is putting babies in cages!" Yeah, for lack of murdering the part of themselves that enjoys dehumanizing the other. You don't fight that by finding someone else to dehumanize, to humiliate, to shame.
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7 Jan
I usually ignore Jewish Currents because of its total lack of moral credibility, and I don't have the time or temperament for hate reading. But I have to say something about their editorial about violent attacks against Orthodox Jews.
After casting themselves as the "silenced" victims of the Jewish establishment, the writers then do an about face and admit that the allegations about their silence "are correct" - they have indeed been silent. Glad to see that shameful reality acknowledged finally.
More egregious is the pivot to blaming gentrification for the attacks, as is now fashionable on the left, which of course accepts the terms of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Just read this: Jews own the property, sneaky, well-organized Jews take social services from others.
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4 Oct 19
How is it that @nytopinion can't get a single Trump supporter to write for them? Instead we have to make due with David Brooks' fantasies of what they would say. Do they not seek them out? Refuse to publish them? It's absolutely mind-boggling and a huge disservice to readers.
OF COURSE we shld understand how they think. They're half our nation! As Brooks notes in his actually accurate cosplay, cutting them out of public discourse is a major driver of support for Trump. The paper of record shld feature their voices, not this embarrassing ventriloquism.
You want Trump supporters to read the New York Times and trust its reporting? How about reflecting their views once in a while? Signal that you exist for them too. We're siloing ourselves and we will be the ones to pay the price.
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