😂 But, also, I've been thinking about these kinds of false equivalencies and why they're so prevalent. I think it's the difference between a parallel case argument and an argument by analogy. Explanation below.
Parallel case argument: two things or situations are essentially the same. The strength of this kind of argument is in explaining all of the ways that the cases are the same so that we can reasonably conclude that what is true in case 1 is also true in case 2.
Argument by analogy: the relationship between two things is similar to the relationship between two other things. The things are not the same, but the relationships between the things are. The strength of these arguments rests with the accuracy of the analogies & comparison.
So, Jake's point above:

Parallel case: President & Admin preventing peaceful transition of power, withholding information & funding to new administration is like Love Boat star making fun of Trump.

Clearly this isn't a parallel case. The two are ridiculously different.
Argument by analogy:

Trump preventing transition: Love Boat star insult

In what way could this analogy be true? Not prima facie (that would be a parallel case), but in the relationships that each has to "political norms" or "giving respect to the opposition."
Violating Dem Norms: Trump preventing transition Violating Dem Norms: Love Boat star insult

or, perhaps

Giving Respect to Opp: Trump preventing transition
Giving Respect to Opp: Love Boat star insult
Even still, you might say (correctly): you can't compare Trump to a Love Boat star! Like, that is ridiculous. It is, but hang on--because this is what I've been thinking about.

It isn't logically equivalent, but it feels equivalent.
The comparison isn't actually valid, but it feels valid. It feels metaphorically true, though it makes no sense. People don't think about the argument structure/evidence, but focus on their emotional reaction to the first part of the analogies: Violating Dem Norms & Respect
Why? Outrage, motivated reasoning, extreme us/them polarization, etc. trigger folks. Violating Dem Noms/Respecting Opp are outrage bait for people's feels. It makes it feel like it's equivalent to deny a peaceful transition of power when the Love Boat star insults the president.
BTW, this is why it's hard to argue with Trumpers. It's a false equivalence, but it feels equivalent to them. And it takes a bit of thinking/explaining to process how/why it is fundamentally different.

• • •

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10 Nov
This >>

There is the legal procedure and then there is the infowar. Don't get them confused. And don't let the infowar take you by surprise. It was all predictable.

Trump lost. The vote will be certified. The EC will vote.
You have a role to play in the infowar: defend reality against Trump's propaganda campaign. Just say the truth: America voted, Trump lost, Biden won. The vote will be certified. The Electoral College will vote. Biden will be sworn in January 20, 2021.
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10 Nov
Trump has exploited historic levels of distrust, polarization & frustration in America--attacking our public sphere.
His strategies are designed to make his followers more distrusting, so they believe no one but him; more polarized, so all decisions are about whether or not they support Trump; and more frustrated, so that they are energized to act to support him.
Image from @brianstelter & @ReliableSources. See the strategies of distrust, polarization & frustration in Fox graphics. Message: they are hypocrites, they are irrational, they hate you.

We have to defend reality. Trump lost. The people have spoken.
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10 Nov
From 2017, still relevant: When Paranoid Rhetoric and Falsehoods Prevail, Public Trust Crumbles | Essay | Zócalo Public Square zocalopublicsquare.org/2017/03/13/par…
“The demagogue does not recognize controversial attitudes. He declares his adversary a liar, a traitor to the only truth. Dissension is no longer a matter of opinion, but of heresy. The “party line” wins a sort of mystic holiness..."
"Totalitarian governments and their leaders are “infallible.” To question their policies is sin. As soon as complete power is obtained, the monopoly over all instrumentalities of communication gives unlimited propaganda possibilities to the totalitarian.”
Sigmund Neumann, 1938
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9 Nov
A dangerous demagogue is an unaccountable leader. Unaccountable to the rule of law, unaccountable to political norms, unaccountable to the will of the people.

Trump is doing exactly what we'd expect a dangerous demagogue to do. Image
Trump is using a narrow definition of "the people" based on how he's used ad populum throughout: only his supporters are "true" Americans, only their votes are "legal." Image
He's also using conspiracy theory in the same way he's used conspiracy theory throughout: as a "self-sealing" narrative--a narrative that evidence is not allowed to prove or disprove. Here's a good explainer:
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9 Nov
I’ve learned so much from your reporting @maggieNYT, thank you. I know it wasn’t easy. I wish folks were easier on you. The Trump Presidency Is Ending. So Is Maggie Haberman’s Wild Ride. nytimes.com/2020/11/08/bus…
I’ve gotten to see first hand how hard Maggie has worked: working on a story while taking her kid to a bday party, for example.
Folks fight her all damn day on twitter. It’s gross & wrong. I quote her reporting more than anyone else’s in my book. She was always there, questioning Trump, pushing back on his framing. Amazing, especially considering the gross way he treated other female reporters.
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8 Nov
I'm booked on Television Malta's Monday morning show. 7.15am CET

This will be my first time on Maltese tv!
Almost every time I do a big media interview in the US I receive a very kind note from a Maltese man in Malta. They always ask if I'm Maltese, say that they're very proud of me & offer to connect me w/ high profile people in Malta. It's absolutely amazing. What a great country🥰
Malta is the only place where I don't have to tell people how to pronounce my last name. It's amazing how that helps a person to feel like they belong.
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