Dear friends, good morning and welcome to Day 11 of the #30daymentalchallenge. Join any time—with link in bio. What is “positive thinking?” I eschew terms like “manifest”’and “Law of Attraction.” (I write instead about “selection” and the existence of numerous laws... 1/5
2/5 and forces.) But I hang onto this “golden oldie” of positive thinking. I like its historicism, I like its plainness—and something more. To me, positive thinking means deliberative thinking. It means constructive, directed, and determined thought. It does not mean rosy...
3/5 or myopic thought. It does not necessarily mean loving of neighbor or enemy, or denying of opposition or evil. (In terms of the psyche, I define evil as spite, a trait I despise). It does not deny concepts like victory—when pursued with ethics and reciprocity...
4/5 Positive thinking does not preclude—and indeed requires—action. It directs you to find ways to keep your word. The mind-body teacher Moshe Feldenkrais taught that you should be able to write down at least three solutions to any problem. Do that today...
5/5 That is positive thinking. Drifting into defeatism and repetitive patterns is negative thinking. It is the absence of thought in favor of passivity. Wishing you all good things, -M- ✊🧷⚡️#PMA Pic is a still from a recent shoot at the Players Club in NYC.

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20 Nov
Friends, good morning and welcome to Day 12 of the #30daymentalchallenge. As always, join any time with link in bio. Many of you have written to me with really moving stories—we’re doing this seeker to seeker and it’s important to exchange—and also with grueling challenges...1/7 Image
2/7 I often say that we experience many laws and forces, including those of physical limitation. This is why I eschew the term “law of attraction.” I don’t like the implication that we live under one mental super law. While consciousness may be (and I believe is) the ultimate...
3/7 arbiter of reality we do not, the vast majority of the time, dwell in that sphere. Kick a rock and you will feel mass—and pain. That is as much a law in its effects as any other. Yet we also dwell within the extraordinary. The mind is the medium for experience that exceeds...
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18 Nov
Friends, good morning and welcome to Day 10 of the #30daymentalchallenge. As always, you can join anytime and find the link in bio. Today may be our most important day together. Ralph Waldo Emerson observed that we often look back on the difficulties of the past... 1/5 Image
2/5 with a kind of serenity—relived that certain challenges are safely tucked into prior years and that we successfully emerged from them, perhaps with benefit and refinement. This act may be more than just memory: it may be creation. The philosophy of Neville Goddard...
3/5 was described to me this week as “remembering from the future” (thank you @duncantrussell). This framing captures one of Neville’s key methods, which is to “remember when” you occupied a lesser or more difficult state and to feel in the present the satisfaction of having...
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16 Nov
Friends, good morning and welcome to Day 8 of the #30DayMentalChallenge. As always, you can join anytime—link in bio. I was asked yesterday about my favorite affirmation or meditation. These things are very individualized and I don’t have a single favorite... 1/9
2/9 But I want to say something about the uses of affirmations. First, I don’t think it matters whether you structure an affirmation in present or future tense—don’t concern yourself with structure so long as the statement is emotionally persuasive to you. There’s no wrong way...
3/9 Then there is the question of use. I follow the method prescribed by French mind theorist Emile Coué, author of the famous (and often lampooned) mantra, “Day by day in every day I am getting better and better.” Coué was shrewder and more foresightful than is often...
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15 Nov
Good morning and welcome to Day 7 of the #30DayMentalChallenge—there’s always time to join and the exercise is linked in bio. Yesterday I was asked *the* question: how to deal with the tormenting mental voices that reassert themselves even after a good start?...1/8
2/8 The most difficult part of the crisis of tormenting voices is that they arise unexpectedly. If you’re like me, you’re on a ladder changing a light bulb and suddenly a mental association hits and you’re thinking about an old (or projected) sorrow or agony or some such...
3/8 In such cases when your personhood feels threatened no amount of rational thought can wholly counter the emotion. Emotion is more powerful than thought and often precedes it. Emotion is also faster than thought (which is why we don’t think of rejoinders till after the fact)..
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14 Nov
Friends, good morning from the Lower East Side and welcome to Day 6 of the #30daymentalchallenge. Join any time: link in bio and all commentary linked to hashtag. I hope today proves very clarifying because I want to make a point that often gets lost in the culture... 1/7
2/7 of New Age, recovery, and alternative spirituality. There is no schism—at least in this program—between the spiritual search and Rx drugs or other modalities of treatment. I believe in availing yourself of all devices that authentically help you. To summarily turn away...
3/7 from a pill or any “mainstream” treatment is to reject a doorway that could help. I want to be clear about this: I take an SSRI. It isn’t for everyone. But it’s proven a help to me. And I trust you to make informed decisions about your own needs. Without anyone else’s...
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13 Nov
Good morning all and welcome to Day 5 of the #30DayMentalChallenge. For anyone just joining us (and you can join anytime) it is linked in bio and all commentary is linked to the hashtag. Today’s theme is paradox. Embrace it. One of the key markers of maturity... 1/7
2/7 in the spiritual and ethical search is the ability to sustain paradox. There is no “one ingredient” or one magic pill that will deliver us. (Or if there is I embrace that, too.) Sometimes, in fact, we are drawn in directions that appear divergent. That is wholly natural...
3/7 Do not feel compelled to sync every act or to explain away contradictions, either within or without. For example, our #30DayMentalChallenge is about psyche and focus. But I also believe ardently in outward action especially as it involves your safety and wellbeing...
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