To everyone flipping out on Twitter right now. Stop. Breath. And let’s go over what’s going to happen. Tomorrow, the electoral result in Georgia will be certified. Monday, the results in Michigan and Pennsylvania will be certified.
Arizona will follow in a week.
Nevada and Wisconsin will certify on December 1.

The electors will cast their votes on December 14.

Congress will count those votes on January 6.

That is what’s going to happen.

All the rest is antidemocratic noise.
The reason you are hearing nothing but calm seriousness from the president-elect and his team is that they know this.
The antidemocratic noise is a very serious problem. But it it will not prevent Biden from becoming president.
I promise.
There are very few perfect designs for governance, but the Constitution’s approach to ensuring a president cannot remain in power in the face of the expressed will of the electorate is awesome in its automaticity and resistance to presidential interference.
There are many problems with our presidential election system. It’s deftness in getting rid of a president who lost is not one of them. He is the most powerful man in the world. He can literally destroy the world with a few words. But he is helpless to remain in power.
Just a little constitutional civics to brighten your Thursday.
That’s all I got.

• • •

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21 Nov
Does anyone seriously believe that senators would be lining up to preemptively oppose @AmbassadorRice if she looked a little more like, say, Tom Donilon?
She is overwhelmingly qualified. The reasons for opposition to her--at least as I understand them--are nonsense.
So to all senators who are lining up to denounce her, I issue a challenge: articulate clearly why you think she is not an appropriate nominee. I'm open to persuasion here. Really. But if you're going to declare an overwhelmingly well-qualified black woman as DOA as a nominee... should able to make a clear case based on disqualifying facts, positions, or views.

So what is it?
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18 Nov
A challenge to those inclined to dismiss this statement as rhetorical hyperbole: Show me the evidence-free challenge that Republicans are making to any sizable contingent of white votes in any of the states at issue.
I know of none. Maybe @KristenClarkeJD or @marceelias or @emilybazelon can help me out here. Or maybe some of the Trumpists can point me to an example.
But remember: 40 percent of white people voted for Biden. If you want a huge pool of votes to delegitimization, you should be interested in counting only the legal ballots among those votes. Why are Republicans not fishing in those waters?
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14 Nov
I learned only yesterday on @inlieuoffunshow that the @nytimes once ran an oped by Hitler:…

Who knew?
To be precise. It's excerpts from Mein Kampf. Not clear to me why they published it at this stage--more than a decade after its publication.
There does not appear to be an editor's note explaining the editorial purpose. Given the time of publication, June 1941--during a prior of US formal neutrality but backing of UK--I assume it must have been to show how horrible he was. But I am not sure. Does anyone know?
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An Announcement: we are proud to welcome @AVindman to the @lawfareblog team as the Lawfare Institute’s Pritzker Military Fellow.…
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10 Nov
Hold tight, people. Keep your hand on the plow. Don’t panic.
Republicans elected and appointed officials are behaving terribly. It is democratically corrosive. It is very bad. But here is what’s going to happen.
(1) States are going to finish counting their votes.
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