Does anyone remember when a @CBCNews program did an investigative piece on grocery stores, about how they redress food (meat, cakes, etc.) past its expiry date and still try to sell it? Remember when @CBCTheNational aired an excerpt of this piece, and invited people to watch
the full show? Remember the concern the anchors expressed about this going on? If they were so worried about that happening in grocery stores with mildly outdated food, you'd think they'd be all over something like this food bank waiver, right?

Can we expect to see something
being reported by @adriearsenault @AndrewChangCBC or @ianhanomansing in the near future?

I'm sure this waiver isn't contained to this one facility and I will be looking to find more examples like this across Ontario.

If anyone has food bank waivers from other provinces, please
feel free to share them in the comments.

While we're on the subject of unsafe food being peddled at food banks, when they've received hundreds of millions of dollars in a short few months, in order to help people STAY SAFE during the pandemic, are there municipal or provincial
food inspection departments that routinely inspect food banks to see if they are putting lives in danger? Does anyone know if such a job exists? If not, then I want to know why not? Don't lives of those who have to rely on food banks matter to anyone? @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland
Here's the piece to which I referred. "The facts will gross you out," says a @CBC news commentator. Has she seen this food bank waiver?

I meant to add that this waiver was obtained by @twistedparent and I am grateful to her for recognising how wrong it was, and sharing it.

• • •

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19 Nov
Can @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland @fordnation please explain why they are giving food banks 100s of millions of $$ if this is the waiver they force people in need to sign? Just read it: would you eat this food, or worse, allow your children to eat it? All those pictures of food... offerings that people have been posting AFTER your very generous donations contain items as described in the above-noted waiver. Is this the plausible deniability defence you plan to use, when PWD start dying due to food bank negligence? Well, is it? Is this why you're
such big fans of food banks? Not only do they give your rich friends big tax breaks when they donate, they can possibly kill a mass number of people living in poverty (including many PWD), and then you no longer have to worry about giving them money in order to survive, and you
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18 Nov
I don't think I have ever been this angry. For @erinotoole to get up in parliament today & preach like he gives a damn about PWD, without even knowing WHY they are begging for assisted dying is beyond the pale. Then he gets his lackey MP Rob Moore to misconstrue the issue.
@erinotoole people with disabilities CAN'T AFFORD TO LIVE because provincial affiliates of YOUR party, like @fordnation are DENYING them the right to live. PLEASE try this: live on $1,169 a month WHILE you are paying MARKET RENT and have less than $100 to spend on FOOD and see
if YOU would want to continue living. People like you don't even get it that PWD are vulnerable. Many can't (nor should they have to) rely on the garbage food that food banks give out. Even if they could tolerate the food, many can't afford to take transit, and many more are
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9 Nov
To: @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland @CQualtro @theJagmeetSingh @ElizabethMay @MPJulian

Will you officially condemn @fordnation and @ToddSmithPC for their unrelenting cruelties and targeted harassment towards people with disabilities?

Since Ford took office…
he has:

- cut a 3% approved increase for ODSP recipients to 1.5%, in 2018 and has refused to increase it since then, despite the alarming rate at which food and rent costs have gone up

- has hired 'experts' for hefty sums to try and cut more money from people with
- developmental disabilities

- has hired a firm (Fedcap) that was fined over $2mil by the US Dept. of Labor for defrauding people with disabilities. This same company forces people with disabilities, most of whom have severe physical disabilities, into labour-intensive jobs like
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6 Nov
When will our nat'l broadcaster, & in particular, our nat'l news @CBCTheNational start reporting on the human rights crisis ppl w/disabilities are facing in Canada? Why are they part of the systemic discrimination that PWD experience daily? @CBCOmbud @DahliaKurtz @CdnHumanRights
And to clarify, I don't just mean a 30sec - 2min blurb, with a heavily edited interview with a PWD, I mean a FULL investigative report. Last week the CBC gave about 20 minutes on prisoners' rights, not just once, but at least TWO times on one of its most popular shows. A PWD got
less than 4 minutes on a LOCAL CBC station a few months ago. PWD are dying due to cruel provincial govt policies, and the federal govt says it is helpless to do anything because of jurisdictional issues. I have doubts about that, since they signed the @UN_Enable to implement
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7 Oct
Dear @JoelHardenONDP

I'm not sure if you were in Queen's Park today, but can you ask Todd Smith if he's lying? He said that the govt continues to pay out 'discretionary' money to ODSP clients. Why have people like my friend not been informed of this? @CityCynthia
My friend is severely disabled and definitely could have used even an extra $100 a month in order to not starve to death, especially during this time. She can't get to a food bank b/c she has mobility issues, can't afford transit, is immuno compromised, and even if she could go,
I'm not able to drive her, because food is available by appointment only and I can't just leave work every time my friend needs food.

Mr. Harden, this is pure discrimination and neglect. Why does no one seem to know about this extra money? Why will no one sue this govt for
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7 Oct
Why's the @liberal_party stalling on this? It's been part of their party's platform since about 2015.

Canada needs a basic income for ALL who need it. PWD helped build this country too.

It's utter stupidity that they're creating even more patchwork systems instead of
introducing a BI for all who need it. Does the @liberal_party just enjoy wasting as much money as the Conservatives by having a dozen different income support programs with heavy admin costs, and is punitively means tested instead of giving all Canadians enough to live with
dignity, buy nutritious food, not have to worry about not having enough to pay rent? Surely the @liberal_party is not as dumb as the Conservatives, who would sooner throw money out the window, trying to keep people down, instead of improving lives, health and the economy, all
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