Voting Machines, A Thread

This is only necessary because some of us are old enough to remember when a bunch of us on the same side of the aisle once cared about election integrity. Or, some of us did while others faked it, given their denial now that an orange muppet says it.
Remember when Diebold (one of the companies now gobbled up by Dominion) was committed to delivering Ohio to Bush?

Some of us do.…
After Diebold machines in OH did just that, people were “concerned”. Even Democrats.

They even held hearings.

With sworn testimony.
Under oath.
Of rigged voting machines.

It was looked at for years, almost as if people wouldn’t forget now.…
Then it got really, really bad Diebold.…
Some people still remember that Diebold then rebranded under ES&S.…
Those sane people will remember that ES&S was then gobbled up by Dominion.…
Dominion then went on to gobble up Sequoia, becoming the monopoly in voting systems in the US.

Even went so far as to try and deny ties to Venezuela.…
Once again, there was lots of “concern”. Even hearings. Again. By Democrats. Again.

The voting machines.

Open to rigging.…
And this thread could go on perhaps endlessly. For those who’ve been paying attention to “concerns”about voting machines and their involvement in elections, this is all old news about how easily they are rigged. It’s almost absurd we need to rehash it. Just because orange man.
Here we are, however, busy in denial of the reality of rigged voting machines because an Orange Game Show Muppet said it & dared to have his lawyers utter it out loud. Really? We can’t just be adults & acknowledge basic truths? Must we vacillate in the partisan wind of hypocrisy?
If we must vacillate in the partisan wind of hypocrisy on the lack of voting machine security and integrity, then some of us will stay true misting the air with droplets of truth.


Why does CBS suddenly seem surprised by accusations of voting machines susceptible to hacking?


Alarms 🚨 I were being sounded by local officials across the country. Given that 75% of them didn’t have the funds to do what needed to be done to address vulnerabilities, did any of them do anything at all?…
In PA, new machines were purchased. From...
guess who? ES&S…
In a persistent battle with the state since the 2016 election, Jill Stein filed to prevent the utilization of knowingly flawed machines in PA during the 2020 election.…
The rejection of the suit set the stage for widespread use of ES&S XL machines through Philly, as they would elsewhere across the state.…
Remember, these are mostly all machines connected to Smartmatic, seemingly notorious for “glitch” after “glitch” after “glitch” in software.
"Transmission of data is not always encrypted and this can be exploited to manipulate results.”…
It is just painful to have to go through this again because of the denialism. But here we are. If anyone wants the deep dive, this is a great little pool in which to go for a swim.…
I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to the person who opened my eyes to this reality of frauds perpetuated upon people under the guise of an “election”:
Beverly (Bev) Harris
Thank you for all you’ve done.
Sorry for any disservice I’ve done to it. 😁
Find more at Black Box Voting

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