A country for old men. We have a serious disincentive as a nation for young people because those who are in government/responsible for economic growth have not been young in the last 4/5 decades. This is not an ageist tweet, trust me. Tough to legislate outside of ur demographic.
Let me illustrate. What are the wins this govt is touting. 1) Package for real estate development 2)Incentives for textiles 3)Amnesties for Tax evaders 4)Healthcare cards 5) Privatization limbo for money bleeding state companies. 6)CPEC related projects
So how many 20 yr Olds do you know that are in real estate. Or can get into it. It's what I call a 'Mafia Sport'.Similarly how many post college grads are in the textile biz? When was the last time a fashion design institute kid launched a line that became a global runway darling
How many millennials have amassed hordes of cash that are part of their large undeclared stash or slush fund. That need tax breaks or a second chance? What percentage of the 50%+ population that is under 25 need health care today? Lack of privatizing is directly stealing from tax
Meaning the contribution that most youngins are doing as employees to the exchequer since they are neither real estate magnates nor textile Barron's nor hoarders of generational wealth is being mis spent as subsidy by the govt to appease vote banks & public sentiment.
Then we have CPEC that is creating jobs but at the bottom of the pyramid which is excellent but glossing over the fact that youth remain un impacted by its glory. Creating 500 jobs here's and 2000 jobs there is like selective inheritance that will have no long term impact.
The number of unemployed people in the country has been estimated to reach 6.65 million during the fiscal year 2020-21, compared to 5.80m of the outgoing financial year.(labour dept data)
The number of employed workers will reach 62.91m in 2020-21 from 62.18m in 2019-20. According to the Labour Force Survey 2017-18, unemployment rate for the next year (2020-21) has been estimated at 9.56 per cent.
Pakistan is experiencing the phenomenon of unemployed educated people, particularly jobless graduates. The unemployment rate among degree-holders is almost three times higher than the other overall unemployed people.
The reason given for this is a mismatch between the education being imparted and the need of the economy to sufficiently absorb fresh graduates. Yet govt wants to focus on real estate incentives. This whole charade is just glossing over the fact that we spend nothing on education
If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. We continue to go down that path. The youth unemployment rate is quite high as compared to the average unemployment rate. The highest overall unemployment rate (11.56pc) is prevalent among the age group of 20-24 years. So now does it make sense
When I say we are a country for old men. Why are the feudals not being taxed for agriculture land and production because what was brought in to protect poor farmer doesn't hold as the biggest farmers are also sugar Barron's. They are also wheat and fresh produce Barron's
Why is the state in the business of business from steel mills to airlines to telecom? The state should be in the education business foremost. Why is it that the only tweets we see from one mr razzak are to celebrate how well textiles are doing. Bro, this production up cycle is
Not your damn hack it's the consequence of corona & our sector doing well on $ based pricing and driving a premium because we have ongoing production vs other exporting nations. U didn't come up with some overnight super power or market edge besides the fact that ur open for biz
Don't mis construe luck with production efficiency or govt help or some technical wizardry. It's short-lived. Just like the advisors grasp on what what matters in the long run. Allowing ill-gotten cash to be cleaned in real estate projects also doesn't help young grads
Touting CPEC wins doesn't either. By the time the current old men vacate their positions of favour either by natural causes or political or pindi change a new breed of similarly pedigreed homogeneous second generation will replace the current old men.The young can't catch a break
So when u have spent bullets in their 60s and 70s who can't use tiktok or Twitter but sit down to regulate it. When u have the same crowd that offer free office space to Google and Amazon and Fb but won't fix the laws of the land so they can come. Same folks touting the launch of
The MPG three yrs in. Same set of ppl who think all u need is a software park to lead innovation. Same ppl who burn tax payer money to launch incubation centers also led by ppl who have never been entrepreneurs. This is the punishment we get for the middle class not sending
Their kids to govt, politics and pindi. The consequence is the government we have vs the government we need or deserve. The sugar Barron's and the political dynasties who feel they own the nation and that we all must be dumb and subservient to their rule. Till we fix education
We can't fix any thing else. Till we fix taxation we can't sustain much else. Till we stop govt from competing with Pvt enterprise we cant encourage the youth blossoming, till we introduce bankruptcy laws we can't institutionalize change. Till we have imported SPAMMers (SAPMS)
We are doomed. We can't have this imported variety trying to help regulate digital process or national transformation without having skin in the game. When sugar Barron's and wheat daddies select the advisors based on being impressed by the angrezi or the last Job some one had
We are doomed. The whole digital Pakistan fiasco is wasted time and tax money on people who at best were consumer sales for big tech vs promoting or finding people who are in country who get the structural issues. How does a spammer solve for the freelancers pain when
They've never had to write code n wait for a payment or go to bank and get humiliated collecting their own inbound fx. The party tricks of the sugar Barron's and the others have a short shelf life but these ppl are un relenting they will all find a way. Watch the aid agencies
For all these ppl to resurface with, as advisors or has been investors with other people's money since they are so passionate about Pakistan. All these folks are passionate about; are the headlines they get featured in. In summary.
Tax the rich educate the poor & hire folks under 60 in govt who will have to live with their decisions for yrs to come @rebootdude @jehan_ara @babushka99 @raza_matin @Ash_Kalim @YusufJan @SaadGH @FaizaYousuf @TalhaIzhar @ZMoosaPK @ShahidM99

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20 Nov
Govt: We will enable digitally led exports, we will enable our youth, we will launch inward payment schemes so all the FX can come across hassle free. AIC:The Rules would make it extremely difficult for AIC Members to make their services available to Pakistani users & businesses
Even if the members of AIC aicasia.org/members/ are grandstanding. It should be cause for concern.We need some one on our end with the wherewithal to be engaging with these guys. All of them banded together to protect their interest as should our govt. But 1st know what it is.
Digital economy domestically dis proportionately runs on Google(Search/Cloud/Mail/YT/Maps/Android), Amazon(AWS), FB(whatsapp/insta), Cloudflare. Imagine a world where these services go dark? Do we have local/regional players who step in? Whats the short/long term impact?
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19 Nov
For all the ex-pat Pakistani missing Pakistani comfort foods. Why not a startup subscription box of origin spices. Want your fav kabab roll, heres a sachet for its spice mix, want some guys imli chutni heres the dry ingredient mix that goes into it, want Nihari..u get the idea
Since shipping cooked food is more expensive & highly regulated. Best to go across town and convince the top 20 food groups that can be productized to sell you/license you a spice blend. Why should there only be Shan+National mixes, why not go to the source and have them produce
Granted some cooking will be required when you receive the box, but imagine the value that one can unlock by working with vendors to sell packaged blends of their core products to be shipped world wide/even consumed locally. Do you think Shan+National would do well
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19 Nov
Mentoring vs Whatsapp groups and uncle forwards. Every day within countless groups there are individuals who are consumers and producers of unsound data. From this corp group, to that corporate group to this ceo chat to that industry biradairi all we are doing is wasting time.
But with chaos comes opportunity. The chaos was a race for human kind including our own kinfolk to figure out a way to use the features of whatsapp & justify their station in life. Behold the whatsapp group flex. At best sharing the day's news & at worse vids on cures for corona
To all the @grandpafintech types and generally folks with a storied career or those who genuinely want to help the next generation. U can't do it by competing with 20yr Olds in your 60s. The less you consume the more you can produce. So stop consuming the whatsapp Kool aid.
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18 Nov
You can’t change your career by age 30 or 40?
You can get married late in life?You shouldn’t do some thing new, do only what you know? Play it safe

Who comes up with this baloney?

What happens in society is people getting clouded by NOISE.The noise of other peoples expectation
Especially family, friends and others closest to you. Whilst they can be the solution, some times they are part of the problem.

As my dear friend @raza_matin says, “the perceived safety net of 'familia' is the real weakness, what we think is resilience, really is a crutch”
Don’t fall for the trap of Doctor, Lawyer or Failure as career choices that families and generational middle class insecurities have brought to bear . You have many options, most of which you don’t even know today. Just know when to cut the noise out and focus on the signals.
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15 Nov
Ease of doing biz. Entrepreneurs and small business face a spade of challenges especially the indiscriminate taxes and levies imposed by the various levels of government in PK. The explanation is straight forward we just choose not see it.
When u have a vast majority of folks who have never run any thing successful let alone a biz are the ones running this country.They only understand feudal extraction (rent seeking). It is the same as babu mentality.Targeting those who perceptively have something to give.Or loose
When the vast majority of the people running the country are under qualified and lazy across all levels, this is what you get. Worse still, these taxes they collect hardly deliver any benefit society at large or the common man. It is an exercise to siphon for self & their cronies
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14 Nov
My first mentor was my professor who told me that if you miss a touch down by an Inch it's not a touch down. Much like if u miss an A by one point. Whilst American football may not be for every one. That lesson ensured that I knew 'almost' is the diff between mediocre & great.
Don't be an almost kind of person. Don't almost get stuff done. Don't almost make it to an event. Be great, go for the touch down in everything u do. If you almost start a company or almost release a product you will almost be a unicorn. Which means nothing. Almost plagues us.
We are a nation of almost. We almost always get democracy and almost also get military rule we almost get good leaders and almost jail the ones that we almost run through the legal system. Almost certain every time that this time things will almost be right. U get the idea?
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