During, my three week absence I was grieving the lost of grandfather, my Abuelo. It was such a very painful process and it still is a process.

However, through this rough time period I have truly discovered the power in prayer
As spiritualist I think we get so caught up in crystals, energy work, conjuring, and all the other things, that we forget about prayer.

Whether you pray to a Deity, Deities, Ancestors, or the overall Creator/Source, prayer can be so impactful.
One thing I have been discovering lately is the power prayer brings from manifestation or healing. As a Kemetic conjurer I realized I got too caught up in trying to make things happen or fix things. But you can’t just “magically” heal mourning.
So I found peace in praying to my Gods, The Neters. I prayed for the healing and comfort of me and my family and I am seeing the results of those prayers everyday.
I even used it to help manifest something into my life, which shocked me because I almost forgot I had previously prayed for this at my altar.
Whether you’re a spiritualist/ritualist or just a person looking to manifest or heal in their life, PRAYER WORKS WONDERS. THE POWER IN PRAYER IS REAL.

It allows you to surrender your cares and concerns over to the higher powers. Allow them to handle it.
I prayed to Mother Goddess Isis to heal my grieving and she comforted me during my time of sorrow. I also prayed for healing for my sacral chakra and it worked like a charm (& rather quick might I add)
In those three weeks I realized that prayer is so powerful because you can literally pray for anything! In conjuring or other forms of energy manipulation there are limitations due to the energy of the situation.
For instance, you may have a sticky situation where you can’t use magic to fix it due to the fact that you may interfere in other people’s free will. The best thing you can do is surrender, but you can pray for a solution in the situation, as long as you trust in your
Spirit team this situation can be lifted and turned around.

The key element in prayer is the same as all spiritual practices...

Personally after so much heartbreak from being a black gay non binary person, I stayed away from trying to “pray traditionally” and had grown a discomfort with it. But, I rediscovered that prayer has been an essential part in all spiritual walks of life. In one form or another







Candle Lighting (with the energy to surrender problem or concern to the divine)

Can be a form of prayer/request as it allows you to show the divine some sort of sacrifice, in order to call in the powers of a higher power to transform your experience. Traditionally people sacrifice food or certain types of beverages but truly you can sacrifice
Anything that you feel called to “fast” in order to show your commitment to something you desire. It can also be done to help align your energies with a desire as it can be used as a mean to push reflection or it can just purify your energy overall for purpose of cleansing.

During my grieving process I typically ask for comfort to help bring peace and calm for me and my family, as we heal. I prayed for my own personal healing at that time and BAYBEEEE

Requesting the invocation of a divine being in your life can bring some very miraculous results that might shock thee hell outta you. It’s a beautiful of knowing that you’re cared for and protected by a higher being. Any prayer is truly an invocation, you can even use a hymn
Prayer Invocation Example:

This is a prayer to Sekhmet, to fight COVID-19. I found that a
Rev. Dr. Tamara L. Siuda created.
A hymn:

This is a hymn to Isis from her temple in Philae. I came across this on Instagram, on the page of a very informative black fashion designer who focuses on Ancient Egyptian revitalization through modern fashion.

In meditation you can call upon a higher power to pull you towards some sort of divine guidance to give you clarity or to give you visions. This can lean towards a form of divination at times

Instead of using an invocation to call upon the requests of the gods or ancestors, you can simply give them an offering , then wait for them to move their hand in a particular matter if they so choose to do so.

Petitions can be found in Wicca and Hoodoo, but you can right a petition as a request to the divine to directly influence your experience with their intervention.

There is a very long explanation on how to write petitions. But I’ll make it brief as possible.

On a piece of paper preferably a brown paper you want to write in the center what you want to request for three times then turn the paper clockwise to the right to symbolize
Your desire into fruition. Next, write your name across your request in cursive, 3x. Then continue turning clockwise till you come back to a regular upright position with the paper. Then you want to being writing in a circle around your signature and requests details to your
Request, for instance.

I call in the divine energies to remove all obstacles in the way of my goal to successfully manifest said results.

I’m being brief but you can make this is detailed as possible.
While doing this make sure you’re still turning clockwise to the right to ensure that you’re bringing this energy into a full circle manifestation. Counterclockwise would be to remove or halt.
Once you complete the circle sentence. You want to fold the paper inward if you’re calling something to you or outward if you’re sending the energy elsewhere.

When you’re finished you can set it on your altar under a picture of an ancestor or under a statue.
To symbolize that you’re giving your request to this divine power

Or you can put it under a seven day candle or vigil candle. Which leads me to our last form of prayer...

Candle Lighting

Whew, baby okay now this is a thin line between invoking energy to assist you manipulating energy and you lighting the candle as an offering and a request.


I can light a seven day vigil candle to Oshun, but not literally try to
Manipulate the energy with my own intention, but I am requesting that she assist me with whatever I need. If Oshun accepts my requests she would then intervene in that matter. However this candle is actually designed to not just invoke her but it’s also a form of offering
As a “celebration or a token” of her image & divinity

I hope that thin line makes sense. If I were to invoke in order conjure a spell I would dress the candle with particular oils and herbs to cast the energy. But with just the candle and or petition it simply remains a request
Either way in any sort of invocation with a candle you’re literally requesting for their assistance. But if you’re trying to not manipulate the energy you’re pretty much asking the Divine “do you deem this fit to intervene? Can you please intervene?”
Whereas if you’re invoking them for a spell it’s a literal deliberate calling in their energy to move with your energy to co create some sort of outcome by manipulating the energy
Hopefully this makes sense to you because I was like “Gotdamn it’s truly a thin line here. I hope they understand what I’m saying”
Overall I hope this thread helps you. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer whatever I can with the energy I have and *boundaries* too lol

• • •

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21 Nov

Nobody’s Perfect- J.Cole ft Missy Elliot

Someone is coming into some blessings soon. You’re going to have some hater who will want to poke holes in this success to depreciate your accomplishment. Be careful who your align yourself with. You will have ImageImage
Many people show their true colors because of their envy. I’m seeing the energy of someone who you think is a good friend, support, or confidant trying to stir some drama to justify their beef with you.

These people may have looked at you as some sort of “fck up”
In the past, but now they’re feeling some type of way “because you weren’t suppose to come up over them”. These folks were delighted that you were “beneath them”.

Over the next couple of months watch your back and cut those squares outta your circle without hesitation
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20 Nov

I’m seeing the collective is really focused on their manifestations. I’m seeing a lot of hustling and bustling to make things happen and I’m seeing a lot of anxiety with that as well. The collective divine energy is highlighting the word “ALIGNMENT”
As above, so below. You can push to make things happen all you want, but if you’re not vibrationally aligning with that of which you seek, you’re defeating the purpose of your manifestation. Right now is a time for you to check within to see if you’re truly in alignment with
That of which you seek. I’m seeing a lot of people doing manifestation practices, but they’re not checking to see if you’re energetically open to receive. Let’s put it this way, that everything is energy. THERE IS NOTHING ON THIS PLANET WITHOUT A SOUL...NOTHING.
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7 May

Change is a force to be reckoned with in and of itself. Sure it is scary but you can’t hold onto what no longer serves you. There’s currently a lot of heavy attachments to people and things right now. The Divine is offering major transformations for those
Who decide to release that which you can’t control and that which makes you feel stagnant. No matter the connection it is within your best interest to release for yourself. For your own heart, save yourself. Stop trying to save this connection. It is what it is and...
What will be will be. Someone is getting in the way of a major transformation and manifestation because they keep meddling or trying to find out about a connection. Leave it be, if it’s yours it’s yours. Someone keeps asking about their person through other parties and the
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