Is the Trump campaign trying to throw the court challenges to this election? Or are the campaign’s lawyers guilty of malpractice? That’s a serious question after today’s events. First, the campaign dismissed the only viable court case in Michigan in which the campaign was a party
... The reason given was found in the affidavits of the two GOP county canvassing board members who first refused to certify, then after being pressured changed there minds and voted to certify, and today, after the deadline, tried to rescind their certification votes. Trump’s
... announced it won in preventing certification, so it dismissed. Second, the campaign filed another amendment to its suit in PA, trying to put back in the same claims the campaign dismissed only a few days ago. Third, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell held a press conference to
... tell the press the claims of voter fraud and election fraud the campaign would bring. But so far, they haven’t brought any such claims, despite the fact that the Dec 8 Congressional safe harbor date for state election certification is fast approaching- with Thanksgiving in
... the middle. It might be hard to try a fraud case next week. Fourth, Lin Wood’s suit in GA was dismissed by the court, in part for lack of standing. The judge told Wood that the campaign would have had standing, and the judge thought it curious that the campaign hadn’t joined.
Notably, Mr Wood has raised a few of the election fraud claims that Giuliani and Powell discussed at their press conference - both with respect to the mail in ballots and the computer fraud. It is curious, indeed, that the campaign didn’t try to intervene to assert these claims.
I would add that rule number one in all election contests is to get in court as early as possible, launch some fast discovery- subpoena documents and depose witnesses as needed to prove your case, and at the same time ask the judge to give you a trial date in advance of deadlines
Every day that goes by without teeing up a strong fraud case makes it less and less likely a fraud case will ever be tried.

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21 Nov
@ClimateAudit Dominion voter fraud may be bogus in GA, but looking carefully at what Dominion did is definitely not counterproductive elsewhere, particularly in PA. The below linked video, analyzing voting by precinct in Philly, concludes that Dominion used an algorithm to create votes in
@ClimateAudit batches having precisely the same vote ratios (Trump vote:total votes) in each batch over a period of time ranging from 3 to 7 hours on Nov 4. Several different ratios were used, with each ratio assigned to 2, 3, or 4 separate precincts during the same time frame. Here’s the
@ClimateAudit ... bombshell- at the end of that initial time frame, there appeared to be a city wide reset of some kind, and all precincts reporting votes in batches having the assigned ratio quit using their respective ratios. And then in the next 5 to 10 minutes, all ratios moved over to new
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21 Nov
BINGO! Edward Solomon hAas figured out the voting machine Algorithm in Philly, explained in this video. Brilliant work. Dominion uses a set of several different integer ratios, assigns each, such as 1:18 (1 T vote for 18 B), to two, three or four precincts. Then every time the
... citywide system has a global update, each of those ratios transfer to a different set of precincts, where the vote counts conform to the assigned ratios until the next global update, when the ratios transfer again to a new set of precincts. Then the votes from the new set
... conform to the assigned ratios until the next reset- and so on. Hard to catch but dominion is clearly applying an algorithm to adjust the votes, and is doing it by sliding the ratios from precinct to precinct over time. Here’s the video:…
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20 Nov
@SidneyPowell1 may be onto the worldwide election rigging conspiracy she described yesterday in her press conference. She claims to have a tsunami of affidavits and witness statements that she hopes to begin posting on line this weekend. She told all this to Glenn Beck.
... But when he asked her the question I’ve been asking, shouldn’t someone be seizing the machines in these swing states? She answered that yes, the GOVT should be serving search warrants and seizing machines and computers:
@SidneyPowell1 forgets she represents a client who’s a PLAINTIFF in lawsuits to overturn elections. Parties in civil lawsuits can obtain discovery- including immediate sequestration and inspection of machines, computers, computer logs, etc. Her own expert Ramsland said that he
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19 Nov
The contested election - a few thoughts. @RudyGiuliani and @SidneyPowell1 gave a press conference in which they made allegations of massive election fraud in the form of fraudulent manipulation of mail in ballots and voting machine manipulation of votes pursuant to a globalist
... conspiracy involving Venezuela, China, George Soros, the DNC and who knows how many others. They did not lay out how they planned to bring all this to the attention of any court. That will be a problem. Dec 8, two weeks and five days from now, is the safe harbor date for
... selection of presidential electors. That means that any state that has certified the election results and followed state procedures for anyone to contest the election, can send its electors to the electoral college and those must be accepted by Congress. So unless they can
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19 Nov
Russell Ramsland’s affidavit. Filed by Lin Wood Ron GA. It identifies several red flags in MI that suggest election fraud using Dominion voting systems.…
It’s damn strong and takes the approach I’ve been recommending (as opposed to trying to trace Dominion’s system back to Venezuela in the early 2000s). Among the red flags- # of votes processed in the wee hours , morning of 11/4, exceeded the machines’ capacity by a large margin
It’s not clear whether or when this will be filed in MI, which it directly addresses, and whether similar affidavits are coming for PA, GA, and NV.
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18 Nov
Here is the kind of scientific debate that Sen Coons wants Big Tech ( and presumably all other media) to censor, as dangerous b/c it questions the dangerous “existential threat” of climate change:
And here are the credentials of Mr Heller, who Sen Coon and other Dems want to silence:
What happens when scientists are censored and scientific inquiry foreclosed? Who remembers Galileo, who was convicted of heresy for asserting that the earth was not the center of the universe? Back to the Dark Ages.
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