Not to be a killjoy, but to be a killjoy:

There's been good HIV meds for 25 yrs.

Yet, the better part of a million (mostly nonwhite) ppl still die of AIDS every yr.

Absent an anti-capitalist, anti-racist approach, medicine alone will not end our current (or any) pandemic
To put our challenge in perspective, it took abt 15 yrs from the 1st known AIDS death to get to a million deaths/ yr.

We're approaching 1.5 mil deaths in 1st yr of COVID.

Absent an anti-capitalist, anti-racist approach, medicine alone will not end our current (or any) pandemic
Any vaccine will help, a LOT.

But SARS-CoV-2 is a FAR more transmittable virus than HIV. BY FAR.

Drugs are but one tool for what will be an endemic challenge.

Absent an anti-capitalist, anti-racist approach, medicine alone will not end our current (or any) pandemic
Neoliberals always want seemingly simple technological solutions to cure complex historical, economic & social problems.

Drugs can reproduce or make worse disparities.

Absent an anti-capitalist, anti-racist approach, medicine alone will not end our current (or any) pandemic
The idea that we're all on our own & illness is each person's indiv failing is wrong—esp. w a respiratory virus as casually spread as SARS-CoV-2.

Absent an anti-capitalist, anti-racist approach, medicine alone will not end our current (or any) pandemic

What we need is the opposite of individual blame: A multi-national, multi-generational approach of interdependence to address this crisis collectively.

For absent an anti-capitalist, anti-racist approach, medicine alone will not end our current (or any) pandemic.

And as @aldatweets can tell ya, all this applies to climate change, too 👇🏾
A case analysis on this point from @JuliaLMarcus. Pharmacological interventions are NOT devoid of political, racial or economic fact, they often bring these existing conflicts into sharp relief
Absent an anti-capitalist, anti-racist approach, medicine alone will not end our current (or any) pandemic.

In fact, drugs can *increase* health disparities, as certain sectors of society become structurally immune when a virus lodges in a smaller pool of ppl.
I should start mentioning in my viral threads that I’m writing a book on the viral underclass
Very true, @tedcruzcontrol, and so poetically put. Do you mind if I quote you w attribution? There are so many endemic conditions for which meds/prophylaxis could lower suffering & reduce death (malaria, diabetes, Hepatitis C to name a few) IF ppl got what they need.

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19 Nov
1. Short thread music about how capitalism's scale of time and consequence is not up to the challenges of this pandemic (nor, of course, to climate change).

Below is a graph of Zoom stock, which tanked when good news was announced about a potential vaccine
2. Around the same time, when Moderna announced their vaccine looked promising, their stock went way up.

But, pharma cos routinely put out press releases announcing ish that hasn't been peer reviewed or overseen by regulators at moments that are financially judicious for stock
3. Meanwhile, stock traders are trying to trade Zoom, and also trying to trade Moderna, on mere speculation that a vaccine could (or could not) stop our nightmare.

And here's the thing: A society which caters to such valuation of life cannot address the time scale we need.
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19 Nov
I miss my late sister Sharron most days, but she went to Occidental the same years as Obama, and I so wish I could ask her this week WHO IS THE "ETHEREAL BISEXUAL"? and DID HE EVER TRY TO MACK ON YOU BY CHATTING YOU UP ABOUT FOUCAULT?!?
My family does remember Sharron saying about "Barry" at the time, which seems shocking at this point: She came home one weekend totally radicalized about boycotting South African apartheid after he'd given a speech about it.

You could say she got more woke.
In 2012, the New Yorker published pics from the 1981 event where Barry said, “We call this rally today to bring attention to Occidental’s investment in South Africa & Occidental’s lack of investment in multicultural education”
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18 Nov
As a Black gay man, HIV is always a part of every sexual encounter. Even if an intimate partner or I don't believe we have it, HIV is still like a phantom lover in a threeway with us

Similarly, COVID is a part of everyone's intimate lives, like a phantom—and must be tended to.
This is a sentence/metaphor I am trying to perfect for my book. I am trying to think with better metaphors about viruses. HIV can be like a baby, welcomed by a doula, as @TheodoreKerr1 & his fellow WWHIVDD artists put it.
I really dislike thinking in war metaphors. We are not at "war" with viruses, at least I am not. I really love how @SFdirewolf told me how she respects viruses, because we're all in "the same soup" together--and if we can't share a planet w them, how can we survive?
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18 Nov
I would like to get tenure someday, so I won't give him my New Yorker's response as bluntly as I want. But I will say: Whether with obesity or COVID, this neoliberal horseshit of 'it's your fault, fatty' w/o any systemic reflection is deeply insulting and VERY rich from Cuomo...
...a man who wrote a victory lap book about the pandemic before it was over, a man who slashed Medicaid during the pandemic, a man who stripped hospitals of thousands of beds in the decade before the pandemic, a man who kept ppl locked in cages during the pandemic, a man who
is the son of the governor and the brother of a CNN host of show with his last name (who flouted COVID rules while having COVID), a man who waited days after NYC asked for a lockdown to lockdown (leading to perhaps thousands or tens of thousands of needless deaths), a man who
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18 Nov
Hearing a nurse on @democracynow describe “the pit”
where COVID+ patients were sent to die, reading on elder death in Belgium, thinking of COVID task force member Zeke Emanuel’s essay on why life isn’t worth living after 75–and my heart feels heavy about transnational ableism
Last night I got angry abt a thread saying we are at “war” with this virus. We are NOT at “war” with the virus. Indeed, comparing 9/11/2001 with COVID-19 reveals that the US didn’t care about death on 9/ cared about vengeance.
A comparable number of ppl in the US who died on 9/11 (abt 3,000) died of COVID every two to three days. But we learn almost nothing them. But for hospital workers and body movers, we largely don’t see how they actually die. And bc if volume we learn little about any one of them.
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16 Nov
I have no fear of Trump leaving office. I have, for awhile, been afraid that if GSA keeps dangling the keys, work that could be done on Jan. 20 will happen in Feb or March.

And this could be deadly, given complexity of cold storage supply chains & such…
Vaccine distribution overlaps with my core research with HIV, but I'm no expert. So I've been trying to crash course on logistics, and the many moving parts needed to roll out a vaccine IF and WHEN it's safe.

And PHEW, so much can go wrong with a vaccine needing cold transport.
Already, COVID has created major disruptions to care for drug addiction, malaria, TB, HIV...and the strain a COVID vaccine could put on supplies of chemicals, syringes, chickens/eggs, shark fins, flight schedules, dry ice is extraordinary.…
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