Guys, pls stop wearing tight #pants!

Tight underwears can keep your testicles closer to the body, causing warmer temperatures that may kill your sperm, lower sperm count & cause infertility.

Wear boxers instead, & go to bed naked if you want to become a father

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Hot temperatures damage sperm
Hot temperatures can kill sperm cells.
Hot temperatures can cause low sperm count.
Hot temperatures can cause infertility.

Protect your testis from heat.
Wear boxers instead of pants.

Protect your future!!
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19 Nov
Dear guys, your weight matters!

Being too fat may cause hormonal changes in your body leading to;
• low sperm count
• bad sperm quality &
• inability to make a woman pregnant

You can stop firing blank & weak by shedding your excess body fats

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Apart from low sperm count and poor sperm quality, obesity is a well-known cause of
• erectile dysfunction, and
• low sex drive.

Being overweight can damage your blood vessels and decrease the level of your male hormone #testosterone.
The damage caused to your blood vessels by obesity can come in different ways, e.g. due to the associated;

• high blood pressure
• diabetes
• excess cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia)
• excess triglycerides (hypertriglyceridemia) and
• inflammation
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18 Nov
How to Treat Vaginal Yeast Infection

Vaginal discharge that is thick, whitish, looks like cheese & feels like yogurt, is often due to yeast infection. But it can be easily treated.

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Vaginal yeast infection or vulvovaginal candidiasis usually occurs when the healthy yeast that usually lives in your vagina grows out of control.

9 out of every 10 women will have a yeast infection at some point in their life.
What causes yeast infection?

1. Use of antibiotics (which lowers the amount of #lactobacillus, the good bacteria in the vagina)
2. Douching
3. Hormone imbalance
4. Anything that weakens your immune system like;
• diabetes
• stress
• lack of sleep
• pregnancy
• HIV/AIDS, etc
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17 Nov
Dear guys, check if you have #varicoceles

1. Usually in your left scrotum
2. Feels like a "bag of worms"
3. May disappear when you lie down
4. Can cause severe pain
It's a common cause of infertility in men which can be corrected with surgery.

A thread 🧵

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#Varicocele is an enlargement of the veins inside the scrotum. It affects about 15% of adult men.

It may occur due to poorly functioning valves normally found in the veins.

Or due to compression of a vein by a nearby structure such as tumor or cancer of the left kidney.
People with #varicoceles may have:

• A noticeable swollen vein in the scrotum (as shown in this pic)
• A disturbing feeling of weight in the scrotum
• Pain in the scrotum which increases on standing, &
• Shrinking of the testicles

Sometimes, none of these symptoms occur.
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16 Nov
Dear Men👨

Your average laptop generates 70°C heat during use. Placing it directly on your laps can transfer the heat to your testis. Prolonged use can damage your male reproductive function irreversibly.

Use your laptop on a table or desk instead!

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The optimum temperature for your sperm is around 20°C which is lower than that of other parts of the body.

Heat of 37°C or more can cause your sperm to lose their motility & viability.

Don't heat up your testicles now & regret it later!
Heating up your sperm laptop heat can destroy them permanently and reduce your chances of being able to impregnate your lady.
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6 Nov
About your partners' Rhesus factor

Rh+♂+ Rh+♀=✅
Rh-♂ + Rh+♀=✅
Rh-♂ + Rh-♀ =✅
Rh+♂ + Rh-♀=⚠️ Caution when pregnant!

Rhesus incompatibility between a woman♀ & her man♂ can cause baby jaundice, repeated miscarriages, stillbirths & more.

A thread 🧵


Humans belong to blood groups 'A', 'B', 'AB', or 'O'.

Also, we're either
- Rhesus positive (Rh+), or
- Rhesus negative (Rh-)

The "+" or "-" sign usually attached to your blood group represents your rhesus status!

Being Rh+ or Rh- depends on you having certain proteins called #RhesusAntigens on the surface of your red blood cells.

If you have the rhesus antigens, you're Rh+

If you don't have the rhesus antiges, you're Rh-
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6 Oct
12 ways to prevent pregnancy you should know

1. Male condom
2. Female barriers
3. The pill
4. Hormone patches
5. Vaginal rings
6. Mini-pill
7. Injectables
8. Implants
9. Intrauterine devices
10. Sterilization
11. Abstinence
12. Emergency contraception

A thread 🧵

Male condoms: Failure rate 5%

Condoms are cheap & popular & have the additional advantage of preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STI's) like HIV & hepatitis.

But condoms can burst or slip off during sex & some men may be allergic to the latex or spermicides in condoms. 2/
Female barriers e.g. diaphragm/female condoms: Failure rate 15%

They are inserted immediately before sex. Also protect from STI's.

But they can irritate your vagina & increase the risk of urinary tract infections. 3/
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