The hardest addiction I was able to get rid of was masturbation.
Then, I don't sleep until I do it.
It became part of me.
It wasn't my fault though, I tried looking for a girlfriend maybe that would help cure my sexual urge but again, I prefer older ladies to young girls.
It's what I really got used to and wasn't my fault.
Sis Dara was a Nurse, a beautiful young lady in our street back then, she was one of the top educated youths and was in her early 30s. I was around 7-8years old.
During summer break, we are always asked to go to her house
For summer lesson as she was cheaper than school summer lesson.
The first day an incident happened, we were just two who came for the lesson, it's always in her room.
Charles was sleeping off in class, but his bad habit was to put one hand in his short playing with his penis
While leaking his tongue while sleeping, when Sis Dara saw her sleeping, she slapped his hand and asked him to take it off.
Some min later, Charles did it again.
She instructed Charles to stand up and pull off all his clothes while raising his hands.
It was a funny scene
Charles was wide awake as he was serving his punishment, I looked at him and giggle, and that was how sis Dara said I should do the same thing since I knew how to laugh at people.
Me that I had no shame, I stripped straight up while reciting the multiplication table she was
Teaching us.
She made fun of how my penis was bigger than my age and just said things to get at me so I would feel the punishment.
When stubborn Charles couldn't hold it anymore, he took his clothes and ran off 😂.
Sis Dara knew Charles mum wasn't that well cooked.
She knew she would be in trouble if Charles explains what just happened to people, so she asked me to wear my things and begged me to lie about everything that just happened.
She gave me a biscuit, and I joined her team.
When Charles started telling our parents, I kept saying
"Aha! Charles! That's a lie."
After a few days in the summer break, Charles stopped coming so it was only me.
She wasn't in the room when I came in but her room was opened.
I sat on her bed that was on the floor at the upper right of the room.
She came in with a towel around her
She was coming from the bathroom as she was living in a shared apartment ( Face me I face you)
She didn't really see me at first when she came in as she was replying someone from their passage.
She locked the door and turned around naked.
She saw me and didn't look surprised.
I was innocent, and it was my first time of actually seeing a naked woman that close.
She asked me if I know what her boobs are called, I said yes.
She asked me to touch and raped me.
I was so young, and she probably thought I wouldn't remember.
She did it multiple times
She would ask me to perform oral sex on her and all.
I had no idea what I was doing.
It all stopped when she moved out of the street.
But then, I was left with the experience, looking for what to do with it and who to do it with.
I didn't see anyone.
I grew up learning how to pleasure myself, dating older girls since I find them more attractive than my age mates.
It took me a long time to be able to share with my friends and see if anyone could come up with help or something.
They were saying I enjoyed it and laughing
I couldn't tell my parents as they were a bit strict.
There was no platform for that type of conversation.
It was an alone struggle.
No therapist, no parenting advice, nothing.
Sis Dara, If you are reading this, just know you destroyed my childhood and a big part of my life.
To everyone reading, there is nothing like a man enjoying a rape.
Rape is rape and should be treated as a crime that it is.
Child rape is common and required necessary awareness it deserves.
Don't be mute, speak out, Sọ̀rọ̀sókè and share your story for others to learn

• • •

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6 Nov
I was in one relationship then that really taught me many lessons.
My friends fought me concerning the girl and how I didn't love her and rather say bad things about her when I'm with them.
Well, it wasn't their fault.
Vera was beautiful, and she had what I like on her chest but,
Her attitude stinks.
One funny thing is, I get to be the only one to experience the bad side of her.
She's so good to other people.
One event I can't forget is when I was hosting my two friends on the weekend.
We got in late from an outing on Friday night, so I was tired.
I pulled off my shoes without arranging them, which she hated.
Shirt on the wardrobe handles and just went straight to bed without a shower. I was utterly exhausted.
On Saturday morning, she woke me up by sprinkling water on me. I woke up to her shouting at me.
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30 Oct
If you could get a housemaid in Lagos till at least ending of 2018, you should know Madam Rose.
She and her team were always ready to supply any preference of Housemaid you want.
Since she got the maid for my mum's best friend, we decided to get one from her.
We invited her over and told her the preference we wanted.
We needed a maid so bad, preferably someone not so old to give instructions.
She said their prices vary, and they agreed to 38k a month, including accommodation and feeding with us for a girl named Hawa.
She was from Mali, very young, like 14-15yrs old.
She had a scar on her face and wasn't looking happy at first, as she wasn't smiling.
She took in her things, and madam rose left.
Her first couple of months was so difficult because of the language barrier. My Parents liked her
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2 Oct
It's funny sometimes how we have our plans while life is just somewhere looking at us like "See this mumu😂. "
I remember my plan of getting married to my ex immediately after her service year. We dated for 3 and a half years.
Though it was a long-distance relationship, mostly.
She was studying at Afe Babalola University.
I took responsibility for everything she needed from her second year in school.
Tuitions sometimes, rent, clothes, everything.
I wasn't complaining.
I love taking care of my woman. I don't want to give room for any other man.
After graduation, I was able to help her get her deployment to Lagos so that she can get more opportunities with her Mass Communication degree due to the high number of radio stations and media houses in Lagos.
She started her service, and a few months later, I planned to visit.
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3 Jul
I hardly celebrate birthdays; most times, I always forget on that day.
But there was this one I remembered in 2018.
I was sad and broke and just wished I could celebrate it.
Some of my old friends came over; they do smoke, drink, party and all sort on an average day anyway, so
Celebration is not a big deal for them.
I told one of them how I was feeling, and he shared with his other friends.
They took me out to celebrate it, and we went to a place ( I won't mention the name to avoid trouble)
It's a hotel, but they had this big outdoor center behind it
You can chill, party and have fun.
We got a big table, and it was around 3 pm.
They asked me to order for anything I want, and they made their orders.
They ordered a cake, shisha and they brought their weeds.
I hardly drink nor smoke, so I ordered shawarma and VitaMilk🤦🏾‍♂️.
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24 May
One of my ex-girlfriends once asked me a question one boring weekend through a WhatsApp video call; she asked, "What really broke our relationship?" I replied, "I can't remember."
We were both still single, so I told her, " Let's pretend we are dating for a day," she agreed.
We talked for an extra 30min before I went into the bathroom for a quick shower to get ready and drive over to her place to pick her up for the day.
I was like, "What could go wrong?"
And a voice answered, Nothing.
She is a lovely person, and she loves sharing Bills, so?
I came out to her ten missed calls.
She knows I only accept One missed call for checking on me or Two for an emergency.
But since she left 10, I was so worried. I quickly took my phone with a towel around my neck and water dripping from my Afro with a worried face.

She picked.
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7 Jan
When I found out I’d been offered my first journalism job on this website three years ago, I did three things. I jumped up and down for approximately 15 minutes; I called my parents, and then I drafted a twitter post announcing my good news. Like this...
“It may have taken me months and months (and months) but I finally have journalism employment at Cosmopolitan!!” I wrote. “I cannot wait to be a real person in the world with a FULL-TIME JOB.”
The motivation for sharing my new employment status with my 900+ online ‘friends’, most of whom I hadn’t interacted with in real (or virtual) life?
So people could see I’d achieved something. I’d got my dream job, and I wanted to be congratulated for it in the form of likes & RTs
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