Ingredients for dinner tonight: Handmade pasta, alba white truffle, ricotta salata cheese
Did I go overboard? Yes. Was it glorious? Also yes.
Alright at the suggestion of @GeniesLoki let's talk a bit about the dish. First off, the pasta base. The traditional pasta that goes with white truffles are tajarin, a thin pasta made with a lot of egg yolk. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. I used 2 yolks/100g of flour.
You're supposed to use nothing but egg yolks, but I cheated a bit and added 1 egg white inside cos it's a bitch to work with otherwise. I also went wider, more like a tagliatelle. That lovely colour comes from Japanese eggs which honestly taste phenomenal.
Traditionalists will tell you that truffle pasta should be dressed with just brown butter so as to let the truffles shine. But I learnt while on a truffle trip with the head chef of Gordon Ramsay's Italian restaurant that an umami bomb can enhance rather than distract
So I boiled 2kg of chicken carcasses for about 6 hours, and blended the reduced stock with butter and shredded ricotta salata in a ratio of 2:2:1. The cheese works as an emulsifier to bind the stock and butter together. No salt, the cheese is enough.
The cheese was also coated in pepper, so I blended some of the rind in too to get a bit of a peppery kick. I had wanted to use Parmesan, but my cheesemonger recommended this instead and it turned out fantastic. Mild enough not to steal the spotlight, rich enough to compliment.
Final result before and after shaving the truffles on top. Love how it glistens, just barely coating the pasta. Naturally, everyone around the table went for seconds.

• • •

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21 Nov
Some leftover truffle from last night so of course I had to make the One True Pairing from truffle canon: Truffled Scrambled Eggs Image
Keep your truffle in a sealed container with some high quality eggs for a few days to infuse the aroma. Crack the eggs into a cold pan with butter. Image
Start the fire at medium heat, keep stirring until the butter melts and the eggs start to just about set at the bottom. Take it off the heat and continue stirring till it stops setting. Put it back on the heat and repeat until your egg turns into a soft custard.
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20 Nov
Was thinking back on the process behind creating this dish and it's actually quite a fun little tale so... Story time! 👇
I had first become enamoured with Troisgros during a binge of Chef's Table. It's a fascinating story of one of the most prolific families to grace culinary history.
The restaurant started in 1930 under Jean-Baptise Troisgros, and is now operated by his great-grandson, Cesar Troigros. A 4-generation restaurant that still operates at the top of its game. The restaurant has held 3-Michelin stars since 1968. That's more than half a century! Image
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29 Sep
What ABCs don't understand is that Mooncakes are basically used as a flex in most of Asia. Both for the gifter and the receiver. No one really cares how it tastes.
My girlfriend sent me a photo of this and joked that this is what social capital looks like. But she's right. Not everyone cares, but for those that do a photo of mooncakes from Ultraviolet (most exp rest in SH, starts from 700pp) is a lot of fucking clout points.
You can't even buy them if you wanted to, it's a gift from the restaurant. Which makes shit like that all the more valuable in social terms.
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Had an interesting dream last night that was basically a fully formed story: The Landmark Chronicles, a story of a washed up once-rich family gathering back in Landmark city for a reunion, so-named because of the family's claim to fame of Landmark luxury watches
Landmark Watches as a company had been acquired long ago by an unamed multinational, and the family's wealth has been squandered to the point where only Landmark Mansion, taking pride of place in the center of the city, is left.
The matriarch of the household is the only one that still lives there, and for the rest of the family, the memories of the house were best forgotten. I play the narrator, a personal chef that is there as a favour to one of the grandsons of the matriarch.
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11 Sep
The spicier take: Peranakan food exists because Chinese people want pork in their halal food
Fun fact: Nasi lemak is an integral part of the traditional Peranakan wedding ceremony. The groom's family would send a lacquer box with nasi lemak the 12th day after the wedding, signifying that the marriage has been consummated and the bride is accepted into the family.
Obviously no longer applicable in this day and age, but clearly it would be wrong to state that the dish isn't a fundamental part of the cuisine. The white rice symbolises the purity of the bride and the red sambal is the blood spilled during the bride's first act of sex.
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20 Aug
Ok I actually really enjoyed the 1 like = 5 pull-up challenge so I'm gonna try this again with stuff I should be doing but definitely don't do enough of. No upper-body work this week for obvious reasons. Vote for my mode of suffering below. Poll closes in 48 hours.
For the record, all of the above feel to me like more effort than pullups, so this is probably be a more painful grind to get through. You know, if it matters to you guys 🙃
Final tally:

95 minutes active stretching
80 sets breathwork
198 reps pistol squats. (99 reps per side)

Doable all things considered, I suppose. I'll see if I can knock them all out in a week.
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