hye gias..

a bit about NSAIDs

All traditional NSAIDs are both COX1 and COX2 inhibitor
(non-selective COX inhibitor)

semua ada sifat2 analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory
COX1 ni dia mcm house-keeper. dia ada kat gastric lining and it helps protect us from gastric ulcer.

The problem is, NSAIDs inhibit this good isoenzymes (COX1). so patient ada risk develop ulcer

So all NSAIDs are gastric irritant sebb dia inhibit COX1 ni.
Also, the problem with traditional NSAIDs ni, dia kacau platelet aggregation through COX1 inhibition.

Like i said just now, COX 1 ni mcm a good housekeeper.

So contoh traditional NSAIDS yg inhibit both COX1 n COX2 ni mcm Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Aspirin.. etc
thats why, scientists developed highly selective COX2 inhibitor, yg kita guna kat spital is CELECOXIB (cerebrex)

Dose: PO 200-400mg BD

yang best pasal celecoxib ni, dia as effective as other NSAIDs as analgesic, antipyretic and ani-inflammatory
lagi yg best pasal celecoxib, dia x kacau dgn platelet aggregation (sebb dia x inhibit COX2)

Also.. dia gastric irritant jugak, tapi dia separuh bahaya compare to other NSAIDS. only 50% as gastric iritant as other NSAIDs
yang x bestnya, dia mahal. kalau elderly suka la mkn cerebrex ni sebb x kembung perut katanya.

half lives celecoxib ni 11 jam, compare to Diclofenac only sejam
oh yea.. kalau korg suspect pt dengue, DONT EVER kasi NSAIDs. HARAM

nnti pt boleh bleeding to death

sekian sembang petang huhi
oh yea. so kenapa kita nak sgt inhibit COX2 isoenzyme ni ye?

sebb kita nk attempt utk inhibit prostaglandin synthesis. prostaglandin ni dia responsible utk inflammation n pain
pembetulan. dia x inhibit COX1
pembetulan dekat tweet ke-5, celecoxib tak inhibit COX1
kalau based on textbook Basic and Clinical Pharmacology McGraw Hill dia kata all newer NSAIDs are antipyretic n x specific which old NSAIDS are antipyretic

• • •

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