Okay here is what I gathered that is very interesting, please watch for yourself.

I'll start by the most in a slap in your face moment is actually Youtube using CISA as the guardian of election integrity while we know Dominion is affiliated with CISA
Okay so let's start at around the 7:15 mark, they touch on the QR codes and barcodes, YES!! I disagree though, the QR code on the ballot can say Biden and the receipt say Trump, guess what with anonymous ballots you'll never find it to compare it.
At 29:52 They touch on Dominion voting systems were the same systems that gave Obama 100% of the vote and 0 for Romney in 59 precincts in Philly. I thought it was poll workers, but.. maybe not.
Dominion/Sequoia/Coomer relationship with undeniable proof 47:48.

Beginning around 50:00 they detail with documents Coomer's involvement in all states.
HAHAHA - most touch screen systems have this built-in. You can go to Wawa and get past their main UI, shhhhh.
Just a few seconds later (sorry the touch screen thing made me laugh) he begins talking about the admin console(UI). This is why it's important to get forensics there before Dominion touches the machines again.
HAHAHA - most touch screen systems have this built-in. You can go to Wawa and get past their main UI, shhhhh.
Just a few seconds later (sorry the touch screen thing made me laugh) he begins talking about the admin console(UI). This is why it's important to get forensics there before Dominion touches the machines again.

58:36: let me touch on this real quick. Politicians don't know jack about computers or else we would have had real big tech reform. Anyhow, for all this to be pulled off you don't need internet at all. You need a USB and the Staples Center in Georgia..
Undeniable proof some Dominion systems can be connected to the internet.
They bring up this article, in hindsight, what I can now see is the real possibility the software was changed in a precinct that wasn't supposed to be changed. So what's possible is they removed the actual attack.
Actually, now I fully believe they could prove the linear equation model attack. You should be able to reverse engineer Antrim pre and post results with the same algo correlated to other countys/States
@We_Have_Risen @pepesgrandma @CodeMonkeyZ
I may have my Stuxnet history wrong, but weren't specific models of centrifuges targeted? Wouldn't Dominion know what models were being sent where and with what version? So could someone ask Antrim if they had mistakenly received the wrong model or a different voting machine?
The Stuxnet parallels are starting to grow on me. If I wanted to target specific precincts, I would know the make and model of all the equipment I'm shipping out, so when my technicians go in I can say dear scanners do x,y,z.
Did we just get Stuxnet'd? @We_Have_Risen @pepesgrandma @CodeMonkeyZ, I'm reaching, right? I'm nuts correct?
@CarrollQuigley1 Has the Anon community found any social media posts about any Dominion execs talking about or marveling at Stuxnet?
Awesome! They touch on exactly what I mentioned, the QR code doesn't need to make the receipt.
Here they touch on seeing the code. This is important but that's not good enough, you must see the code on each machine as it ran on election night. I've pointed out they had stable releases and created flavors.
I really would like to know why @realDonaldTrump hasn't sent in the marshalls or something to seize and secure these machines. It's baffled me. Don't @ me with the server, the server can only show the original count vs the outcome.
Here is a very interesting story about missing USBs
Yes, the exact debate that describes it perfectly!!!!
Okay Part 2
Okay, part 2.
Around 11:00 they go into detail about how everybody working with Coomer shares his ideology.

• • •

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21 Nov
Anybody have the Newsmax with @SidneyPowell1 id like to hear her wording for myself.
Thanks to @RedOpsJames the link can be found here. Since it's live it's hard to give you a time stamp but it began at -3:27:30
The evidence of fraud will come coming out next week.
Wide spread and well funded.
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20 Nov
There have been 11,800,000 cases of Covid19 in the USA, why are we forcing 11,800,000 people to wear masks?
Further more, if we have to make those people wear a mask, then what can a vaccine possibly do? Isn't one of the arguments both anti-vaxxers and pro-vaxxers agree on that even the vaccines now don't produce life long immunity?
I'm eluding to the masks will never go away. They've effectively convinced people at the same time immunity cannot be achieved and immunity can be achieved.

Let that sink in.
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20 Nov
Question, am I the only person who's confused as f..
On one hand, they're telling us, cases are rising you need a vaccine, on the other hand, they're arguing against herd immunity.
If those cases don't get immunity how can a vaccine give us immunity?
I feel like I'm getting played. if the vaccine was 2 years out and the spread is what it has been, wouldn't that mean either herd immunity or hellfire? I don't get it.
Everything we've been taught about herd immunity and vaccines and slow the curve and spread is contradictory to what's happening. It's also like there is herd immunity before covid and a different herd immunity after covid.
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19 Nov
Ann Jacobs is pulling the covid you must stay away routine.
WI looks like it's buckling they want social distancing for counters.
I rather watch @ali and AJ, this is boring.
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18 Nov
Alright, so let's discuss a practical way of figuring out if ballots were copied. @SperoNews @jbinnall @JackMaxey1 @CodeMonkeyZ @TucsonTrumpGirl
As @Barnes_Law (make sure you follow) pointed out we know they should make scans of the ballots.
As I'm sure @Barnes_Law @SidneyPowell1 @RudyGiuliani knows software exists for lawyers to do document review and electronic discovery (Equivo, Relatively.) What they may or may not know is during that process you can set all images to an exact dpi, rotation,pixel even crop
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18 Nov
Should I provide a solution with how to determine if ballots were copied? I'll tweet @ the right people. Leave who I should @ underneath.
I promise it will be about 5% of the WI audit costs.
I shouldn't be able to come up with a reasonable answer which could be taken to court within 45 seconds and no one else thinks of it. Poll ends shortly
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