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20 Nov, 9 tweets, 3 min read
🎓 The blunt lessons of 2020, via @JimVandeHei:

There's no bigger crisis for media, politics, society than the growing number of people who don't believe facts and verifiable figures. If we don't collectively solve this, we're all screwed.…
The media remains fairly clueless about the America that exists outside of the big cities, where most political writers and editors live.

The coverage missed badly the Trump surge in places obvious (rural America) and less obvious (Hispanic-heavy border towns in Texas)
Let’s be honest: Many of us under-appreciated the appeal of Trump’s anti-socialism message and the backlash against the defund-the-police rhetoric on the left.…
The media (and many Democrats) are fairly clueless about the needs, wants and trends of Hispanic voters.

Top Latinos warned about overlooking and misreading the fastest-growing population in America — but most didn’t listen.
📊 The polls too often sucked.

Stop justifying or spinning the reality that public and private polls blew it in too many places, from Wisconsin to individual House races. Yes, some were better than others, but many were off by a very distorting margin.…
The media filter bubble is getting worse, not better.

Look at what’s unfolding in real-time: Trump supporters feel like Fox isn’t pro-Trump enough, while writers bolted The New York Times, Vox and others because they were not “woke” enough.…
👓 Twitter is a mass-reality-distortion field for liberals and reporters.

The group-think and liberal high-fiving was as bad as ever and continues to be a massive trap and distraction for journalists.
👓 Facebook is a mass-reality-distortion field for conservatives.

Look at the pages that get the most daily interactions (shares, likes, etc.) and it's all right-wing catnip. It’s not all fake or conspiratorial, but a lot of it sure is.
👓 YouTube is a mass-reality-distortion field for people of all stripes.

Videos endorsing election fraud were viewed more than 138 million times on the week of Nov. 3, according to a new report cited by the @nytimes.…

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🗳️ The chances of sporadic violence, significant unrest or voting issues heading into Election Day are quite high.

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2. Don't expect a quick, clear winner: We can't stress enough the chance of it taking days to fully count mail-in and absentee votes, to determine the real outcome in places like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.…
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31 Oct
Outside of trade, immigration, a personal war against the "Deep State" and the hot foreign policy issue of the moment, Trump has left many of his Cabinet secretaries to work without interruption, let alone direction.…
As a result of Trump's lack of interest in much of domestic policy, whole swaths of his administration — Education, Housing and Urban Development and Transportation, to name a few — have escaped even the barest presidential attention.…
💵 The economy

Trump made good on his pledges to cut taxes and regulation, which helped create jobs but didn't achieve the levels of economic growth that he had promised, @danprimack writes.…
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