Mythology boy (@devduttmyth ) has a point but fails to trace the source of the problem ie Gandhian masculinity (hizdagiri) imposed on Hindu male as an ideal since 1915 when that Christian Mahatma arrived from South Africa.
Unless polygamy is allowed for Hindus what’s the use of such flirting? Waise bhee jo Tharki hain unko kya unki wife flirting karne se rok leti hain kya?😂
Devi Bhagvatam talks about two kind of women in the creation. I guess due to peculiar देश and काल, Nehruvian brainwashing of last 70s years and Bollywood there is fad for कृत्यारुपा/अप्रशस्त ideals among Hindu female of the present. 1/
And then this observation about कृत्यारुपा types by Bhagwati Uma.

"स्थानं नास्ति क्षणं नास्ति नास्ति प्रार्थयिता नरः।
तेन नारद नारीणां सतीत्वमुपजायते ॥" ~ पद्म पुराण (1.52.20)…
भावार्थ: हे नारद! स्थानाभाव, समयाभाव एवं प्रार्थना करनेवाले पुरुष के अभाव के कारण ही स्त्रियों में सतीत्व स्थिर रहता हैं।

Now, combine abv with the fact that K2As are trained to become Love-Bombers by their dysfunctional upbringing.
Moral of the story is that protect your women by dealing with them at deeper level than just locking and beating them. This superficial level dealing needed to in some extreme cases.

• • •

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More from @Hiranyareta

19 Nov
"अज्ञानसंज्ञौ भवबन्धमोक्षौ
द्वौ नाम नान्यौ स्त ऋतज्ञभावात् ।
अजस्रचित्याऽऽत्मनि केवले परे
विचार्यमाणे तरणाविवाहनी ॥" ~ श्रीमद्भागवतम्…
(संसार-सम्बन्धी बन्धन और उससे मोक्ष-ये दोनों ही नाम अज्ञानसे कल्पित हैं।
वास्तवमें ये अज्ञानके ही दो नाम है । ये सत्य और ज्ञानस्वरूप परमात्मासे भिन्न अस्तित्व नहीं रखते । जैसे सूर्यमें दिन और रातका भेद नहीं है, वैसे ही विचार करनेपर अखण्ड चित्स्वरूप केवल शुद्ध आत्मतत्त्वमें न बन्धन है और न तो मोक्ष ।।"
Goswami Tulsidas says the same in his RCM.

राम सच्चिदानंद दिनेसा। नहिं तहँ मोह निसा लवलेसा॥
सहज प्रकासरूप भगवाना। नहिं तहँ पुनि बिग्यान बिहाना॥3॥
भावार्थ:-श्री रामचन्द्रजी सच्चिदानन्दस्वरूप सूर्य हैं। वहाँ मोह रूपी रात्रि का लवलेश भी नहीं है।
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19 Nov
Was Sri Ramanuja a Smarta? Why spread Padre Indologist nonsense about Goswami Tulsidas?
Does any Vaishnava Acharya starts the text authored by him with obeisance to Ganesha and Saraswati?

CC @arvindneela
But Sampradaya parampara that he founded is not Smarta but Vaishnava.
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18 Nov
Isame jo baat boli ja rahi hai usko apni Buddhi mein pakadana thoda hard hai.
To experience day and night one has to be on the earth (or any other planet). One can't experience day & night staying 1000 mile abv in space in the light of sun. 1/2

Similarly, one can't experience अज्ञान (Space, Time, life,death, transmigration to different life forms etc) without forgetting his true nature (एक अद्वय शुद्ध चैतन्य) and developing देहभाव and अहंकार in a body form.
Just as being situated on the earth is the root cause of the experience of day and night, similarly self identification with a body form (forgetting his/her own true identity which beyond Space, Time, and Matter)

Read 4 tweets
17 Nov
I heard that Trump made sure that all infrastructure for NATO/US troops in offensive role is either dismantled or destroyed. It will take 1T budget to restore it. Not going to happen. Cut financial support to Pak from 2B to 53M.
Fuel, storage tanks, and vehicles sold to various nations but Pakistan and weapons taken out back to US. Housing quarters and ammo depots destroyed using explosives. So fiqar not.
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9 Nov
In this civil war between white nationalists vs white globalists, globalist faction in its zeal to unseat Trump resorted to ballot harvesting. Thus they broke unsaid agreement which was in force between civilized nations for a rules based world. 1/5
If this suspicion on the validity of US election result is not cleared ( I don't see it happening unless illegal votes are discarded followed by recounting and Trump camp accepting the results) then every nation is free to follow its own rules like what Democrats did. 2/5
That's why every other country is waiting for this US election to get to its conclusion.
Who knows, may be India too will opt for a political order forced from the top where Congress and many of its regional variations will be banned for being western stooges. 3/5
Read 6 tweets
9 Nov
Lol!! Arya Samaji comes out. Baans par Murda Jalate hain. Waise. Baans Jalana ghor Ashubh mana jata hai.
Are Bhai, Arya Samaj Sanatani Karma Kanda ko nahin manta. Ab kya main unki manyataon ke baare mein bhee nahin bol sakta? Ye kya baat huyi?
I am not denouncing Arya Samaj. Why would someone get offended for pointing something of which Arya Samaj is so proud of.
Read 8 tweets

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