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20 Nov, 4 tweets, 1 min read
The specific intent to invalidate the votes of 10s of thousands of Black people will have consequences regardless of how successful it is.
Trump has spent his tenure as POTUS attempting to invalidate both the humanity & citizenship of Black and Brown people. His final blow is to tell his followers that the votes of Black people are illegitimate. This has consequences for the treatment of Black people in our society.
Trump's assault on the citizenship of Black Americans became clear with his Birther campaign. It is now bookended w/ his quest to demonize & dehumanize Black voters in cities like Detroit, Milwaukee, & Philadelphia.
We should all be explicit about this, b/c the citizenship of Black Americans is under constant threat. Trump's amplification of these threats should be described in clear terms: he seeks to undermine the equal status of Black people as citizens in our democracy.

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19 Nov
The phrase "rationing of care" should strike fear & dread in everyone. And it's happening right now. In the US. It's going to get much, much worse in the coming weeks. Everyone needs to be told by federal, state, & local governments to stay home.
And it doesn't matter how great the therapeutics are if they have to be rationed. Hospitals are running out of beds and staff. They also don't have enough medicine.
"Diversions" refer to when hospitals can no longer accept patients arriving via ambulance and thus divert the ambulance to another hospital. This is a snowballing crisis as hospitals around the country exceed capacity.… Image
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17 Nov
Alright, please be more careful when talking about who "flipped" the election

I'm delighted that white college ed voters might be becoming marginally more Democratic, but they could flip a damn thing if they weren't part of a much bigger, more diverse population
You can say something like "The addition of a few white college ed voters in addition to the broader diverse coalition may have brought GA over the line," & I'll be okay, but if you say, "White college ed voters won GA!," you're hurting my brain.
Also, if your analysis is based on the suburbs, stop conflating them w/ "white college ed." The 'burbs are rapidly diversifying and this is especially true in Metro Atlanta.
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16 Nov
I already know what I can do to ring in the decade of the Green New Deal: hang a sign on the state of Alaska that says "Nancy Pelosi's Office" so that maybe y'all will deign to care about it ImageImageImage
I'm starting to get frustrated.

Trump wants to destroy biggest carbon sink in North America? Sunrise says nothing.

Trump wants to sell irreversibly sell ANWR off to the highest bidders? Sunrise says nothing. Image
I realize that AK is far away, but it is ground zero for both climate change & indigenous rights, as well as all the intersections in between. & I do not think that climate change activists who ignore these issues & instead protest Democrats in Congress are very serious at all.
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16 Nov
I feel like some people thinking "Defund the Police" is a bad slogan has morphed into others thinking that Democrats don't care about police reform at all. However, Dems passed The George Floyd Justice in Policing act this summer. McConnell blocked it. .…
Couple of things: I'm not going to criticize/endorse the "Defund" slogan as I honestly don't feel like it's my place. Nor am I going to say whether I think the bill Dems passed went far enough. I think we should all read the bill and consider what could be made better, etc. Image
When I say I am not taking a stance on the slogan, this is why: I am wary of criticizing language from activist circles. I also know Black people who like the slogan, as well as Black people who don't like it. My voice adds nothing to the convo & would probably detract from it.
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14 Nov
I think we should stop calling expanding our welfare state "socialist" because I don't think that branding has ever been especially accurate and I definitely don't think it's effective.
I mean, maybe it's effective for 20 year olds who are either already on board w/ vast welfare state expansion or those who want an excuse to performatively act out guillotining someone, but beyond that I fail to see how anyone else is persuaded by this whole genre of dialogue.
I say this as someone who wants to vastly expand the welfare state by regulating & taxing capital. I share the same goals and I actually think they are achievable if you do not sell them as "socialism"--which, again, is not even that accurate of a label in the first place.
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13 Nov
I find this to be an odd description of Jaime Harrison.
My thinking is this: it is good that Black Democrats have a lot of power at all levels of the system. The DNC is primarily for fundraising and organizing. Harrison is great at fundraising. He is also very familiar w/ states in which we need to organize (the South East).
I don't see that Harrison is a symbol of all that went wrong in this election just b/c he lost his Senate race. I didn't see Abrams as a symbol of what went wrong when she lost her Gov's race either (& how stupid would that look now!).
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