How to Generate Infinite Content Ideas

- To go from consumer -> creator
- Turn Twitter from a time-waster into an idea generation factor
- Mine inspiration from your daily life

Notes from live session of @aliabdaal's PT Youtube Academy

Most difficulties with starting to produce content online are actually perfectionism by a different name.

You have taste. You KNOW what's good - but you know you're not there yet. So you give in.

Ira Glass has a great quote on how to overcome this.
One way to hack through your perfectionism: utilize your hard-won experiences.

The more time you needed to "prepare" your content, the better it's going to be, and more easily it will flow when it comes to create.

If you video comes from 10+ yr of experience, it will be great.
Once you get over someone -somewhere- being further along than you are in your topic, you'll stop self-censoring so much.

Ali mentions that his best videos magically then to come from times he's making 3 videos a week (vs. 1 or 2).

The more iterations, the more you're exposing yourself to serendipitous successes.

@naval below
See also:

The Parable of the Pottery Class
Once you've of mined your own hard-won experiences and started iterating generating content regularly, you'll need a method to systematically capture ideas.

You never want to be facing the blank page wondering: what do I write or film today?
==Technique #1: Eureka Moments==

Once you commit to a practice of creating content, you'll start to see new ideas for everywhere. Your brain is primed.

Once you buy a car, you start seeing that model everywhere.…
The key is to capture ideas when right they happen.

"Inspiration is perishable." - Naval Ravikant @naval

"Your brain is for having idea, not for holding them." - David Allen @gtdguy
Some potential apps to capture ideas as they occur:

- Roam Research (my jam - if you have questions, ask!) @RoamResearch
- SimpleNote @simplenoteapp
- Drafts @draftsapp
- Things3 @culturedcode
==Technique #2: Birdsong Technique==

Turning your mindset from being a consumer to a creator happens gradually, but one way to pour rocket fuel on the process:

Harness the passive consumption from your daily life.
If you curate your content diet so you can naturally generate content ideas from it, content creation happens frictionlessly.

Ali's recommendation: use your Twitter as inspiration to "pull" content ideas from as you browse.
If you don't consume content on what you're creating, you might not have creator-market fit.

This is true for me re: esports. I'm an expert (founding employee at an esports company that sold for millions), but I'm not drawn to reading esports regularly.

Ali's recommendation: Use Twitter to discover content over Google.

"The best content isn't on a Google search, because the Google search results are from SEO marketers."
==Technique #3: Coal Mining==

Gradually accumulate deep resources of content and mine interesting topics and ideas from them.
Some of Ali's favorite coal mines:

- Ness Labs @anthilemoon
- Farnam Street @ShaneAParrish
- Eric Barker @bakadesuyo
- Masterclass

Just credit people when you're inspired by them - send them the traffic and they'll never complain.
Enjoy these notes? Read the rest as I add them here!

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18 Nov
Miss class today?

Session notes from @AliAbdaal PT Youtube Academy: Fundamentals

How to Find a Niche that Will Succeed (singular niches are overrated, micro-niches are underrated, creator-market fit)

👇 Image
Finding your niche is a bit of a misnomer, at it implies you can "find" it in one fell swoop.

Your niche is an ongoing process, not a destination. You don't have to hit the target in one shot.

ht @visualizevalue

The most important part of YT success: putting in the work (doing the homework, posting 2x per week)

The 2nd most important part of YT success: finding your niche.

Take action, but make sure you aim.
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16 Nov
Today is my first day starting @AliAbdaal ’s Part-time YouTuber Academy course. (1st cohort, exec edition!)

Here’s my insights from day 0 - intro material and his recent YT vid reflecting on journey to 1M subs. Psychology, benchmarks, hedonic adaptation

Ali grew to 1 million subscribers (from 47) in ~2 years. At first, he vlog'd advice to medical students, then pivoted into productivity, tech, books, and more.

4,000 was his "unachievable" number sub target. He had a friend with 50K he considered god tier.

Little did he know...

Ali's now at 302 videos. In his first 6 months he churned out 52 videos (~2/week) before he got TO 1K subscribers.

In other words, it took him 25% of his -entire- YT career to achieve the first 0.0008% of his current subscriber base. 🤯 Image
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15 Nov
Working on a super thread of 100 Roam Tips for #roamcult that I'll start posting incrementally soon.

In the meantime, I'm going to start adding to a thread where I share daily adjustments or learnings in @RoamResearch as an exercise in building in public. 📜
1/ How to improve my writing hub? This is the factory where ideas = raw inputs, then are processed into future content.

Right now, it's an ungainly list of topics and ideation. Will probably look totally different in 30+ days.

tags+queries by intent be important
Potential intent ideas:

- project name
- channel (twitter, blog, newsletter, youtube)
- status (in progress, future, etc.)
- done/not-dones

Would be cool to translate into a kanban and editorial calendar. I'm not sure how robust these functions are in Roam tbh
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