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20 Nov, 10 tweets, 4 min read
After nearly eight amazing years building, editing, and working at @voxdotcom, I am leaving to join @nytopinion, writing a reported column on policy and the policymaking process, and hosting an interview podcast.
Helping to build @voxdotcom has been the great privilege of my journalistic life. It is so much more than I ever could have imagined, and that’s because of the insanely creative, committed people who work there. I love them more than I can say. I will cheer them on forever.
I’ve always believed it’s important for founders to know when to let new generations take the reins. One of the great privileges in starting Vox was we got to build without anyone looking over our shoulder. We got to pursue our vision, make our mistakes, imagine our future.
We could only do that because we were supported by a great company that believed in us. The single best decision we ever made was joining @JimBankoff and @Clockwerks at @VoxMedia. It’s a truly special place, with unusually great leadership and culture.
.@LaurenWilliams and I have led the newsroom since year one. For our own reasons, the election felt like the right time for us to step aside, and open space for others to get to do what we did: lead in new directions, and create things we couldn’t imagine.
A note on @LaurenWilliams: Working with her has been such a joy. I was her boss, then she was mine, and that last was the right order. Her next project is so important and so needed. Be sure to follow her.
We can do this because Vox has so many remarkable voices and thinkers and creators in it.

I know some of what’s coming, and it’s really, really exciting. I don’t know much of what’s coming, and that’s even more exciting. Watching Vox continue to evolve will be a thrill.
For me, I’ve been managing and building now for more than a decade, going back to Wonkblog. But I’ve been feeling the pull this year to go back to reporting, writing, and podcasting, full-time.
That I’ll get to do so at @nytopinion, which I’ve read since I was a kid, is truly a dream.

I’ll be joining in January, and can’t wait.
Ack, @Bankoff is the right handle there! One great thing about the company he built is amazing copy editors, who I miss whenever I tweet...

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13 Nov
To offer a comment on this (good!) thread by Ross, you have to decide what you're trying to explain: The GOP's turn towards Trumpism, or increasingly sorted disagreement between the parties.
In the case of that piece, my focus is narrow: countermajoritarian institutions explain why Trumpism has been viable.

In their absence, American would still be very polarized. But it'd be polarized between better options, and the conflict would play out with better incentives.
Something I try to make clear in my book is that polarized disagreement isn't going away, and *nor should it*. What's important is how that disagreement maps onto other political institutions, from elections to parties to congress to the media. That's where our dysfunction lies.
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One thing @anneapplebaum and I talk about towards the end of this podcast, and that I keep coming back to, is Trump wasn't even the hard test of our institutions.
He’s not an omnicompetent autocrat demanding we choose between effective governance and liberties. He’s not a strategic autocrat who hides his narcissism or nepotism. He’s not a beautiful speaker who cloaks his lust for power in glittering ideals.
And yet, the Republican Party fell so easily to him. So what happens when a more competent, capable, would-be autocrat tries this strategy, in a party where Trump already laid the groundwork? vox.com/21562116/anne-…
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So @ronklain is a very good choice here, particularly right now, and I want to say a word on why
In 2014, the Obama administration made Klain "Ebola czar," and it was a controversial choice. Klain isn't a doctor, he didn't come with a deep public health background. His resume wasn't the obvious one.
But as I wrote here, and as proved true, the Obama admin understood what that job required, and the kind of talent you needed to run it. Responding to Ebola was a maddeningly difficult problem of intergovernmental coordination. vox.com/2014/10/17/699…
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11 Nov
America's only been a stable, real democracy since the 1960s, with the passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts. The roots are shallow.

The idea that its survival is assured, that the political forces that fought democracy for so long are gone, was fanciful.
I've been thinking a lot lately about something about something @ProfCAnderson once told me:
“America is aspirational. That is part of what sets it apart. Marginalized people have used those aspirations to say, ‘This is what you say you are, but this is what you do.’ But what also happens is those aspirations get encoded as achievements."
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9 Nov
If we saw the head of the ruling regime, and his party, react to the election results this way in any other country, we'd know exactly what we are looking at.

And I'd say here, too, it's time to be honest and say we know exactly what we are looking at. vox.com/2020-president…
And it's not just Trump. It's a Republican Party that endlessly puts their short-term electoral interests over the stability of the political system.
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