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76/86: who.int/news-room/q-a-… Now as we have vaccines coming out and many states going back into lockdowns, let's not forget in October the WHO actually reversed its stance on lockdowns. The article states the negative effects of society it inflicts.
77/86: The negatives of lockdowns include increased suicide rates (along with mental health problems), increased domestic abuse, increased child abuse, increased use of drugs and alcohol, and also the increased effects of the entire economy being shut down.
78/86: If the solution is worse than the problem itself, then clearly it shouldn't be used. These effects of lockdowns and shutting the economy could easily result in more deaths than the virus itself. If it didn’t work the first time, what makes people think it would again?
79/86: Yes, there are more cases and we are testing for this virus more than any virus has been tested for before throughout history (especially the U.S). Therefore it is common sense that more testing will lead to more cases. But why does the media only report that? Well...
80/86: ...one it is bad news that scares people and two they don’t want to show the progress we have made. This graph shows how the deaths are significantly down since the start. ImageImage
81/86: euronews.com/2020/11/18/is-… The focus has always been the U.S. is doing so badly because we don’t follow the protocols, yet now there appears to be spikes in cases all across the world. Could it maybe be that no matter what we do a virus will be spread no matter what? Or...
82/86: ...maybe going back to normal is the best way to fight it? Another thing the media won’t show is the U.S. fatality rate. The first picture shows the top countries that have data on mortality and the second picture shows where the U.S. lies within it... ImageImage
83/86: Clearly health officials in charge of this simply don’t know what to do. It would be one thing if they could admit it, but instead let's blame each other and point the blame elsewhere. It is truly crazy how a “2 week flatten the curve” is eventually going to be a year
84/86: The U.S. was built off of the ideology of having freedom. Yet, now we have to listen to the government make our daily decisions while they don’t even follow them. There are too many people who can’t think for themselves and this is the result of it. People mindlessly...
85/86: ... believe this is some new normal. This will lead us right into my next thread, the Great Reset. Could countries be using the opportunity of a pandemic to be able to force people to rely more on the government in order to implement globalist ideologies?
86/86: The whole “conspiracy” might be more real than we thought and it is coming much faster to us too... Make sure to follow and share to be ready for the next thread as it picks up from here! ImageImageImage

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20 Nov
51/86: sandrarose.com/2020/10/cdc-re… Or how about this article with info from the CDC revealing they are grouping several other types of deaths as Covid regardless if they had it or not. Take a look at this picture as well from Texas data comparing the two. Image
52/86: bpa-pathology.com/covid19-pcr-te… Are these covid test even accurate? This article is about a study done over the effectiveness of the test and what was their conclusion? The tests are meaningless. This makes sense after hearing about so many false positives and errors in reporting
53/86: cbs12.com/news/coronavir… For example, in Florida several testing centers were resulting in positivity rates of 98% to 100%. Right away this was alarming and thankfully someone was able to catch it, but how much of this is not being caught?
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20 Nov
26/86: thehill.com/changing-ameri… This leads us into the hypocrisy of the whole pandemic starting with Fauci saying don’t wear mask. He said you can wear them for comfort if it makes you feel better, but they aren’t going to do much (one time I actually agreed with him).
27/86: Fauci later reversed his course on that statement. Well here we are now, essentially every public place requires a mask upon entry and everyone appears to be following the mandate. So why is there a spike again? Could mask not work?
28/86: acpjournals.org/doi/10.7326/M2…
A Danish study just completed their research on mask effectiveness and concluded they don’t have much effect…
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20 Nov
THREAD 1/86: The COVID-19 Pandemic, 2 weeks to stop the spread! A deadly virus from China that requires us to wear masks at all times, never leave our homes, and essentially put life on pause for a few years as this is the only way to overcome such a tragic event. LOL
2/86: Now let's remember that this virus is VERY smart and knows to stay away from BLM Protest/Riots, marches, looting, and anywhere a democratic tells it to stay away from like hair salons. From day one the media wanted to make sure everyone knew about COVID, I mean... Image
3/86: ...you can literally google any number and covid case (ex. Covid case 23947) and an article comes up, try it if you don't believe me.
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16 Nov
Election Fraud
THREAD 1/: Lets begin with basics. Trump is winning in MI, WI, PA, GA, NC on election night, then all stop counting. Most of these states were the first to begin counting, yet took several days to count all the votes.
2/: Early Wednesday morning both WI and MI flip to Biden around 4/5am. Both states that stated they would pause counting for the night miraculously resumed counting when most of the country is sleeping to give Biden the lead.
3/: Now remember during the night before AZ was called very early and Trump was telling AZ to keep counting while tweeting at WI and Mi to "stop the count" once Biden took the lead, but it appears after he tweeted it encouraged them to keep counting.
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