only noticed now the clear implication by messrs. Fischel & van Boehn that Liszt, at Karlsruhe & perhaps all the way from Switzerland, was not only wearing the soft grey felt [hat] given him by Wagner, but was wearing nothing else.
I mean if he was, they would probably have said
"When women were beginning again to wear corsets, waistcoats and coats were cut so close to the figure that men were obliged, whether they liked it or not, to lace themselves in, and those who refused to wear corsets had to substitute a basque belt worn next the skin" c. 1830
no more listening to pro- (or even anti-) victorian corset historians who conveniently leave out men's architectural underpinnings! NO MORE problematizing/championing women's armatures as if the men belting themselves in under their crimson satin waistcoats are of no interest!!
"trouser was worn sometimes loose, sometimes close-fitting; in the latter case natural shortcomings were compensated for by false calves, just as the ladies in 1796 wore false arms under their long gloves (and even false figures made of wax)"

I need illustrations of the latter
in a different decade again but "The vainer men, who swore by the figure, also wore corsets just about the time when women were giving them up...Herr von Dorville fell down dead after dancing violently; he had in his vanity laced himself to death at the knees, waist and throat"
the whole 19th c. long there was no place you could go to be safe from other women playing guitars at you. harmonicas too sometimes ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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22 Nov
rose up to a sudden happiness on realizing that the Hob. numbers for Haydn are short for Hoboken, not whatever I thought they were, like Hobshawm or Hobbiton or some fucking thing. then a swift descent as soon as I found out it was for Anthony von Hoboken & not New Jersey
old anthony von hoboken came from Rotterdam they say. off on a bad foot to begin with: confusing. but do they mean Rotterdam, NY, in Schenectady county? no they absolutely do not.
after all this man is nothing to me
what's the whole thing with pogorelich? like what's his deal
I mean why did he record two haydn sonatas and then stop
why would you do that
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20 Nov
more myths
more myths! Image
this binding
I say nothing abt taste or craftsmanship but you know it’s art if it makes you dizzy. if it gives you a migraine it’s double art ImageImage
"The carbonari hat was looked upon with suspicion; and when Liszt, who travelled from Switzerland in 1853 in a soft grey felt given him by Wagner, appeared in the same at Karlsruhe, he had some difficulty with the police"

these are the wages of wearing a hat given you by Wagner
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20 Nov
that NYT guy explaining how he assesses the risk to his family from his contacts without a word on the risk he'll be bringing back to his contacts from his family
the important thing is to indirectly kill someone else's parents, not your own. to know who matters
the people most fixated on 'travel-shaming' are the ones who have never felt shame. the fascination of the innocent for a dirty word they looked up in a dictionary. Is this shame? they wonder. is THIS shame? oh but you'll know it when it finds you. if it ever does
a full day of maniacally distracting myself with antiquary cares & 19th century fashions and I am still angry at the guy everyone has already been comprehensively mad at. one last pointless thing to say:
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19 Nov
the smithsonian is closing again! what a wonderful way to find out that it had opened again at some point, for some reason
for god's sake will the government give me some money to stay home and practice the piano on weekdays, I promise to stomp over to the Capitol and/or the mayor's office to play them a tune once I'm vaccinated, to prove it was money well spent
fuck's sake
there's a wonderful feeling in the air every year when the number of people in the city drops like air pressure & there's a sudden POP of emptiness as people who don't actually like to live here go away. I am so stupidly naive I did not expect to feel it this year, bc obviously
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5 Oct
you could write a book about genesis 2:19-20 and somebody must have. not that I would read it
(I mean the invention-of-narcissism part where Adam is unwilling to take for Friend & Companion anyone or anything that was not a literal piece of himself)
p.s. Eve has Adam's pre-split memories, right? she must have. so we must say Adam's early choices were hers also.
& so as far as eve knows, this is a Prestige situation. from her perspective, she is hugh jackman looking at second hugh jackman wishing she had a pistol on her
I disclaim all religious feeling & education, as usual, but I still am upset by the part where god parades the lynx & the ibex &c. in front of lonely Adam Prime & says Aren't these neat, you can make friends with any of em, what do you say, "a boy and his dog," is that anything
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