@trumptrain1111 @nypost Remember, remember the month of September ...
Did "they" say ... Hmmm what else happened during September seven months prior the March COVID Lockdown

September 19th, 2019

"Now what would be the odds of that?"

Now combine with
@trumptrain1111 @nypost the knowledge HCQ actually has historically CURED people even Elderly with COVID symptoms: In fact as shared already in April 2020 shortly after the COVID Lockdown & true Physician who honours his Oath saved Elderly patients at a Texas Nursing home:

@trumptrain1111 @nypost Why were sovereign House Estate funds premeditatedly misappropriated for Operation Warp Speed vaccines when oversight fiduciaries @WhiteHouse @thejointstaff @DeptofDefense @USArmy @TheJusticeDept @USTreasury All knew in advance that Decades utilized HCQ is easily produced &
@trumptrain1111 @nypost @WhiteHouse @thejointstaff @DeptofDefense @USArmy @TheJusticeDept @USTreasury inexpensive COVID Cure that has to date treated substantial number of COVID patients world wide & is being completely ignored as well as Discredited: Further I Ordered all funding to be redirected to the production of
HCQ & to CEASE & DESIST from funding OWS vaccines PERIOD:
@trumptrain1111 @nypost @WhiteHouse @thejointstaff @DeptofDefense @USArmy @TheJusticeDept @USTreasury Further demonstrating between the historical knowledge in the safe utilization of HCQ for several Decades, readily produced & inexpensive with combined safe Therapies: 2) Historically known Fact 99% plus people will recover on their OWN: 3) The Age impacted by COVID are 65 +
@trumptrain1111 @nypost @WhiteHouse @thejointstaff @DeptofDefense @USArmy @TheJusticeDept @USTreasury & 4) Sweden with ZERO lockdown (clearly the Test Base) have demonstrated the Lockdown to be a Costly misjudgement on the part of oversight fiduciaries or is premeditated Crimes Against Humanity requiring all who participated to be immediately Arrested, Tribunals & Executions:

• • •

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@kb4landlover @ryan35381162 Yes, I have given substantial information pertaining the technologies far more than is available anywhere, since what I have accomplished is unprecedented from a historical perspective: I consciously actualized & executed (performed) what I have partially shared over decades:
@kb4landlover @ryan35381162 People's Christ-I-AM title is the result from the Trust relationship established by the joining of two Houses via a union of a man & woman whose energy created a beautiful live born child: Hence the Law is neither House Title be diminished, hence both House Titles are on BC
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@sahasrara10002 Greetings! Thank You again for another Brilliant catch & Notification of additional data, pertaining entrusted oversight fiduciaries historical knowledge of the ineffectiveness of masks against C19 infection: Further demonstrating Lockdown to be premeditated injury, torture
@sahasrara10002 Crimes Against Humanity that has additionally resulted in substantial premeditated damages to Alive exempt sovereign House Estate Assets (natural resources & real property) by entrusted oversight fiduciaries in state, federal & international fiduciary PERSONS (individuals &
@sahasrara10002 organizations) offices on sovereign America & nations world wide: Demonstrated by unprecedented, historically documented, premeditated RICO collusion of the unwarranted Crimes Against Humanity torture of COVID Lockdown by oversight fiduciary & fiduciary PERSONS perpetuating
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@MunkeyPilot Yes! Ordered Arrest & Seizure of Assets, All Super, Advisory & Main Board Members & top management with RICO Tax Audits: Oversight fiduciaries @USTreasury @TheJusticeDept require immediate investigation for insider trading with fiduciary PERSONS (individuals), PFIZER, GILEAD-
@MunkeyPilot @USTreasury @TheJusticeDept SCIENCE & other (organizations) engaged in COVID vaccines: Kindly note same pattern created with @WhiteHouse @US_FDA & GILEAD-SCIENCES pertaining Remedvisir when the oversight fiduciaries WH physicians utilizing alleged president's COVID positive to
@MunkeyPilot @USTreasury @TheJusticeDept @WhiteHouse @US_FDA artificially premeditatedly promote the drug Remedvisir to create a stock purchases based upon False Claims in full knowledge there was ZERO proof the drug cured COVID
These oversight fiduciaries recognized the truth
demonstrating other motives
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@jessie_misty Truth there are Advance conscious beings whose life's energy has been granted as I have for All: All life is held accountable for it's use of Life force: Wisdom is utilize one's Free Will for constructive manifestations: Yes, there are multiple energetic school rooms if you
@jessie_misty will: For example due to the raising frequency & energetic enforcement I AM historically enforcing those whom were withholding & obstructing Equitable micro & macro systems operations are being simply removed if one pays attention they will recognize multiple Alterations
@jessie_misty upgrades transpiring continually some are major & others more subtle: I literally could spend centuries pointing them out: The Time is due to the level of experiential knowledge that is required for one to comprehend the context: Similar to playing music requires application
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@RoubLisa Thank You Blessed Lisa for the Notification! Notice [he] had to preface it ...

"Upon use of "emergency authorization" All Americans must receive under 24 hours"

Perhaps via Future Past hindsight people perceive WHY I Ordered National Guard Activation the minute I recognized
@RoubLisa "They" on the evening of May Thirty-First when "they" ALLOWED as in premeditatedly PLANNED along with the Enemy Combatant TERRORIST (Let everyone be clear, people were brainwashed, programmed in advance by a PSYOP to Accept Martial LAW relying on everyone's IGNORANCE of Law &
@RoubLisa History of what transpired under the *REPUBLICAN party 9/11 make ZERO mistake ALL political parties are infiltrated with corruption: Remember the Obama's & Bushes were good friends from two different alleged political parties: "They" are All GROOMED for "their" roles there
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