@Muna_Abdi_Phd 1/ Forgive me @Muna_Abdi_Phd I want to add a similar story to add to what you are saying about this book.

5 years ago, I taught in a inner city school where I was covering an English teacher on maternity leave.

There a year 11 child called Mohammad who was quite a sweet child
@Muna_Abdi_Phd 2/ he did prat about occasionally but he wasn’t trouble. A good kid. His younger brother was in Year 9 & he was studying OMAM.

His brother was quite dark-skinned & was one of the only BAME students in the class.

His teacher came to the Crooks section of the book...
@Muna_Abdi_Phd 3/ & used the N word. The Year 9 boy was embarrassed but said nothing. Then, as the story went, one of the other non-BAME children said to this Year 9 boy, “let’s call him Crooks” & they were taunting him in class.

The boy ran out in tears & at break called Mohammad & told him
@Muna_Abdi_Phd 4/ what happened. Mohammad was concerned & approaches the teacher telling her what happened.

Apparently the teacher was dismissive & said that it was normal & she ‘taught the class many times without an issue.’

Mo told the teacher if she could please not use that word,
@Muna_Abdi_Phd 5/ The teacher took umbrage that Mo would question her & called for Patrol as she felt threatened.

2 members of staff approached him & it became a flashpoint.

I was in the English office when I heard screaming & shouting down the hall.

Mo had lost it & was kicking the door.
@Muna_Abdi_Phd 6/ I’m not sure what the other staff said to him but he was very upset.

I spoke to him to calm him down & was tasked to take him to the SLT on duty.

When I spoke to him he said words that I will never forget.

He said “I understand why I get called Nigger in the street,...
@Muna_Abdi_Phd 7/ But me or my brother shouldn’t hear it in the school. Why doesn’t anyone like us?”

It makes me emotional even talking about it now.

Representation matters.

If books like this & teachers do not handle it correctly, this can cause immeasurable damage to the self esteem of
@Muna_Abdi_Phd 8/ these young people.

To some people it’s just a word, but for PoC, this word represents everything wrong with the system.

Apologies again @Muna_Abdi_Phd - this is a subject close to my heart & your story touched me.

@Muna_Abdi_Phd One last thing...

That same boy was taken to the Head & given a hour & half detention for ‘aggressive’ behaviour.

He eventually got it overturned with the help of his parents.

What message is it sending out to this young man? This book is too contentious.

• • •

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26 Oct
1/ Inspired by @RisuToInu & @NessaTahmin tweets I’m going to tell you a little story...

When I was working as a NEETs coordinator in East London, almost all of my students had severe Social Emotional & Mental Health needs & the borough I was working in was 1 of the most
2/ deprived in the country. Around 7 years ago, this was when London street violence really started in increase with stabbing, shooting & the new trend, acid attacks becoming terrifying more common.

Out of my students, there was 1 young man ‘Mark’ (not his real name) who I will
3/ never forget. Mark was an 17 year old who was a suspected drug dealer & had a big reputation in the area. Mark was as thin as a rake, with a mind like a steel-trap. Observant, decisive & logical he was a guy that everyone would listen to. Luckily
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4 Oct
1/ Morning guys. After a bit of reflection (& bedrest) I wanted to talk a little about children with Social Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH) difficulties & how to engage them.

I wrote a blogpost talking about making a ‘Social Contract’ to compliment the School Rules which
2/ proved a bit controversial. I was told that it was ‘vague & confusing’ & that we as teachers should take a ‘hard line with the behaviour policy’ until they follow it.

If you are dealing with children who can self-regulate & can verbalise their feelings that is fine but
3/ for children that have SEMH needs not only will this not work but this could be potentially catastrophic.

In my experience, kids who are severely disruptive often have untold traumas that affect their interpersonal relationships. In clinician speak they have ACEs which mean
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3 Oct
1/ An East London Tale 2
***Names, dates & locations have been changed to protect the identities of people in the story***

Off the theme of friendship, when I was growing up in the ‘Endz’ there was a dude I knew called ‘Fred.’ Fred was a friend on a friend so we weren’t tight
2/ like that but we still chill together sometimes. Fred’s best friend’s name was ‘Jamie.’ Fred was a good looking guy, decent at school & was an aspiring singer.

Jamie was a bit closer to the streets & wasn’t academic - he was a bit more ‘Road’ & had the gift of the gab
3/ These guys went primary school together & were super tight. Then in the mix was a girl around the way called Sarah.

Sarah was a bit of a tomboy but as we all grew older, she started to blossom into a beautiful young woman. Around Year 10, Fred asked Sarah out & they
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3 Oct
1/ Since I’m lying in bed & have to think, I’m going to expand on an earlier quote about allies & friendships... Just indulge me...

I grew up in a rough part of London & we grew up with a ‘code’ & one of the most important parts of that code is ‘loyalty is everything’...
2/ No matter what, your boys should come first. In my mid to late teens, I would have happily jumped in front of a friend at harm to myself if it meant that I saved their life.

I feel in with the wrong crowd, disobeying my parents & not even focusing on my studies...
3/ My mum hated my friends. She knew that they were no good & was so scared for me she put me in another school out of the area to keep me away from them.

It did no good.

I was walking around the ‘Endz’ like I owned it, just as long as I could be with my ‘boyz.’
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3 Oct
Common RnB phrases in 90s/00s

“I gave you keys to the whip”
“Call me/you on my cellphone”
“I can love you better he/she can”
“My boo”
“Wifey/My man”
“Keep it on the downlow”
“Why you tripping/fronting?”

Any I have forgot? 😂
I forgot “crib” as well... 😭😂😭
I forgot:

“2-Way” 😭😂😭😂
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6 Sep
1/ After talking to some of my colleagues in person & over social media, I am shocked that even Post COVID19, the toxic level of bullying, unfairness & quite frankly, discrimination in schools have not let up.

Looking at our bat poo-poo world, I would have thought,
2/ That those in positions of authority would have been more compassionate about the wellbeing of their staff.

This is not a pop at SLT/Mid Management - I know many very hardworking, honest & virtuous leaders that are leading their staff the best they can & I salute you.
3/ But I am calling out the management who deny good worthy staff opportunities. Who make their team do their work because they want an ‘easy life.’ Who demean & humiliate their staff & punish those who call them out of their poor behaviour. Those who take joy
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