Conservative MPs who moonlight as bullying Apologists. A Thread.

#PritiPatelBullying #PritiPatelMustResign #PritiPatelmustgo
Let's start with @Jacob_Rees_Mogg who thinks being a bully makes one "formidable" and an "asset to government"
Next, @MPIainDS who things "strong, robust and determined" bullies can "get the job done" and who believes the report into the Home Secretaries behaviour justifies it because the Civil Service are bad at their job.
@TomTugendhat can't believe that someone who is "very kind to many" might be shouty and sweary to a few. The fact that she "knows her own mind" makes her a "great asset" - where've we heard that before?
@Gibbo4Darlo says Patel's a "tough woman" tackling the "toughest issues", presumably with the "toughest language," the "toughest volume," and "toughest disregard for the feelings of others."
@RicHolden uses the same photo as Gibbo and the same tough talk: she's a "tough cookie" in one of the "toughest jobs" - presumably with the "toughest copy & pasting skills around."
@DehennaDavison knows better than to share a twice-shared photo, even though she's in it. Her original take on the Home Secretary is that she's in one of the "toughest jobs around" and has a "tough character" to take it on.
@DehennaDavison also reminds us that this so-called bully once asked her how she was doing, so how could she have acted abusive to anybody ever?
@BBradley_Mans never misses an opportunity to attack the left - the bully is "honest" and only attacked by people who are "desperate to hate her." Personally, I've never found it difficult and have only ever unintentionally hated her.
Also, forgot to say - @BBradley_Mans did add that she was "tough"
@MattHancock is "very proud to serve in a cabinet with a bully" which looks like something he's been told to say "or else"
@trussliz presents a softer side to the Home Secretary - she's "compassionate, determined, hard working and professional" and couldn't possibly be nasty, because she likes keeping immigrants out of the country.
@NadineDorries doesn't disappoint either - in the vein of Ben Bradley, it's somehow the left to blame. You see, they're not "tough".
@JamesCleverly (Cleverly by name, James by nature) thinks that the Home Sec is just "delivering the first duty of government" as she screams in the face of her wretched underlings
Then there's @amandamilling (no, me neither) thinks that the bully has at least been "effective" and "totally focused" which makes you wonder how she could have done anything inadvertently. At least she "delivered on our promises" to abuse staff.
@robertcourts also reckons Priti's "delivering on her promises" and "acts on common-sense" - when you're not getting your way, scaring your employees half to death does seem to be the straight-thinking approach
Also, goes without saying at this point, but she's apparently "tough whilst personally kind"

Any moment now, @pritipatel will say she's only ever been unintentionally kind and apologise for any warm feelings caused.
@ConorBurnsUK says she's got "grit" which means Burns has a thesaurus and can look up the word "tough"
If she screams at people to "fully support" her that's fine. She does the same asking their cornflake tart and custards on Thursdays. It's not bullying.
@team_greenhalgh says Priti's got "great clarity" which is impressive, because when I scream and swear at the top of my lungs, my diction tends to suffer.
@JBrokenshire says the bully is "kind, thoughtful and dedicated" and one must presume that most of the thoughts are about how quickly she can badger Tory MPs to back her bullying during #AntiBullyingWeek
Bullies protect bullies.
"Tough" people call them out.
#PritiPatelBullying #PritiPatelMustResign #PritiPatelmustgo
Oh heck, there's more...
@FelicityBuchan reminds us all of the Harrow-Club test. Priti once visited and as we all know, bullies melt if they step foot in there. QED.
@RuthEdwardsMP thinks it's sexist to call out a woman for being a bully. I'd like to state for the record that any male minister who has to scream and shout to do his job is not a "strong man" and should also resign - if she knows of any, do let us know.
couldn't bring himself to tweet, but still let his pro-bullying be known via a retweet that says we're not supporting the bully enough and that she bullies less often now
@marcolonghi4dn says the people voted for a bully so bullying is fine - it's the "left wing wokerati" to blame and the precious, "tough" Home Sec is a perfectly good bully in his book.
Priti Patel has never bullied a member of @imranahmadkhan 's family. Ipso Facto Not a Bully.
@johnredwood says that shouting and screaming and harassing people has been done to "enforce the law and to stop crime" - it is presumably to be included in official police advice next year.
Another bully-test from @lucyallan - bullies famously cannot remember first names, that Patel did once shows she's incapable of intimidation.
@JacobYoungMP was one of the first to defend the bully but ended up so far down this list as I'd never heard of him. He's never heard of me too though - it's fine. We've both heard of the bully who screams at her staff though.
BREAKING: @sheryllmurray reporting that woman who treats some peers with respect could never treat those she considers beneath her with disrespect, shouting, swearing or bullying. You heard it here first.
@KieranMullanUK tells us it's important to remember nobody is perfect - who among us hasn't verbally abused our employees by accident? Let him who hasn't screamed at staff when demanding they obey throw the first stone...
@aliciakearns defends Patel as "no-nonsense" with nonsense being defined as "respectfully not screeching at employees or making them faint with fear of losing their jobs"
@bhatti_saqib pointing out that "resolute" (seeing a lot less "tough" now thankfully) Patel has ALWAYS been courteous and generous - I can only imagine that while swearing at her colleagues she offers them a biscuit - though it's probably a fig roll.
Rob Roberts (no twitter) "wholeheartedly and unreservedly" supports breaking the ministerial code. Because Patel is toug... sorry, "exceptionally strong"…

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