Most of this I get (brother's a landscaper) except air conditioner. All I can come up with is house is (like most moderns) too big for the plot, and there's no room on the left side of the house to put the air conditioner, or putting it on the left would be too near a neighbor.
Someone pointed out in replies it might be a backup generator, not an air conditioner; still stands - you would normally want this on the side or in back but I bet the plot is insanely small and there's no other room.
From shot of back of the house, it's clear the most obvious place for this large item is where that red umbrella is on the left there. But someone didn't talk to someone and here we are.

I know, the inside is terrible with stuff but I don't care about contents here.
I am probably revealing myself as a logistics and engineering enthusiast here. I can always find the bathroom in any restaurant, store or building when I walk in, pointing where it is like a freaky movie character.
I've only been wrong once; in a restaurant, they somehow got away with putting a bathroom in the front of house NEXT TO THE ENTRANCE. It was obviously six kinds of illegal and I am positive there were broken off leads for the real bathroom under a stove somewhere.

• • •

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22 Nov
Going to talk about people dying, skip thead if not wanted
There's a lot of discussion going through the twitters right now about Thanksgiving and a sort of horror and surprise that people are under the impression Thanksgiving is worth dying for OR that going to Thanksgiving is Freedom or that people are not aware of the risks involved.
For what it's worth, my various lines of work over the many years have put me in touch with a lot of footage of people dying, especially in weird situations (because that's what gets passed around the most). I've also handled/read a LOT of writing about unusual situations. A lot.
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21 Nov
While I'm temporarily thinking about my whole home construction side, there's a documentary I saw called Stone Barn Castle:…

The real title should be "Adrien Brody Doesn't Know How To Hire a General Contractor".
It goes on for something like a year and quarter, he buys a big nutty house from a family, that used to be a tourist attraction, and remakes it so he can live in it. And he keeps going off to make movies, do other things, and it's clear he has no general contractor, at all.
And so most of the movie's drama is just "The contractors did THIS to the house/made THIS choice" and yeah, that's what they do when there's no general contractor. And then he mentions he didn't expect X or Y and YEAH THE GENERAL CONTRACTOR WOULD HAVE RESEARCHED AND PRESENTED.
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21 Nov
So, there's Google, trying to split the web again. Google will be knocking out an entire Browser ecosystem by making it you can't log into Google services without their special browser webkit.…
I don't need to hear from the boyz about how this is good, it'll be more secure, etc. There's ways to ensure there's standards for logins and web technologies. It's called THE WEB and there's been endless standards bodies and standards made for it for coming up on 30 years.
This is just Google being new Google, squashing anyone in their path, obfuscating the web, making everything a black box that phones home to Google and does things the Google way.
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18 Nov
Oracle bought an entire (admittedly ailing) company, Sun, destroyed all the current product lines including the Solaris operating system and Sun hardware, to fillet out the one nugget of Ownership of Java, to sue Google for billions.

It's weird when people say otherwise.
I encounter people who act like that didn't happen, like they didn't burn down a pretty amazing product line that was all pretty extensively vetted for quality because they wanted some IP to make easy Google-billions money.

People are weird
I got to hear about how they shut down Solaris and support networks for Sun Hardware. Only legal support contracts kept it going for as long as it did and as they expired, Oracle just threw centuries of experience out the door. To make a few bucks.
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18 Nov
People have short memories, and of course Byzantine law observation is usually either ignored by the general populace, or is the province of rather.. well, let's go with very unassertive persons noting "huh, they're sacking the village on a tuesday this month".
The question is - what will Disney do about Steamboat Willie on January 1st, 2024? To protect this specific property, they have completely upended copyright law into its current untenable position, a functionally nuclear copyright schema favoring corporations unversally.
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17 Nov
I respond to one random "And then the Wayback Machine EDITED THE PAGE TO CHANGE THE STORY" tweet and this is, I must stress, generally true.
The Wayback grew organically from a wild-haired geek's "what a fun idea" dream in the 1990s to a critical part of the information infrastructure of the internet in the present day. You know, like everything else. As a result, some of the basic facts are not fully explained.
Pages sometimes disappear from a server outage, from a bug in Playback (we could do an entire CONFERENCE on how Wayback Playback works), from a bunch of potential issues. They sometimes are taken down due to a lawyer letters, and are marked as such.
Read 5 tweets

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