Mutable signs 📩 (Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces) There was something blocking your manifestations and your happiness that is now being removed. This could be a person, a mindset, a job etc, but it has to go. However, all hope is not lost.
What may feel like a loss now is going to be so much more beneficial for your future. It’s hard to see that while it’s all happening but if you find yourself going through a major shift in your life, it’s thrusting you forward in a very direct way.
Sometimes the Universe becomes strict with us when we’ve been in denial too long. Something happens to bring you back down to earth and wake you up again. Take the hard lessons that are happening within you or around you as a wake up call to finally make the changes you need to.
Wherever there’s been a lack of authenticity or acceptance is becoming very apparent and incredibly hard to avoid. Don’t fight against it. Where are you being guided to make adjustments? Where do you need to be more yielding? Yes it’s uncomfortable, but it won’t be forever.
Utilize this time to connect with the lost parts of yourself, especially your inner child that wants to be heard, cared for and supported. Connect with people who support you and uplift you. Dive into something interesting you can study. The shift is here & can be used for good.
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22 Nov
Fixed signs 📩 (Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius): Let your emotions lead the way. You have them for a reason and they can be used to push you towards your goals. Practicing communicating love or your deepest feelings without fear of embarrassment is about to unlock doors for you.
It’s going to take a lot of courage for you to overcome fears of vulnerability, intimacy, closeness etc, but the more you do it, the easier it will become. All forms of love are going to be presented to you and you may be very hesitant to allow it to come towards you.
You have the power to bring hope back to the hopeless, love back to the lonely & connection to those who feel disconnected. But do you truly allow yourself to accept those things when other people offer them to you? It’s time to practice becoming more confident in your feelings.
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22 Nov
Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra) 📩 You could feel like you’ve been waiting for way too long for something or you’ve been stuck in an in between stage where there hasn’t been much progress. That period is ending faster than you think.
This is the time to be picky & selective with what you want. Don’t settle. Continue to wait with expectancy for exactly what it is that you really want because it is going to be put on your path. Your waiting or the work you’ve been doing now will not be in vain.
For many of you this is in regards to a relationship that you’ve been wanting or more movement in a current one. A breakthrough moment is coming up where things are going to be moving forward full speed ahead. No more waiting, no more delays or confusion.
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2 Jul
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn ♑️ 🌕 on July 4th-5th: Check your chart to see where Capricorn falls. This moon could bring those inner child issues to the surface & issues in regards to a mother or father figure in your life.
You can also expect:

Feelings of unworthiness
Self sabotage
Self limiting beliefs/patterns
Work related issues
Obsessive thinking

To come to up in order to be released.
Advice: Stay as grounded as possible. Full moons effect everyone differently. Some may not feel anything, others may feel everything. All is valid. Practice mindfulness, breathing techniques, get more sleep, and step away from additional stressors. (Ex. Social media)
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14 May
Less common angel numbers 💜 These are based on some of my own interpretations from cards I pulled and some deeper meanings for numbers patterns you might be seeing.
There are infinite numbers so I won’t get to all but as I learn, I’ll share. :)
Subsequent numbers: 1234, 456, etc.
Seeing these types of numbers are similar to seeing 555. You’re getting some type of wake up call to change your life or move in a new direction. The difference is, it’s not advising a huge shift or change. It’s indicating baby steps.
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28 Mar
There are so many stereotypes so I’ll clear up the main ones.

1. We DO have multiple soulmates.
2. They are not all romantic nor are all meant to be long term/forever.
3. A soulmate is not your perfect match but someone who resonates with you on a soul level.
4. You can’t turn someone into a soulmate. They either are or they aren’t.
5. Soulmates are not perfect and they can also be abusive or have toxic traits/tendencies. They are not exempt from hurting you.
6. Soulmate is a type of connection and doesn’t justify someone’s actions.
7. Sometimes soulmates are not as spiritually aware as you about the connection and so they may feel the need to run or keep their distance because it’s too strong. They are not always ready to accept the connection when you first encounter with them.
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13 Mar
The Gemini energy is always super strong in the Scorpio readings. Y’all are initially very drawn towards each other but when you try to connect emotionally it’s like oil and water. 😩 The way you both communicate and express emotion is so different.
Scorpio, Gemini appreciates open and direct communication from you even when it’s difficult. The Scorpio energy tends to brood and become very passive and this is frustrating to Gemini cause they can’t understand how Scorpio truly feels. Do your best to be straightforward.
Gemini, Scorpio doesn’t open up easily and appreciates reassurance and validation that it’s safe to do so. This sign is naturally suspicious and doesn’t trust others easily but they respond well to consistency and proving loyalty is subtle ways. You’ll have to be patient.
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