The radicalization spiral unleashed on the right will ultimately devour even those who set it in motion. We’re already seeing it with Fox News. This is why our norms were important; why upholding truth was important. Let’s hope it’s not too late to put the tiger back in its cage.
Sure, there’s radicalization on the left, too. But look what the Democrats did in the face of it. They nominated Joe Biden—one of the least radical things in Washington. They held the AOCs and Bernies at bay for now. The right made Steve Bannon its campaign manager.
There are prominent forces on the left rebutting the radicals. Rep. Clyburn saying defund the police was a terrible slogan. Buttigieg pushing back against universal student loan forgiveness. Klobuchar shutting down Medicare for All.

All the right has is a bunch of yes men.

• • •

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3 Nov
Remember Charlottesville.
Remember Access Hollywood.
Remember Ukraine.
Remember the planned 9/11 Taliban meeting.
Remember his praise for Kim Jong Un & Putin.
Remember how he applauded Xi’s camps.
Remember how he denigrated a Hispanic Article III judge.
Remember his incompetence.
Remember how he disrespected our troops.
Remember how he suggested those who died from COVID weren’t strong.
Remember how he told us we’d only have 15 cases and it’s disappear.
Remember how he said he’d reform healthcare but never did.
Remember how he lied over and over again.
Remember how he disrespected women.
Remember how he started a trade war that didn’t work.
Remember how he said he’d build a wall and that Mexico would pay for it, but ultimately never built it and still asked you to pay.
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20 Sep
I can’t associate with these Rs. Under Trump, they’ve abandoned most of what I agreed with as a conservative when it came to policy & worse have so embraced his odiousness in how they engage, there are few left I even respect. They want a shrinking circle & can have it. I’m out.
At first, I was set on writing in a name, b/c I am a conservative. I believe in a strong 2A, I’m pro-life, I support robust federalism & a limited fed. gov’t, and I’m worried about runaway spending that both parties have exacerbated. But this election isn’t about those things.
It’s about character and decency and respect for our institutions. It’s about getting back to a certain normalcy instead of constant chaos at the hands of a reality-TV president. It’s about honor and respecting the troops and respecting the dignity of all people.
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5 Sep
Ok, fine. Here’s a thread of Trump quotes for which Trump himself is the public source:

—“Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab em by the pussy.”
—“[McCain’s] not a war hero. I like people who weren’t captured.”
—“Judge Curiel’s Mexican heritage creates a conflict of interest.” (he was born in Indiana)
—“Kim Jong Un has been, really, somebody I’ve gotten to know very well & respect.” “We fell in love.” “Chairman Kim has been terrific, frankly.”
—“President Xi is a very, very good man.”
—“Putin’s been a leader, far more than Obama has.”
—“That clown Charles Krauthammer”
—“And there’s doubt as to whether Obama was born here. He doesn’t have a birth certificate.”
—“You could see there was blood coming out of [Megyn Kelly’s] eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”
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20 Jul
I see this one a lot: "Why do you call yourself a conservative, Heath? You need a new word. It's ruined."

It's a fair point & deserves explanation - because it's true: I do still consider myself a conservative. So, what does that mean?
I'm conservative because I'm skeptical of govt's ability to change society in one swoop. If institutions are flawed, my bias usually is to reform them rather than destroy them, unless they actively offend core principles of justice. There is often wisdom in what's already built.
I also claim conservatism because I believe in the importance of moral virtue & values in a society. I'm not a moral relativist. That doesn't mean that government should go around codifying every value into law. But it does mean that our leaders should live them & be an example.
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28 Jun
Since Trump is so bad in so many ways, one challenge for principled conservatives is to retain our self-definition by clearly articulating the reasons we reject him. Most are basic & bipartisan (e.g., rule of law, decency, competence, & truth)—others are unique to conservatives.
We conservatives reject Trump because:
—he spent us into record debt thru an economic expansion
—implemented a failed tariff-&-subsidy regime that hammered farmers & consumers
—repeatedly used faith as a prop
—praised dictators & excused human rights abuses
—attacked career LEOs
—violated the constitutional limits on the Exec. by declaring sham “emergency” orders on pet issues he couldn’t get thru Congress
—used antitrust laws to threaten & attack companies he doesn’t like in a non-neutral way
—blindsided military commanders the top of my head.
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11 May
COVID arrived in the US on January 13. Wednesday is May 13.

That’s four months. Four months to figure things out, to communicate a plan, & to get testing & tracing in place. Instead, it seems we’re just opening up because of politics. Our leadership completely failed this test.
We should have been told clearly by our leaders *why* opening up is safe. How the rate of spread can be detected & controlled with X amount of tests & Y amount of tracers; by how much mitigation also controls the rate.

None of it. Instead: “We just have to do it. We’ll see.”
At the end of the day, this is a virus & its spread is a math equation. There’s no luck involved. You either have the measures in place to prevent spread, mitigate it, & treat the infected—or you don’t.

That we still don’t know where we stand is a national embarrassment.
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