Cruel intentions and its truthfull depiction of Ardra, Shatabhisa and Mula
The rahu-ketu axis respectively occupy the north-node and the south-node. These two are not planets, but parts of one being. They are the severed head and the headless body of svarbhanu. The head, symbolises rationality, logic, reasoning and all the gifts these bring to humans
as well as the downsides. Rahu ruled individuals are by nature cunning, and power seeking. These traits are ingrained in rahu because of its innate second-class status. When the devtaas (the gods) where being served the immortality elixir Amrita, rahu drank it, despite only being
a danav (demon). The moon and sun god witnessed the event and told Vishnu who cut off rahus head. Rahu had already become immortal, so he spends eternity chasing the sun and moon, occasionally swallowing them.
Rahu was not allowed to “sit” with the gods. This is often recreated in movies starring rahu ruled actors, such as the iconic “mean girls” scene where they discuss their tables exclusivity. On earth, rahu is still chasing its one true desire of social power, prestige and status.
In the future I will make a thread about how this is extensively shown in media, particularly high school movies because the school environment is a perfect arena for rahu. A place where no one can really “earn” anything, we are so young and most haven’t had a chance to live
out their calling through an important job or something else we choose to pursue. Everyone’s forced to be at school, future criminals as well as future nurses or saints. Here rahu can use its ability to be charming, to always see through illusions and create them fittingly.
While everyone is trying their best to grow their personality and learn the ins and outs of others, Rahu has its likeability, its wit and intelligence. rahu ruled nakshatras are most common for comedians, and comedians live solely on the likeability of their personality. This is
how they are able to get loved.
Shatabhisha moon Sarah Michelle geller plays Kathryn Merteuil, a mesmerising, highly respected and impressive teenager that is their schools student council president. This is the role of Saturn co-ruled Shatabhisha, among all people,shatabhisha
is the one who’s surveiling the masses and putting or guiding people into their appropriate position. Sara is aware of her own role, she knows her weakness and the harm she causes. She makes sure Sebastian does too, Sebastian is played by Ardra moon Ryan philippe. She manages
hide swiftly and gracefully; she moves behind the scenes and engages in manipulative acts constantly for her own pleasure. Sebastian does the same, he sets up situations and cracks jokes at the expense of other people, laughing and enjoying himself because of his own efforts.
Rahu loves excitement, it loves thrill seeking behaviour, enjoying yourself and playing. Swati’s like PewDiePie spend almost all their time playing videogames. He wilfully enters the dangerous scenarios the game sets up, understanding it’s just a game, and uses his mental
abilities to stay atop and win, turning something that could be scary, and often cruel as video games often involve killing, into a fun pastime. This is why Sebastian and Sarah do what they do, the plot of the movie is basically that they have a wager:
if Sebastian fails to seduce Annette who’s played by Mula moon Reese Witherspoon thats keeping her virginity, Kathryn gets Sebastian's vintage car; if he succeeds, Kathryn will have sex with him, Kathryn is the only girl Sebastian has failed to bed.
Ardra is the first Rahu ruled nakshatra, so its immature and not as ice cold. One of its symbols is a teardrop, and Sebastian spends a great deal of the movie crying. His emotions are complicated, he actually needs the help of a therapist to sort them out as we see in the movies
first scene. In Ardra mercury finally gives us the ability to be discerning, we are completely out of Rohinis blissfully unaware happiness in the garden and are forced to be players in this world. Ardra individuals can not help themselves from pointing the truth out to others
because they want to liberate them from an ignorant existence It can be felt as cruel it makes you cry. “It is often said that Rudraksha beads are the tears of Rudra and that a rosary made out of them is more spiritually powerful than a rosary made of solid gold” – Claire nakti.
Sebastian has to exercise this ability of his, telling the truth even when its so painful. He reads about a girl who’s saving herself for marriage, "that’s stupid!" Ardra is a very common nakshatra for pornstars (Claire Nakti), so he wants to conquer this fellow dog yoni person.
Anette turns out to be a worthy opponent in his eyes. She plays with him, she doesn’t fall as easily as he expected. Dogs are very playful animals, and if they could laugh they surely would. She makes him laugh. People don’t usually, so he falls in love.
this relationship is built on lies, something that Mula nakshatra won’t tolerate. It has to end. “The Great Destroyer Comet of lore, whose massive tail sweeps through worlds delivering a scattering, fragmenting, dispersing Wind, is represented by Professor Ketu.”(Barbara pijan)
Annetta gets to know everything in the end, Sebastian tells everything. He had a diary and mean girls style documented everything, which he gives to her. Mula is one of the nakshatras that gets access to hidden and occult information the easiest.
He wanted access to Annetta, Mula nakshatra is the entryway into the last stage of nakshatras and the realm of the siddhas. But “This gate is perilous and a person attempting to enter it is often met with their total destruction” (Claire nakti)
Sebastian tragically dies saving Annetta from a car crash, who really has the luck of her moons co-ruler Jupiter at her side in that moment.
“The Divine Healer” and “100 physicians” symbolise Shatabhisha for good reason, Kathryn’s downfall is in front of the entire school. She has prepared a sweet speech but gets interrupted in the middle of it. The schools 100 students, probably more, get to know know her true nature
nature Annetta distributes copies of Sebastian’s diary. The movie ends with Annetta cruising on the highway in her shiny black car, she has endured much but was victorious in the end.
Thanks for reading this thread!❤️ i got most of the info i used from Barbara pijans and Claire Nakti. Please check out the playlist i have made for rahu that i think could be a soundtrack for this movie! i was inspired by Hathor333 nakshatra ones.…

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