15 days ago Biden won the election. Today @chucktodd gave Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer 8 minutes on @MeetThePress to push the conspiracy theory that Biden did not win

You can lie about anything and the media will always invite you back

(Not posting video bc it's misinformation)
It should be considered malpractice in the news industry to give airtime to climate deniers, birthers, flat earthers, 9/11 truthers, and election deniers. This is how you misinform people. New journalism rules should stop news platforms from amplifying QAnon conspiracy theories
You’re watching the news media begin the process of slowly coming around to the idea, just as they did with “the Russia investigation was a hoax,” that Biden maybe isn’t a legitimate president simply because Republicans say so. The mainstream media is conservative

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22 Nov
Journalism must change today

The GOP, including @SenKevinCramer, refuses to say Biden won. This conspiracy theorist is invited on Meet the Press

The first question @chucktodd must ask is “will you acknowledge Biden won?” If he doesn’t say yes, end the interview. Stop the spread
If Cramer can’t even say that — a plain fact integral to our democracy — what is the justification for continuing the interview? You’ve identified that he’s acting in bad faith. You can’t reward bad actors with free airtime to spread their conspiracy theories
And no it’s not “coming close” that Cramer has said “it looks like Biden will win.” He won. It’s over. It was over two weeks ago. Anything other than acknowledging this is supporting Trump’s disinformation campaign—the news media should not be helping to spread this dangerous lie
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19 Nov
Please don’t tweet these lies, I know it’s irresistible but that’s what they’re counting on
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18 Nov
This is on OAN every day. You guys really have no idea how badly poisoned your family's brains are. anyway good luck thinking there's a real country out here worth salvaging
Why isn’t @MikeBloomberg buying this and shutting it down. It costs $50,000. If every one of my followers venmos me $1 I’ll buy it and cancel it today
I am giulianiing
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10 Nov
Joe Biden won the election three days ago and the Republican Party still refuses to acknowledge him as president-elect

Why is the press treating this like it's waiting to see how GOP senators will vote on a bill

There is not "another side" to the election being legitimate
There are no “election questions”
There are no “voter fraud claims”
There are no “legal battles”
There are no “allegations of irregularities”

There is only bad-faith Republicans weaponizing the media’s fear of openly saying what’s happening and they fall for it every time
The election is real. It happened. If a Republican refuses to acknowledge it you have a journalistic responsibility to blacklist that liar from appearing in your stories or on your news show. If they’re willing to lie about this, they will lie about anything. Why is this hard
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9 Nov
There are no Republicans in Congress besides Mitt Romney congratulating Biden and Harris because the *entire Republican Party does not believe the democratic process is legitimate* and that is the story. You're getting bogged down in bullshit process if you think otherwise.
“Trump taps X for legal effort” is a bullshit headline. There is no legal effort. There is no tapping for a real job. There is only Not Recognizing The Results Of An Election — and every single Republican is guilty of that and getting away with not being called out for it
Please god almighty jesus carmichael christ do not make me do another four-part mini-series podcast about this very simple thing you all should be acknowledging every day ***objectively***
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8 Nov
Bullshit. An entire segment about Fox fueling Trump's election conspiracy theories without mentioning that @CNN was the *ONLY NEWS CHANNEL IN AMERICA* that aired Trump's voter fraud lies Thursday night

Every other news channel cut away. @brianstelter will never acknowledge this
Stubborn unwillingness to criticize your employer's bad decisions is the strongest block to the news media learning from systemic mistakes and improving. They love to criticize other outlets but never their own in meaningful ways. We all know Fox is bad. Move on to the real stuff
@oliverdarcy was on too and has more sense than Stelter does but still didn’t mention it. There’s something disgusting about the culture and environment at mainstream news outlets that prohibits criticism of something so obviously bad that every other network didn’t do it
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