Coming immediately after a long lockdown when everyone was broke @kanuNwankwo @yemialadee and many others were paid money ranging from N10m to N5m to tweet fake news that led to the burning of Lagos. The reason they can’t delete the tweet after it was discovered to be fake.
You can not build something on nothing, fake news was the foundation upon which the EndSARs was built,fake news was the driving force that propelled it,it is that same fake news that has killed it. The protest was directed by PDP to burn Lagos and eliminate Tinubu.#Lekkiwood
No matter how long it takes,the lies will die and the truth will resurrect. @CNN @StephanieBusari @nimaelbagir can not help you to destroy Nigeria.We are not Libya and we are not Iraq.There was no evidence to proof a massacre as of today,maybe tomorrow.Blackmail is not evidence.

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19 Nov
1960,the first generation delivered independence,the second generation fought a 30 months civil war to keep Nigeria as one in 1970,mine fought military dictatorship right on the streets and got this democracy in ‘99 but in 2020 your generation was paid and fed to remain focused
while protesting police brutality. You can’t do anything without food and drink,you can ‘we move’ but not on empty stomachs! We did that for this country,if your own parents were cowards then,we were not cowards,if they failed you,we didn’t fail our children,we owe you nothing.
Your generation looted palliatives, they burnt police stations, the opened prisons,they asked foreigners to hack CBN and move millions to their accounts,they burnt and ate policemen,they burnt public infrastructures,looted businesses. You cost Lagos 1 trillion naira.They invited
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19 Nov
I know that many of the rudely Soro Soke generations are in their 20’s but that doesn’t give them a license to be stupid. It doesn’t. As a young boy during the military era, we dreamt and fantasize about revolution in Nigeria. We have read all the books on the civil war, Ojukwu
and Benjamin Adekunle aka Black Scorpion were our heroes. We later read about Amilcal Cabral,Che Guevera,Fidel Castro,Daniel Ortega the leader of the Nicaraguan Revolution! we read about Karl Max and his Bourgousie Vs Proletariat struggles.Even as a fantasy,we were grounded.
Later we graduated to the Non Violent tactic of Ghandi which was embraced by the American Civil Rights movements, we knew about Malcom X and Louis Shabban of the Nation of Islam and their disagreement with Luther King Jnr. We saw how effective the NVM became and what it achieved.
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19 Nov
Many of us are here for a good reason,if you think your insults will drive us away,it is a waste of time. Am excited to see that our being here drive the children of perdition nut. Look,there are days I don’t want to tweet because am busy or tired but this is a war,it is a war.
I don’t believe there is a massacre and all I asked for is the evidence to convince me. I wasn’t a fool at my 20’s why will I be one now. You have the luxury that I don’t. But let me also warn you: if you burn the country my children won’t be refugee but many of you will be one.
You should drive your argument with evidence and common sense,even if you are doing it with the purpose of winning an election. Some of you say oh this is how your party got into power but how many police stations did we burn in 2012, how many BRT,how many NPA?
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18 Nov
Many of you don’t know me. I am Yoruba and to make it worse am an Ekiti Omoluabi😁We don’t care how you feel when we stand by the truth. 199m Nigerians can face the North, if we think it is wrong we will stand alone. Was there a Massacre at Lekki? No evidence yet! So am I lying?
Go back home to your parents and learn some virtues.The people who burnt Lagos will never go unpunished.Our ancestors will not allow them to prosper on Yoruba land, the one who have prospered will not take it home.The Yoruba among them who betrayed our people will live to suffer.
Do us a favor and let us end this argument. Bring the evidence of a massacre. Why are you not talking about Wike in Oyigbo? I have pictures and video to help you. Why Lagos? We have evidence that PDP pushed this crisis, we have knowledge that people were paid to attack Tinubu.
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18 Nov
If you broadcast lies from the International Space Station ISS orbiting the earth,it will not change to the truth, Useful Idiots can take it from Lagos to Brisbane,it is still a lie.The only picture of Lekki Massacre I have with me are here👇 if you have another one pls bring it.
I am not a member of the Judicial Panel, my opinion is private. Take the @CNN video to the Panel, if they say it is an evidence of a massacre,we take it. Insults won’t help you.I am not contesting elections,you can not bully me to become a fool😁. Ko le Werk.
Some of you have been asking how much I get paid. Look I will like to be paid for helping my country fight this war against fake news but Buhari is stingy, @GarShehu and the other jokers been paid for a job they are not doing are not better than us.We do it for country not money.
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18 Nov
I have seen many of you tagging me with CNN Reports on Lekki, I have gone through it but my questions are:
1. Why is CNN not using the word MASSACRE?
2. Why are they not using the pictures by the celebrities that led to the burning of Lagos?👇
3. Why is CNN not reporting Oyigbo?
You can’t use lies to prove truth. If it was true,you don’t need lies. I don’t take instructions from Twitter mobs,am not @jidesanwoolu. We can all reason together if you want. Was there a massacre at Lekki,no prove yet but if you think El Bagir has the evidence, pls take it to
the Panel of Inquiry and we will all need to see it. I am not interested in blackmail,I need the truth, the hard facts.That is how I was brought up. We are interested in the allegations of a massacre,am not @utomipat @obyezeks I don’t need your votes. Am here for the truth.
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