5 Crucial Questions for the incoming Biden Administration (that they likely won't answer)

#1 - What will you do for the environment? You gave a speech where you said Trump is a climate arsonist - So what will you do different since you said you won't sign the Green New Deal?
#2 - Joe Biden, will you even take a single step toward decreasing the exorbitant insane BANANAS funding of our brutal racist police system? (You've said you absolutely won't.)
#3 - Biden, will you finally give Americans universal healthcare like every other industrialized nation? (You've said you won't.)
#4 - Will you raise the minimum wage to over $15 & grow unions & pass Universal Basic Income & stop Wall Street from burning down the country while running out the back door with trillions of dollars?? (Your record suggests you won't do any of that.)
#5 - Biden, could you also maybe end unlimited surveillance of Americans, close Guantanamo Bay, pardon Assange & Snowden, end the economic wars on Venezuela & Iran, end neo-McCarthyism, & super DON'T sign back onto the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (Doubt you'll do any of this)
Here are the questions that MUST be asked of the incoming Biden Administration and NOW:


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17 Oct
Proof that a 3rd grader can understand:

Do you accept that anything that disregards human suffering is morally bankrupt?
Then you've just acknowledged capitalism is morally bankrupt.
Crapitalism is morally bankrupt:
Look at Big Pharma - they profit far more from making life-saving drugs too expensive for many people to afford.
Crapitalism is morally bankrupt:
Look at gutting public water infrastructure & replacing it with bottled water the poor can't easily afford. Even though children will get lead poisoning or worse, corporations selling water make billions of $$.
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8 Oct
It's sad that people don't seem to realize the aggressive level of censorship required to prop up our collapsing empire.

1) Over 80% of airwaves owned by just 5 corporations - anything that doesn't agree w/ corporate America is purged, pushed out to the edges of the internet.
2) Julian Assange has been imprisoned & cut off lest he keep revealing war crimes & the truth about the empire. He serves as an example to any others who might dare to inform the citizenry about the crimes done in their names.
3) Those revealing the anti-corporate or anti-capitalist reality are heavily suppressed on YouTube. My Redacted Tonight account has 230,000 subscribers & yet every video is shown to about 2% of those. No one is "recommended" a Redacted video any more.
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14 Aug
For those who don't get it, here's what will happen on election night. Due to the fact that millions have already been purged from the rolls & that the USPS is being undermined, there will be mass chaos as to what the real vote is. Trump will declare victory no matter what...
Because the media is not prepping America to wait until the votes are counted (which could take weeks), the "winner" will be whoever declares victory the loudest on election night. Trump is always the loudest. So all Trump needs is chaos.
The Democratic establishment used the same tactic against Bernie Sanders in Iowa this year. They knew they didn't have to "win" outright - they just needed chaos. So they made an app that produced all-out election night chaos, denying Sanders the victory.
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3 Aug
28 MILLION evictions loom in the US.

- Yet there's no reason housing shouldn't be a human right.
- Before the pandemic there were 3 empty homes for every homeless person.
- It's now possible to 3D print a house in a matter of hours for a few thousand dollars. Our government could easily house every American.
- We live in a post-scarcity world. Now more than ever, housing should be a human right!
- Don't dare say we don't have enough money to do it. Money is a thought, an imaginary unit of measurement. Saying we don't have enough is like a builder saying he doesn't have enough inches.
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1 Aug
The U.S. has begun federal executions of inmates again.

1) At least 4% of those executed are completely innocent.

2) A much larger percentage than that are severely mentally ill.
3) The #1 determinant of whether someone gets executed is the race of the victim - meaning it "matters" much more if you kill a white person.

4) The chemicals used to kill people have to be secretly collected by our gov't because most nations & companies refuse to make them.
5) Many justify the death penalty by saying "an eye for an eye," but that is not how our legal system has ever worked. If someone steals your eye, the court never sentences them to lose their eye.
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20 Jul
Quick reminder: There are over $21 Trillion of unaccounted-for "adjustments" within the Pentagon's finances over the past 20 years. This includes $12 Billion of printed cash that went missing in Iraq.
Quick reminder: Big Pharma company Gilead is charging over $3,000 for a single treatment of Covid-19 drug Remdesivir. There are better generic treatments that very few are talking about because they won't make billions for Big Pharma & therefore don't have a marketing campaign.
Quick reminder: Unmarked unidentified Federal agents are grabbing+imprisoning unarmed protesters in America - without saying what the people are accused of. In any other country we would call this Fascism. And if the agents didn't have camo on, we would call it kidnapping.
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