1. Six year ago today, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was playing by himself in the park. A deadly mix of neighborhood fear of gun violence, police fear of Blackness, and the adultification of Black children resulted in Cleveland police shooting him to death within seconds of arriving.
2. When the officer called in the report of shots fired, they described Tamir as a Black male, and guessed his age to be around 20. They robbed him of his life in part because, before that, they robbed him of his childhood.
3. Were Tamir alive today, he would be 18. The first anniversary of his murder for which he would legally have been an adult.
4. There is nothing we can do within the confines of policing to prevent that awful outcome from occurring again. The mechanisms are too deeply ingrained in the rest of our systems.
5. If we want to honor Tamir, and pevent Black children from fearing his fate, the project much be much *much* bigger than policing. The project must be as large as the gap between the innocence of his childhood and the guilt of the systems that killed him.

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17 Oct
1. So, while we’re in the midst of a public safety data crisis, we might lose data from 25% of law enforcement agencies. Here’s how and why that matters. A thread.

FBI crime data could go away for one in four police agencies. newsy.com/stories/fbi-cr…
2. Data from police departments on reported crime are terrible. Just awful. The quality is bad. Standardization is trash. I often argue they are the worst governmental data in the world. The system for reporting them to the FBI is known as the Uniform Crime Report: UCR.
3. The UCR format sucks. It has no category for some important crimes (e.g., identity theft) and does not give the kind of granular information necessary for some basic analyses.
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18 Jul
1. The administration is trying to expand its policing powers. If we do not stop it, it will be deployed during elections and it will be a disaster.
2. As the above @joshtpm thread outlines, the mechanism appears to be the Federal Protective Service. They protect federal buildings and their occupants. But it’s a tiny agency. 1,400 employees. Not big enough to be a real problem nationally, right? Well...
3. The problem is that law enforcement agencies can accept help from other law enforcement agencies. What the administration is doing is detailing ICE and Customs & Border Protection officers to FPS. These detailed officers then operate under FPS authority.
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13 Jul
1. Seven years ago today, a jury in Florida found George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. A wannabe cop who stalked a 17-year-old minor—despite 911 dispatch telling him not to—because "they always get away with it." I will never forget hearing the verdict.
2. Minutes afterwards, I went to pick up an order at a nearby deli/sushi spot to distract myself. As I was leaving to go back to my car, several senior citizens in Los Angeles, were shouting with glee, "He got off! Not guilty!"
3. It soon became clear to me they had been rooting for Zimmerman. My blood boiled and after contemplating saying something, I instead hurried to me car. I'll never forget thinking "these are my neighbors." In a "liberal" city.
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6 Jul
1. Literally everyone who has been talking about “science says there’s no racism in policing” please endeavor to have a permanent seat. After dithering and dissembling, the paper will be retracted. And I am exhausted.
2. Also, it’s dishonest to say the authors were concerned about its “misuse.” It was being used exactly how they wrote and promoted it. They couldn’t answer basic scientific questions about what they concluded and why, and FINALLY chose retraction after months.
3. This pretense that it was good faith science and bad faith coverage is itself bad faith and I am exhausted by it. Every step along the way, from the shoddy reviews that allowed for its publication to the defenses of it, there were off ramps that allowed for face saving.
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3 May
1. All day long, all I’ve been thinking about is one word: Compliance. A thread.
2. When there is a tragedy with Black folks and police, my inbox is invariably flooded with people saying, “well, if they’d just complied, that wouldn’t have happened.” They say: “Teach your people the meaning of the word, ‘compliance.’”
3. Sometimes, when I’m optimistic enough to engage, I answer: “But compliance to an unlawful action is obedience to tyranny, no?”

“Take that civil rights shit up later” they say. “Comply when the officer tells them to.”
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3 Mar
1. 29 years ago today, grainy footage from a home video camera captured four Los Angeles Police Department officers violently beating Rodney King during a traffic stop. This became a sentinel event in race and policing. One that repeats every 21-23 years. A thread:
2. The footage was startling for how long and severely the officers beat King. Though “driving while Black” was already circulating in the culture, it was the King video that shocked the conscience of those who might have doubted the magnitude of racial disparities in policing.
3. Because the video was so clear, there was outrage that a jury could not convict any of the officers. The resulting uprising by Black and Latinx communities in Los Angeles lasted 6 days with the national guard, US Army, and Marines providing aid to turn the outrage peaceful.
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