Today, the United States officially withdrew from the 1992 Open Skies Treaty, having given notice of its intentions on May 22, citing fictitious Russian "violations." In less than four years, Donald Trump and his unilateralist wrecking crew of an administration have abandoned ...
the 2016 Paris Agreement on climate change, the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the Iran nuclear deal), the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and the OST. And New START—the last treaty constraining US and Russian nuclear arsenals—expires on February 5, 2021.
In a final slap at the innovative, multilateral, functioning, confidence-building Open Skies Treaty, the Trump administration is taking steps to make it physically impossible for future administrations to participate in the agreement:
But, typically, they have no idea what they're doing and their actions, if carried out, will only result in a needless waste of US government resources:

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22 Nov
Tonight in 1975, the guided missile cruiser USS Belknap (CG-26) collided with the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) when the Belknap turned into the Kennedy's path in rough seas during night-flying exercises in the Mediterranean Sea about 70 miles east of Sicily.
The Kennedy's massive flight deck sliced into the Belknap's superstructure, severing a fuel line on the Kennedy and setting off multiple fires on the Belknap, which burned out of control for two-and-a-half hours and came within 40 feet of the Belknap's nuclear weapons magazine.
Inside that magazine were Terrier surface-to-air missiles armed with W45 nuclear warheads (with a yield of 1 or 5 kilotons). The Kennedy was also carrying nuclear weapons at the time of the accident: approximately 100 air-delivered gravity bombs.
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20 Nov
Tonight in 1983, more than 100 million Americans saw multiple thermonuclear weapons destroy Lawrence, Kansas, in "The Day After" on ABC. A.C. Nielsen Co. reported that 62% of television sets that night were tuned in the film. I watched in my college dorm lounge. Where were you? ImageImage
Nothing can re-create the feeling of collectively watching that night—during rapidly escalating tensions with the Soviet Union while the Reagan administration openly advocated fighting and winning a nuclear war—but you can stream “The Day After” here:
Here is the parental advisory ABC ran before the film began regarding its depiction of a nuclear war: "The emotional impacts of these scenes may be unusually disturbing, and we are therefore recommending that very young children not be permitted to watch."
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27 Oct
THREAD: Fifty-eight years ago today—October 27, 1962—was arguably the most dangerous day of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a day when tensions ran so high that World War III could have started by accident three separate times.
While flying a pre-planned air-sampling mission out of Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, over the North Pole to collect debris from Soviet atmospheric nuclear tests, Capt. Charles Maultsby’s U-2 accidentally strayed into Soviet airspace for more than an hour …
starting at 8:00am Alaska time (Noon in Washington, DC) because he was blinded by the aurora borealis and unable to navigate accurately using the stars. MiG fighters were scrambled from Pevek Airport on the Chukotka Peninsula at 11:56am EDT (and a little later from Anadyr) …
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20 Oct
Drunkenness and nuclear weapons are never, ever a good combination, whether or not grilled chicken is involved.…
Talk about burying the lede: "HMS Vigilant is one of the four submarines … which make up the UK's nuclear deterrent. The submarine was reportedly at the centre of a suspected Covid-19 outbreak following a recent port visit to the US Navy Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia."
During a recent visit to Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia, several of the HMS Vigilant crew disobeyed orders and traveled as far as 200 miles away to visit strip clubs, bars, and restaurants, infecting more than 30 crewmates with COVID-19.…
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19 Oct
Trump, minutes ago: "You turn on CNN, that's all they cover. COVID, COVID, pandemic, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVI—oooooouhuhuh. You know why, they're trying to talk everybody out of voting. People aren't buying it CNN, you dumb bastards!"
Trump also complains it's too hot (it's 81F): “The governor didn’t tell me it was gonna be this hot out here. Does anybody have a little sunblock? I’d love to use it right now. I’m always preaching to my kids, ’Sunblock, sunblock!,’ and here I am like an idiot, but that’s okay.“
Ladies and gentlemen, the soon-to-be ex-senator from Arizona, Martha McSally!
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19 Oct
Trump's Coast Guard aide, Lt. Cdr. Jayna McCarron, is on “Football” duty for his trip to Arizona to lie at rallies at Prescott Regional Airport and Tucson International Airport. The ~45-lb. briefcase follows Trump 24/7, holding all he needs to order a nuclear attack at any time.
The Briefcase of Doom™ is now in the hands of White House Military Office Air Force aide, Lt. Col. Brandon Westling, as Trump arrives in Marine One at his mostly maskless, non-socially-distanced, hate-filled, lie-fest at Prescott Regional Airport.
As Trump stops to boast and lie to the traveling press pool, Lt. Col. Brandon Westling transfers the nuclear "Football" from Marine One to Air Force One for the flight to his next and last rally of the day at Tucson International Airport. He returns to Washington, DC, tonight.
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