Maugham states that his case against the Tavi regards the lawfulness of waiting list times for first appointment.

Take him at his word. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s any kind of political fight against other groups.
If he wins, and he may well do, I don’t think it would be a bad outcome.

Wouldn’t we all want children to see medical/psychological specialists as soon as they can?

But it’s only that (which may be a good ‘that’).
He seems happy to create the idea that a victory would be a political one, against his ‘dark money-funded hate groups’.

It is not. That’s his own personal crusade shining through.
We shouldn’t give him space to set up a situation where a straightforward legal victory will be turned into a political and personal victory.
Of course, if I were the ‘unnamed’ target of his personal crusade, I’d be seeking legal advice regarding defamation.

But that’s a separate context to the legal case he’s bringing, which is no more than a challenge to NHS waiting time targets for a specific service.
This is a very vague collection of thoughts 😂

I think what I’m saying is that we shouldn’t be tricked into his propaganda that this is somehow a big old fight against an ‘unamed’ group whose scalp he will then claim if he wins a fairly boring legal case.

• • •

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21 Nov
"The reality is that putting male- and female-bodied athletes together is co-ed or open sport. And in open sport, females lose."…
"The evidence is unequivocal that starting in puberty, in every sport except sailing, shooting and riding, there will always be significant numbers of boys and men who would beat the best girls and women in head-to-head competition."
(I'm not sure I agree with those exceptions; watch sailing and tell me strength doesn't matter.... but anyway)
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19 Nov
Prompted by the release of USA Gymnastics @usagym trans policy.

Specifically, the implication that performance differences between children of either sex and of any gender identity are negligible, therefore inclusion of transgirls with females is fair.
Here is summary data from Catley and Tomkinson, 2012, who collated performance data from 85347 Australian schoolchildren aged 9-17 years old.
Source here (full text can be found on ResearchGate).…
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7 Nov
‘Without a sex-based category for female athletes, women are quite simply excluded from the top levels of sport.’

Great article here from ⁦…
‘First they justified trans women competing with women because they had “always” felt they were female. Then they say the “always” female trans athlete might “be” male for certain sports or at different times.’

From the working group document:

‘Growing up male likely confers physical, hormonal, social and economic factors that contribute to this performance gap, but we cannot say that it is specifically due to testosterone in a way
that is significant and predictable.’
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On sex, balls and factories: a thread.
Let’s imagine a ball-making factory, the squishy, brightly-coloured kind of ball you kick around on the beach with a child (preferably one you own, not one stolen).
In that factory are two production lines. The first line paints balls red and the second line paints balls blue. Both machines are fed by boring beige balls.
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26 Oct
Jones et al., 2017 is repeatedly cited as evidence that transwomen do not have an advantage in female sports.

Here is my take.
They performed a literature search of transwomen in sport and concluded that:

“Currently, there is no direct or consistent research suggesting transgender female individuals (or male individuals) have an athletic advantage at any stage of their transition.”
This conclusion is not supported by the data they analyse.

First, the review intended to examine sports policies and participation, and consists largely of qualitative/survey data examining the experiences of trans people in sport.

This is valuable insight.
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24 Oct
The proposal that sports be divided into ‘performance pools’ undermines the very nature of competitive sport.
Let’s say I am matched in an boxing competition with a male of the same height, strength and speed. Our ‘output’ is considered equivalent, and thus the competition is deemed fair.

It is not fair.
Male physical output is a composite of two factors - male puberty and natural talent. Female physical output lacks the contribution of male puberty.
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