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Inside: Opsec and personal security; Australian predictive policing tool for kids; A textbook grift; Labor and large firms; The power of procurements; Guatemala's guilltoines; and more!

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Opsec and personal security: Runa Sandvik and Window Snyder on the Attack Surface Lectures.

Australian predictive policing tool for kids: Digital phrenology vs racialized kids.

A textbook grift: Economics, Final Edition.

Labor and large firms: Lessons from Caterpillar and Hollywood.

The power of procurements: A streamlined way to regulate IoT.

Guatemala's guillotines: Protesters torch the parliament.

Someone Comes to Town part 24: This week on my podcast.

#10yrsago Machine of Death goes Creative Commons

#10yrsago TSA looks at Adam Savage’s junk, misses his two 12″ razor blades

#5yrsago Blankets: New edition of Craig Thompson’s graphic masterpiece…

#5yrsago What’s inside a “Hello Barbie” surveillance toy?…

#5yrsago US cops seized more through asset forfeiture in 2014 than US criminals stole through burglary…

#1yrago Without right to repair, the military can’t fix its own battlefield equipment…

#1yrago Indiana University Provost: The First Amendment says we can’t fire our notorious bigot professor, so here’s what we’re doing instead…

#1yrago Trump pledged that Amazon would be forced to pay its taxes; thanks to his #taxscam, their profits went up and their taxes stayed $0.00…

#1yrago Civil society groups protest the sale of .ORG to a private equity fund and a collection of Republican billionaires

Yesterday's threads: An Especially Cursed House; and more!

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25 Nov
Publishing is dominated by just five giant players: Penguin Random House, Hachette, Simon & Schuster, Harpercollins and Macmillan.

1/ Image
Within that five-company oligarchy, one company stands out as a true monopolist: Penguin Random House, the megafirm created when Random House's owner, Bertelsmann, executed a merger-to-monopoly by buying Penguin in 2013.

Now, Penguin is about to effect another monopolistic merger, by acquiring Simon & Schuster from Viacom, which bought the company in 1994. The acquisition was always a bad fit: it was driven by a desire to create a vertical monopoly.

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25 Nov
In most of the world, the lockdown has destroyed small businesses while increasing the profits of Big Tech intermediaries like Amazon, who control access to customers on one side, and access to merchants on the other.

1/ Image
The government of Argentina is trying to avert this fate. Their postal service is launching a "state-owned Amazon" called Correo Compras, which will offer low-cost ecommerce listings to businesses, and do fulfilment through postal workers.

Correo Compras competes directly with Mercadolibre, a latinamerican ecommerce titan with a well-deserved reputation for squeezing suppliers and workers - its deliveries are made by precarious gig economy drivers.…

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25 Nov
The Shitty Tech Adoption Curve describes the process by which oppressive technology is normalized and distributed through all levels of society. The more privilege someone has, the harder it is to coerce them to use dehumanizing tech, so it starts with marginalized people.

1/ Image
Asylum seekers, prisoners and overseas sweatshop workers get the first version. Its roughest edges are sanded off against their tenderest places, and once it's been normalized a little, we inflict it on students, mental patients, and blue collar workers.

Lather, rinse, repeat: before long, everyone's been ropted in. If your meals were observed by a remote-monitored CCTV 20 years ago, it was because you were in a supermax prison. Today, it's because you bought a home video surveillance system from Google/Apple/Amazon.

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25 Nov
Today in the final instalment of the Attack Surface Lectures (panels exploring themes from the third Little Brother book, hosted by @torbooks and 8 indie bookstores): Tech in SF, with @Annaleen and @kyliu99 recorded on Oct 20 at @interabangbooks.

1/ Image
You can watch it without Youtube's surveillance courtesy of the @internetarchive:…

Or get the audio as an MP3:…

Earlier instalments in the series:

I. Politics and Protest (with @evacide and @RonDeibert, hosted by @strandbookstore):…

II. Cross-Media Sci-Fi (with @amber_benson and @jonrog1 hosted by the @booksmithtweets):…

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25 Nov
Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, 1956.

People and Places Disneyland USA (1956)…
Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, 1956.

People and Places Disneyland USA (1956)…
Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, 1956.

People and Places Disneyland USA (1956)…
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