While the 2020 writeup contains a lot of pictures of things we have emulated, it should also be noted that a lot of things have been dumped over the course of the year that still show nothing at all, and haven't been covered at all outside of a mention in the release whatsnew.
Sometimes this is because we don't yet emulate the required level of tech (some of the NESVT stuff) other times it's because there's likely additional Internal ROM data that needs extracting (some of the mini arcade type things)
Other times it's that I'm not really familiar with the CPU architecture, or the MAME emulation cores might not be up to scratch (LeapFrog IQuest / Turbo Extreme etc. use a 8051 based SoC and require better working serial)
Some of them are more advanced platforms, such as the ARM based GeneralPlus chips used by the final batch of JAKKS games, or the S+Core GeneralPlus ones, where currently only HyperScan boots and it's unclear if the internal ROM is needed on the others or just a bootstrap.
There are easier cases where things have stalled; for the Elan type 6502-based platforms, emulation of the games should be possible, but it's just been a matter of finding the right time to attempt to reverse engineer things, or make adequate guesses for timer interrupts / logic.
For the G65816 SoC 'Winbond 2005 BA5962' type hardware (Track & Field Challenge, My 1st DDR etc.) things stalled because I think there might be a tiny internal ROM with the code for one of the interrupts, possibly audio related, but maybe that could be worked around with HLE
and for things like TeleStory there's a custom audio decoder chip that will need figuring out. Either way, there's a huge window open for other people to become involved with these things if they're willing to put in the legwork and do their own research.
I guess what I'm saying is that while 2020 is a year where it looks like a lot got done, it's actually a year when even more opportunities than ever before have presented themselves, a year that has laid the groundwork for a lot of future contributors / future progress.
Even for GPL16250 where I've shown some substantial shots it remains entirely unclear where the issue lies with ones that aren't showing things / aren't uploading valid spritelists / tile lists etc. Also Tahg's XaviX2 progress could maybe be taken further (or SuperXaviX)
and even looking outside of Plug and Plays, the progress that allowed the MPU4 video games to run better also means a lot of the non-video Fruit Machines are running better too, but need individual work on mappings, reel hookups, artwork etc. to be promoted
I'm curious to see what 'the face of MAME' will look like over the next few years. I'm certain one of them will be weighted towards Laserdiscs, while another might see MAME catching up with Naomi, Model 2 etc. but it's the ones I don't see coming that please me the most

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More from @MameHaze

26 Nov
'Easy Karaoke' takes an age to boot / shut down, redraws screen rather slowly, feels very low powered, but modern.
looks like it's an ARM based device based on the markings on one of the square chips? Also I guess that's a Flash ROM on the back.
The cartridge connector is 6 pins, not even sure how you open one up, must be clipped closed but I can't unclip them. Probably an SPI ROM inside, as 6 pins isn't enough for a regular ROM.
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24 Nov
Team Europe dumped the Code Lyoko handheld provided by "KaruzoHikari" This 25-in-1 handheld uses the Senca 'Family Sport' game as a base, but customizes the frontend and 5 of the games with a Code Lyoko theme ImageImageImage
Code Lyoko #2 ImageImageImage
Code Lyoko #3 ImageImageImage
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19 Nov
new in box apparently....
annoyingly I bought this so I could record a few bits from the unit to help with the emulation (it's already dumped) and maybe see if there's any way to run custom code on it as I think there's internal ROM (although it's a pads, not sub-board' case, so will be tricky)
I'll have to see if I can find a suitable backplate for the battery compartment in remains of another unit, although the shells for most other units are long gone at this point.
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10 Nov
We're approaching mid November now, which means only 2 more MAME releases left in 2020. It hasn't really felt like almost a year, but I guess the whole pandemic has moved me from 'high functioning' (even if I hate that term) to 'barely functioning'
My patterns haven't changed much as I'm not that much of a social person (it usually just exhausts me) but not being able to 'reset' with friends once a month has just lead to a cloud of depressed feelings, no motivation to get out of bed, and even simple tasks being overwhelming
In fact just about the only thing I've managed to do this year is scrape together to contribute a few things to MAME before feeling like I've hit my limits. This is also why I hate the term 'high functioning' because it you look at that alone, it appears that everything is normal
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23 Sep
I've been making some improvements to MAME's VT emulation. ImageImageImageImage
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21 Sep
this thing really is tiny
Overall a poor form factor for the games included tho. While some have double sized fonts to make them easier to read, others don't, and the display is clearly half the resolution of the NES/VT so pixels are simply being dropped making a lot of things very difficult to make out.
Also it's oddly quiet, most games have sfx only, no music.
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