COVID Update December 2: There’s only so long you can be indifferent to people dying before people figure out you’re an asshole. 1/
In a public health emergency, you don’t need a bad guy. After all the pathogen is the real problem. 2/
And there’s a legit discussion one could have about the wisdom of lockdowns, the cost on the economy, on isolation, and on the fatigue of the public. 3/
Social media is not the best place for that. (Hence, the word “discussion.”)

One would hope that discussion is informed by data. But passions understandably run high in conversations like this. 4/
So let’s look at some data about what happens when we just completely minimize the measures we take to prevent the pandemic growth.

The Scott Atlas approach to be clear has been the track we’ve been on. And let’s see how it’s gone. 5/
In May most states took down the public health measures.

30k people died in June— the first month after the major restrictions were limited.
65k in July
62k in August
38k in Sept
66k in Oct
95k in Nov 6/
Test positives are up—
5% in June
8% in July
6.5% in August
5.3% in Sept
6.5% in Oct
11.3% in Nov

Now a lot of things happened in September.
-Colleges started up.
-It got colder.
-We got tired.

And Scott Atlas arrived & our communication to those who follow Trump was— it’s not real, it’s not serious, it’s ok to give up. It didn’t help.

Scott Atlas’s brother-by-another-mother Anders Tegnell who masterminded the “just ignore it” strategy in Sweden is also out.

Again— only so long your strategy can kill people before you either get fired or compared to Nazi. Or both. 9/ Image
If 200,000 people getting COVID each day was the Tegnell-Atlas fantasy, here are are.

But all we have to do is protect the “old people”— one of the most dangerous myths these guys started. All theory. With people’s lives. 10/
Turns out with that myth, deaths among “old people” skyrocketed in both countries.

Nursing home deaths have topped 100,000 in the US. Multi-generational households are losing older adults fast. 11/
More reasons—

Hospitals are jamming up. Nursing homes are having a harder time moving patients in.

Essential workers are unable to avoid the luxury.

The inhumanity to ppl with disabilities 12/
This herd immunity theory is the modern medical equivalent of blood letting, leeches, arsenic, DES, thalidomide of our time. 13/
Yes the pathogen is the enemy. Was the only enemy. But people with murderously selfish ideas— driven by an unwillingness to sacrifice & wrapped in phony intellectualism— entered the scene. 14/
This slow motion drip-drip-drip herd immunity has led us to a sharply different place than in the rest of the world. 15/
And lo & behold, it turns out you can’t keep an economy open with mass hospitalizations and deaths. So the herders shut the economy down too.

Morally economically mentally & physically bankrupt. And now finally-politically.
Hear just one small part of the day to day of an ER today. Today we crossed 100,000 COVID hospitalizations.

Here’s what the docs & nurses are experiencing. 17/
When you have some people saving lives and others with theories costing lives, it’s hard to feel like we don’t have people fighting the greater good. 18/
Well, as of today, both Atlas & Tegnell, are where they belong— out.

These people have their days I suppose. These theories have their moments before they are exposed.

That we let the influence of Trump’s indifference win out is a lasting mark on us. 19/
As much as we’ve been fighting the virus, we’ve been fighting the people fighting those trying to fight the virus.

Never thought it would be a relief to getting back to just fighting the virus. /end

• • •

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12 Feb
COVID cases are down in the US, but still more than TWICE as high as the next highest country.

Our challenges are far from over. Neither good news nor bad news should be considered lasting.
Fighting a new rise in cases if one arrives will go dramatically different depending on our starting point.

Fighting new cases from a low point is like fighting a rabid dog. From a high point, it’s like fighting packs of rabid dogs. The same weapons don’t work.
Even with the promising news yesterday that we have vaccines on the way between now and the end of July for 300 million, challenges remain.

We can anticipate more loss of life but must minimize it by pulling together & doing simple things.
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15 Jan
COVID Update January 14: My last nightly thread for a while.

What I want to say is it’s not time for despair. It’s time to fix things and move our country forward. 1/
There was a point in time in this pandemic when we didn’t know up from down.

There was a time when people in charge were describing up as down. 2/
We’ve seen the worst of the worst. We’ve been through hell and we’re not done. We’ve lost things that can’t be regained. We alternate between fear, anger, loss of hope, and occasional real glimpses of life.

But we are surviving and we are remembering. 3/
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14 Jan
COVID Update January 13: I have been asked one question over and over by the press, states, hospitals & others: what’s the first thing you expect to be different with Biden as president?

My answer: getting the truth. 1/
We are a week from the results of what happens when the country is stoked with lies. Those lies cause people to behave irresponsibly as they did attacking a false election claim. 2/
The same exact thing is true with the pandemic. We are dealing with the effects of lies.

Why not enough tests? Why caught flat footed? Why are people under-reacting?

Because they are living in a world full of lies. 3/
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13 Jan
COVID Update January 12: We can’t save lives when we’re too busy with the circus. 1/
For the last several days, in the midst of a month with more American deaths than any other, you can’t find mention of COVID on cable TV. 2/
Nary a chiron with a death toll counter. Despite the sincere shock & sadness that many feel, after 10 months, it’s the least shocking news. 3/
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12 Jan
On a plane with a passenger confrontation. Man not wearing a mask.
Bandana around the neck. He’s been asked to pull it up but pulled it down right away when flight attendant left.
Flight attendant came over to tell me the mask will be up or he will be out.

The flight lead’s mom just died.
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9 Jan
COVID Update January 8: Words I have learned to never say again: "It can never happen in this country."

It can if we let it. 1/
A devastating public health emergency-- never.
An racist, nationalist, fascist president-- not us.
A coup attempt-- not in the US.
Indifference at the death of hundreds of thousands-- not here. 2/
Viruses are for Africa and Asia; nationalist candidates are in France; Coup attempts South America. You know, only the shithole countries. 3/
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